Bizology is coming Back for Business Growth!

Years ago, I wrote a business growth program called Bizology.Biz

business growth

And now, it is being updated, added to and spruced up!! And it is coming back!

Sometimes it is the right thing, to leave something and let it go. But every time I look at Bizology, it still has value, still has core foundations that still work and make sense.

So, this pandemic has been one of rebuilding and reflecting and bringing up to speed.

I’ve added the Profitability system and that too has expanded. Up from 5 steps to profits to 8 profitability accelerators. That’s 8 areas to focus on to increase your profits.

The additional profitability accelerators give you more data and more info about how you can work to increase profits.

A Profitability Accelerator is really a data point in your business, ie, the number of people that come into your store. Each data point can be tracked and focused on to increase profits. When you have this type of focus you can significantly increase profits.

With Bizology GROUP Membership we focus every other week on a different Profitability Accelerator. Between these weeks we host a Make it Happen call to talk about HOW you are implementing it in your business!!

The goal is to increase each profitability accelerator by 10%. The impact on your business is totally crazy.

Check it out:

How can you add profits to your business?

Be sure you have picked up the Visionary Womenpreneurs Field Guide and check out the Bizology Membership options!!

Content Marketing

content marketing

Content Marketing Builds Relationships

Should you bother with content?? Is content marketing effective? Great questions! The content world has definitely changed. And yes, there are some that are saying that it is a waste of time. BUT…. I believe that it has real value.

I think it is a way for people to find you, get to know you, vet you and make decisions about working with you.

YES! Content can do all of those things.

Let’s say…. you go to a networking event and you meet a few people. They get ONE snippet of YOU, what you do, your expertise.

After you leave the meeting, you send them each an email with a special freebie — and now they are on your email list. You email them via your automatic email system (auto-responder), and each email shares a different side of YOUR story, different services, products etc. It could be months later or for me once it was 8 years later — that they call.

They NEED what you have, because now they KNOW you, LIKE you, TRUST you. AND it is the RIGHT time, with the RIGHT offer to solve their BIG problem. IF you had just come home and dropped their business card into the shoe box and not done anything with it…. they would NEVER have called.

So, how do you craft content?? It is easy, really! And I have a content idea guide for YOU.

In fact it has 50 WAYS to Create Content!!


Visionary Womenpreneurs Field Guide

Get Your Copy of the Visionary Womenpreneur’s Field Guide!!

The Visionary Womenpreneurs Field Guide gives you the formula for growing your impactful business.

It draws on what I have learned over the last 15+ years working with small business leaders and being a small business owner. It takes more than you thought!!

As the visionary — you need to create systems for your business growth — that work! And that work for you, consistently!!

The keys are in your vision, your messaging and your marketing or communications plan. But of course, the system is more than just throwing messages out there!

You have to have a strategy and a plan.

This guide gives you the formula for it! You can take the guide and put it into action.

It takes your vision + strategy + action — to create an incredible business, with incredible results!

Download the guide today and get started!!

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Once you have the guide — I always recommend printing it out! And as you read it, write all over it. Let it help you to generate the ideas and solutions for YOUR business!!

If you need help — I am always here!!

VWR – Magnify Your Magnificence with Marisa Ferrera

Marisa Ferrera is an Empowerment Coach and Mentor who is passionate about helping men and women who struggle with conflict and drama in family relationships to create healthy, loving boundaries with their family so they can stand in their power. She shows them how to transform conflict into opportunities to heal and create deeper and more meaningful relationships.

magnify your magnificence

Marisa is a #1 International Best Selling Author of the Book, Magnify Your Magnificence: Your Pathway to the Life & Relationships You Truly Desire. She is well known for following her heart and inspiring and encouraging others to do the same.

Her faith and trust in listening to her inner guidance led her to attract the love of her life and build her dream life in the beautiful country of Colombia, South America.

Listen on

You can always listen to Visionary Womenpreneurs on or spotify, itunes, sketcher…… and many other podcast sites!!

Be sure to pick up the Visionary Womenpreneurs Field Guide

Reaping the Benefits of a Gratitude Journal

gratitude journal

A Gratitude Journal Can Impact Your Life….

It might seem like a pipe dream that writing in a journal could be so beneficial. But the scientific evidence is in, and gratitude journals do benefit you in big ways if you keep one for the long term and use it daily.

Spending a few minutes every day acknowledging what you are thankful for in your gratitude journal can be life changing. I know that sounds cliche, but I assure you it is not.  Many of us get so caught up in the day to day, that we don’t recognize all of the things that we have in our lives…  

Here are a few of the benefits!!

With a gratitude journal…..Experience Stronger and More Fulfilling Relationships

gratitude journal

It’s so simple, but it can be hard to accept. You are the one who makes yourself happy with your own choices. Another person cannot make you happy or grateful. Only you can do that. But something amazing happens when you express gratitude often your relationships simply open up and become better. Those that don’t, you start to recognize for what they are and let them go.

Become Physically Healthier

Being grateful for the ability to move and breathe will eventually cross over into wanting to ensure that you can always do that. Therefore, you’ll be more motivated to go on walks, eat right, stay hydrated, and live in gratitude for every aspect of your life.

Increase Your Mental Dexterity

The ability to take lemons and turn them into that sweet, delightful state drink of Arizona can be gained by keeping a gratitude journal. The main reason is that you will learn on even a bad day to pick out the good in it. That requires a good imagination and creativity and thinking on your feet.

Feel Less Aggression in Your Life

Its hard to feel aggressive if you are happy and grateful. Its okay to be angry about injustices in the world without being aggressive. But if you feel angry a lot due to your life, its really due to not finding the things to be grateful about. There is almost always something for most people.

Act and Become More Empathetic

As you write more and learn to forgive yourself as you seek to fill your mind with thoughts of gratitude, you will start seeing others differently. You’ll have more ability to put yourself in their shoes and see things from their way without judgment. It happens when you learn to forgive yourself.

Get More Restful Sleep

If you’re not anxious but go to sleep each night feeling thankful for everything youve experienced (or at least most of it), its easier to sleep because you have less anxiety.

Get More Done Every Day

Due to feeling more rested, less stressed, and more grateful, you’ll have a lot more energy to get things done every day. That’s always going to make you feel even more thankful because good things happen due to productivity.

Feel Better about Yourself

You cant help but feel better about yourself when you have improved so many good qualities about yourself. Your self-esteem will go up when you express gratitude for what your mind and body can do for you.

If you want to be happier, get more done in life, and experience real joy in life, a gratitude journal can be the way to achieve it. The guiding thing to remember is that your thoughts cause your feelings, and you are the one in control of the actions you take once you accept your feelings. Accepting that you do have control is half the battle, and your journal will make it clear that you do.

Start your gratitude journal today. It can impact your business and you, personally. You can incorporate your gratitude journal into your Daily Prosperity Practice, too!

Tips for Making Journaling Part of Your Daily Practice

Journaling Can Be a Powerful Part of Your Day


The way to ensure that journaling works for you is to do it long term. Long-term journaling gives you more insight into your life because you’ll be able to look to the past, present, and even the future (sort of) to get answers in your life. But first, you have to do it. And you need to do it daily to make it a habit. Lets review a few tips for making journaling part of your daily routine.

* Make It Easy

Don’t make it a huge deal, and itll be simpler to get done. For example, its easier to use a notebook and paper than a computer for most people. You can have the book in your bag or on your bedside table or wherever you plan to write in it.

* Choose a Time That Works

The best times to do it are early morning, first thing, or the last thing before you go to bed. However, that might not work for some people. If you know a better time, do it. For example, some people like journaling while on lunch at work in the park. Its up to you.

* Get a Drink and Eat a Snack

You don’t want to have any excuses or extraneous thoughts while youre writing in your journal. Make sure you’re fed and hydrated.

* Create a Comfortable and Assessable Space

Its easier to get into your thoughts if you’re comfortable and not thinking about how bad your tailbone hurts or your wrist hurts. Some people like using a desk, some a comfy easy chair, others their bed.

* Combine It with Something Else

You Enjoy Doing If you enjoy cleaning the house, then reading in your clean house with the windows open and the breeze flowing in, why not journal at that moment? If its a daily thing, add journaling to it, and it’ll create a habit fast.

* Add Some Relaxing Music to Set the Mood

Now its true that some people prefer silence, so that’s fine if you do. But consider trying some music that doesn’t have words and that is relaxing, to help you gather your thoughts and say calm and focused.

* Use a Particular Type of Journal

For some people, using a style of journaling like bullet journaling, prayer journaling, project journaling, and more, works better since it defines some rules for entry.

* Consider Using Journaling Prompts

You can also find journaling prompts online for any type of journal you want to use.

* Reward Yourself

When you have been diligent for a month writing in your journal, take some time to read what you wrote, then reward yourself for doing it. You might buy some colored pens or some scrapbooking materials so you can add some definition and interest to your journal.


Changing your life, your patterns, what you do and how you do comes down to a decision. When you really DECIDE to do it, then it will happen. If you think you want to journal, but you aren’t. It is because you have NOT DECIDED to journal! It’s that simple.

To truly experience the full benefits of journaling, it needs to be done most days, which is why you need to find a way to incorporate journaling into your everyday life. The best way to accomplish this is to make it easy and turn it into a habit.

Check out my posts on creating your daily practice!! We talk about it in Bizology too, creating a daily practice, shifts your results when you Make it Happen!! But you can read the posts here on the blog easily!

5 Ways To Increase Productivity

increase productivity5 Ways To Increase Productivity When You’re Working From Home

When you’re working from home you should always be looking for ways to increase productivity. More work done in less time means more time to kick back, relax and have fun. Working smart and in a healthy, holistic way will help you to achieve more.

Here are a few suggestions for increasing productivity that can really make a difference:

1. Keep a daily routine

Some people who are new to working from home will scoff at the idea of anything resembling a daily schedule. The truth, though, is that it can really boost productivity and prevent work from spilling over into your spare time. By starting and stopping work at approximately the same times every day, you ensure you’ll have plenty of time to recharge afterwards, which is ultimately great for productivity.

It is important to turn work off at a reasonable time. Do not work 12-16-20 hour days.  Work smart, work focused and stop working every day.

2. Always plan ahead

Something as simple as a daily to-do list can do wonders for your productivity. Sure, deciding on the spot what to do next has a certain charm, but it leaves you spending too much time on deciding, and too little on actually working. Keep a daily to-do list and decide on your tasks for the next day before your work day is over – you’ll notice the difference almost immediately!

When you have a comprehensive marketing plan — part of this is already planned out and gives you the roadmap to follow each day.  Be sure you are using your strategic plan and your marketing plan to guide your business. Where should your focus be?

3. Stay healthy

It’s impossible to stay productive in the long run if you treat your body and mind poorly. You don’t have to become a health nut to get some real work done, but you should at the very least try to schedule some exercise a couple of times per week, even if it’s just going for a walk around the block. It’s also a good idea to invest in an ergonomic workplace, including a good chair to sit on, as that helps reduce fatigue and keep you energized throughout the day. Stand up part of the day or create a work space where you can work and stand.

4. Eliminate distractions

Yes, some people are able to watch TV while they’re working. They’re probably a minority, however, as most of us find it quite difficult to focus on two things simultaneously. When you’re working, turn off the TV, set your phone to silent, close your Facebook tab and shut the door – your productivity will skyrocket! This doesn’t mean that you cannot multi-task.

I am a multi-tasker.  I know, I know, everyone is telling you to focus on ONLY one thing at a time to increase productivity.  But, women are especially good at multi-tasking. It is how we live — working, doing laundry, cooking dinner, watching kids and getting it all done at the same time. Imagine, if we only did one thing at a time…. what on earth would get done?  So, be smart in how you focus and how you multi-task.

5. Get out of the house

Even if you’re the type of person who enjoys working alone, the fact is it can get lonely after a while. If you spend all your week cooped up in your office, rarely seeing the outside world, chances are you’ll feel a bit isolated and your work will suffer as a result. Therefore, make a point of leaving the house at least a few times per week, even if it’s just to do something simple such as meeting a friend for lunch.

Be sure to pick up my Success Mindset Guide that includes more information about creating your Daily Practice.  Having a daily practice can be challenging but it can result in greater success and producing better results. As we all are moving online and working from home, remotely, creating a way to do that effectively is going to be critical. With multiple people working from home it becomes even more challenging.

Make decisions together.  Are we all taking a break for lunch?  Who’s cooking?  Is it make your own and we eat together?  Connecting with the other people in your house throughout the day is important too.  Don’t just hole up and let everyone do THEIR thing!  Get together, connect.  And plan some time for virtual friend get togethers too.  It will all help you to get more done and increase your productivity!!

These were just a few examples of things to you can do to improve your productivity. Most people should benefit from implementing these, but feel free to experiment and find what works best for you. Good luck!

The High Cost Of Distractions

The High Cost Of Distractions At Home and Work

With so many working from home, getting control over distractions is critical.

We all get distracted. Some of the distractions are brought on by others, but a lot of the time, we do things to distract ourselves. We browse through email and social media instead of getting right to work, we get home and turn on the TV to zone out. We play on our phones whenever we need to take a break and check out for a bit. We cause these distractions for ourselves throughout the day without ever giving much thought to what it costs us in the long run.

Let’s start with working hours. Getting distracted will greatly diminish how much you can get done in a given day. Not only do you lose the time that you’re distracted, be it a minute while you check email, a couple of second while you glance at your phone to see what the flashing alert is about, or the fifteen minutes when a co-worker stops by to chat. You lose additional productive time while you’re trying to figure out where you were at and what you are supposed to be doing. The time it takes to get back into productive mode is often longer than the time of the actual distraction. And it all adds up. After a couple of dozen distractions in a given day, you’ve easily lost a couple of hours of work time.

By itself, it may not seem like much, but multiplied over weeks, months, or even the year, it’s a lot of time. Let’s say, you waste an average of 15 minutes per day, which is a very low estimate. That’s 65 hours per year that was wasted. If you are wasting through distractions an hour per day, that’s 260 hours per year. That is costly!!

It’s a lot of progress that you aren’t making on what you’re working on. It may be the difference between getting that raise or promotion and missing out. It may make the difference between taking your business to the next level, and barely scraping by. It will make a big difference in how much money you make at the end of the year.

Let’s not forget about your personal life. While you may not be able to put a dollar value on the time you waste here by letting yourself be distracted, the cost ends up being even higher. How many hours of quality time that you could be spending with your kids or your spouse are you wasting by watching TV shows you don’t really care about, browsing through YouTube videos, or wasting away scrolling through Facebook and doing a Google search that ends with a cat video after two hours of mindless browsing. Even if it’s just a few minutes here and there, this time adds up and its time you’re not getting back.

Isn’t it time to take back control of your time and your life? Start by cutting out as many distractions as you can.

One strategy is to create a time schedule. Use your daily practice plan to stay focused and make a plan for success.

In Bizology CORE one of the many resources provided is my time management report that gives you real world strategies for increasing your results and saving time!!

Benefits of Getting Organized

Getting organized is not just a good idea because your mom said so. There are lots of benefits to being in control and developing a clutter-free lifestyle.

1. Less stress

When organized you are automatically less stressed, you know where your keys, wallet, important papers, phone charger and phone are. Similarly, if your project plan is up to date and you complete your reports on time, there’s no need to worry about on-the-spot requests for project updates or meetings.

2. More time

Planning your time and keeping up-to-date means you can allocate time for everything in your life, including downtime. Being organized means, you wont get sidetracked or panicked by not being able to find important items. You’ll be punctual and more productive.

3. Ready for the unexpected

You can be prepared for last-minute requests or deadlines because youre not distracted by untidiness or the mental cloud of not being quite sure where things stand. That is true for everything from planning your child’s birthday party to that big project at work you are overseeing.

4. Better health

Studies have shown that being organized has demonstrable health benefits. Lower stress levels mean lower blood pressure and less body inflammation. Also, your immune system is stronger, and you’re less likely to be at risk of depression. You set up a positive feedback loop that spills over into other areas of your life. Better organization habits lead to better eating, exercise and sleep habits.

5. Nothing feels overwhelming

Having your life running smoothly, means youre much calmer and in a better mental position to deal with things. You can look at your to-do list without panicking because you know you can do it. You know that you can tackle the list task-by-task without feeling overwhelmed.

6. More energy

It might seem counter-intuitive but putting effort into planning and organizing your life gives you more energy. You’re less stressed because your mind isn’t obsessing about all the stuff you have to do. When you have a plan, you’re in control and know you can get it all done. If your papers, ideas, and tasks are in order, you can see a way through. Life is no longer a chaotic mystery!

Finally, being organized signals trust and reliability. If you are on time, follow through on your commitments and are ready for whatever comes at you, you will project an image of professionalism and responsibility. You will look promotion-ready and get more respect from your colleagues and your family.

Distractions That Drain Your Focus

4 Distractions That Drain Your Focus on Your Goals

There are plenty of distractions in the modern world. They take away your focus and your energy and can stop you from having the life you want. If youre not hitting your goals, maybe its time to look at your main distractions and do something about them.

Here are the most common distractions that are likely stopping you from living your best life.

1. Social media

It wont surprise you to hear that the biggest distraction for most people is social media and the hours it eats out of the day. Take a quick look at your Instagram feed or Facebook, and before you know it, youre mindlessly scrolling through what looks like other peoples perfect lives.

Its time to take stock and decide how much of your life you want to spend watching what other people are doing. Set some boundaries about when and how long you will spend on social media. Take a look at your friends and see if they’re people you want to know.

2. Smartphone

Smartphones are great tools, but they can quickly become a huge distraction. Look around and see how many people are walking down the street with their eyes glued to their phones. Think about how long you can go without checking your phone. Try leaving your phone in your purse or your pocket when you go out for a meal. Leave it at home when you take the dog for a walk.

Another tip is to cull some of the apps on your phone. Work out what you need and delete the rest. And remember mobile games are one of the biggest time-sucks. Think about how you want to use your time and be strategic about how you use your phone.

3. Online watching

How much time do you waste watching meaningless YouTube videos or binge-watching box sets? These might feel like simple, relaxing things to do, but if youre not careful, they can drain as much time as social media.

Keep focused on how you want your life to be and make decisions about how much recreational TV you want to watch.

4. Negative people

Giving your time away to negative people can be damaging to your success. You can probably name the people at the office or in your life who drain you of energy and who take up a lot of time with their complaining, attention-seeking, and neediness.

If there are people around you who are undermining your chances of meeting your goals, you need to set some healthy boundaries and get out of their orbit. Look for positive, high energy people who will support you and cheer you on.