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The Disney Marketing Strategy

Have You Used the Disney Marketing Strategy in Your Business?

I have been watching Disney for years and years!  You probably have too.  The Disney Corporation is masterful at the art of marketing.  But when you watch their full strategy they are successful the first time they release a new movie or product, AND, they are successful the second and third time.

Think about it, you see a movie.  Then it comes out in DVD.  After a few years of release it is marketed one more time as being retired.  But Disney never totally retires the product.  They do lock it up in the vault and don’t sell it for years.  Then they pull it out of the vault, they convert to the modern format — VHS – DVD-Blu-Ray…and we all see it again.  How many times has Beauty and the Beast been released, or Cinderella?  They release and re-release over and over again.

Now, I am watching an Internet Marketer do the very same thing.  He has had successful online business.  Made a significant income and he is having a retirement sale.  He is taking products that he sold several years ago and promoting them again as he retires.  His messages are each time limited, establishing that sense of urgency.  The products are taken down when he says they will and they are essentially locked in the vault.  What will happen in three years? Can he re-release them?  Definitely!

What are some of the keys to doing the Disney Marketing Plan:

  1. your product has to have value now and into the future.  So, if you put it in the vault and pull it out again — there still has to be value there.  If you are selling Bambi movies then you know that young children in 10 years will still enjoy them.  Because they have been re-released for each generation, parents have a nostalgic view of the movie and they buy because they loved it.  In business marketing, the product has to have that same life long appeal.  If your product expires then the Disney Marketing Plan won’t work.
  2. you have to take the product OFF the market for a significant amount of time.
  3. the product had to be successful, highly successful the first time around.
  4. you have to keep your word.
  5. you can re-purpose, re-package, add or modify the product.

Looking at your products and business on how you use things that you develop more than once is a great success strategy.  You need to maximize your income through the products that you develop.  When you can use them more than once you really maximize the impact of that one product.

For instance with our Bizology.Biz system we offer it in several different formats:  published version either the complete program or individual workbooks, membership site or a license to sell the program under your own brand.  Bizology.Biz hasn’t reached the Disney Marketing Plan yet.  But there is the potential for it to be “disneyied”.  What do you have that you could Disney?  Try to use the Disney Marketing Plan in your business.

Clear Vision

Bizology.Biz Tip of the Day: Vision: Having a clear and compelling vision is an essential tool in building your business. Develop your clear business vision.

Bizology.Biz Tip: Clear Vision

Bizology.Biz Tip of the Day: Vision: Having a clear and compelling vision is an essential tool in building your business. Develop your clear business vision.

Customer Appreciation

Customer Appreciation is a key to any business operations. Entrepreneurs need to be sure that they are establishing a system of appreciating EACH of their customers. For more:

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What are your goals for being online?

As you know, the Internet has become an essential component of just about every business’ business plan and strategic marketing plan.  It just has to be a central key at this point.   People are using the Internet for researching new products, services.  They check references for service providers on the Internet and they have even stopped using the phone book and yellow pages.  All of a sudden you need a strategy, you need to rank high in the search engines and you need to be PRESENT on the web.

But first things first!  What are your goals for being online?  There are several possibilities.

Possible Goals for Business Online:

  • To build contact list:  the Internet can be used very effectively to increase your contact list.  There are some key components to doing just that.  You need to have something that gets people to give you their contact information.  They don’t just hand it out to anyone.  You must have a way to collect that information.  And then you need a way to keep in touch with people once you have received all of this type of info.  There is technology behind the scenes that makes this all work seamlessly.
  • To make sales:  Sales are definitely happening on the Internet.  Even for your retail store, you can choose to sell your products on the Internet.  Services sell on the Internet also.  In order to accomplish a good sales track record you need a website, possibly pictures, and good sales copy.
  • To add new clients:  Clients are typically added through good follow up once you have received their contact info.  This can be accomplished automatically through an auto-responder program, or you may integrate different strategies for follow up.  But no matter where you get new leads from — they rarely become clients without some type of interaction.
  • To build reputation/rapport:  Follow up is one of the ways that you build your reputation and your rapport.  You can also do this through article writing, publishing a book or publishing articles, videos and email.  Each strategy needs to be done with high integrity and professionally.
  • Branding: everything you are doing builds your brand.  Follow up and follow through.  Articles, press releases, websites, email marketing should all build towards your brand.  Define what your brand is more than just your logo and colors.  It is you, your procedures, your operations your treatment of customers, prospects, vendors–they are all part of your brand.

As an entrepreneur, your Internet strategy can be for each of these goals or just for one of them.  But a comprehensive strategy will address them all.  You can start with one and build upon each one, building out your more comprehensive strategy.

Creating an Operational Plan

In Bizology.Biz operational plans are an essential key to your business. Even micro businesses benefit from having an operational plan and operating procedures.

Even a small business needs to look at operations. It’s about creating the policies that guide how you operate your business.

Creating that plan can help you to grow your business and lays the foundation that you need to grow your business in the future.

Internet Marketing for Everday Entrepreneurs

Internet Marketing is an essential part of business for every entrepreneur.  It keeps your business open 24/7, and that is a good thing.  But many entrepreneurs fail to see the how in Internet marketing for their own business. They are stuck in their existing paradigm and haven’t made the shift to see how their business fits into the Internet.  I mean beyond just a website.  That’s just a piece of Internet real estate, and much of the real estate on the Internet is not worth much.  But when you move into the new paradigm of bringing your business onto the Internet, then your online real estate has more value.


Web Presence Assessment:

Take a minute and assess your current web presence?  What does it look like right now?

  • Website
  • Sign-up Form on website
  • Free Gift
  • Use Auto-Responder
  • Write regularly on blog
  • Social Networking Profiles:
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Facebook Fan Page
    • Twitter
    • MySpace
    • Merchant Circle
    • FastPitchNetwork
    • Ecademy
    • Ryze
    • and the list goes on….
  • Article Marketing Strategy in place
  • Press Release Strategy in place
  • List building system
  • Follow up system

Building an effective marketing strategy both on and off line is essential.  Even if you are a street based retailer or service provider — you have to have an online strategy.

Each of these and many more things are taught in Bizology.Biz — the business building system.

Now is the TIME to Prepare for an ExtraOrdinary 2010: Are You Ready?

This is the time of year to begin preparing for even greater success next year.  Perhaps this year was good or perhaps it wasn’t.  Now, is the time to gear up for more greatness in the New Year.  If you have a business vision and strategic plan, pull them out and review them. Include your whole team.  If you don’t have a team, then review them with your coach or an accountability partner.

As you review the vision and the strategic plan, write down what you have accomplished this year.  What went really well?  Make your list; you can even check it twice!!  Once you have created your accomplishment list, take a moment to celebrate all that you did well.  Then move on and review where you fell short.  What didn’t go quite right or well?  Where did you fail?

Taking time to evaluate the past year is a great way to learn from what went well, and what didn’t go well.  In that learning there are valuable lessons that you can glean.  List a couple of lessons for moving forward.  Did you get off track, side-tracked by something?  Did you not follow up with prospects?  Each lesson gives you ideas for guidance into the New Year.

As you review the vision and the strategic plan, take some time to reflect on whether it is still on target.  Is that vision still your vision or has it changed?  Make the necessary updates to that vision.  Many companies write short vision statements that barely communicate the overall vision.  Put great detail in yours so that you can feel it as you read it.  If your vision is to buy a new building for your company and increase your staffing by 50% then write a vision statement that includes that and describes that.  You can always have the short and concise vision statement your business plan, but your use, make it a detailed story, that really motivates you and inspires you each time you read it.

What is the vision for the upcoming year?  Where do you see your company at the end of the year?  What type of growth, new products, new clients, or customers?  What does it all look like?

Once you have your vision story written you can then focus on the strategies to accomplish your vision.  Your strategies should always be based on the overall vision.  When strategies are written that stray from the vision and purpose of the organization then you are going down roads that lead you in the wrong direction.  Your vision and values becomes your guide for making your business decisions.  Stop yourself, when you are making a decision and pull out that vision statement, your values statement and review the decision or opportunity with them all in mind.

Strategies should point to the vision and be written in a way that they are measurable.  A strategy to build the business is too vague.  What does build the business mean, and how do you know if you have accomplished it?  But a strategy to provide coaching services to 50 new clients is measurable.  Or a strategy to increase product sales by 25% is measurable.

Limit the number of strategic goals that you are working on so that your strategic plan remains focused and effective.  A huge document becomes overwhelming and cumbersome and often just collects dust.  A strategic plan should be a living, breathing document that you are very familiar with and guides our day to day activities because it is your focus.

Creating a new plan for the year is a great first step towards creating the success that you want. Working the plan and making it happen is the real key to producing the results that you want.

Working your plan just means keeping it in front of you, developing the smaller goals that move you towards the big goals and really staying focused.  When something doesn’t work, it is not the time to abandon ship, but rather, the time to refocus, re-strategize and continue the work.

Take time before the New Year to: review and update your vision statement and story; review your accomplishments and failures for the year and glean the valuable lessons from them; review your strategic plan and update your goals for the upcoming year.  Gear up for a focused and planned New Year that will ring in the next level of success for you and your company.