VWR – Tuning into Your Intuition with Liz Murdoch

Liz Murdoch, International Dog Communicator, has been talking to dogs most of her life. She discovered this special skill in kindergarten, and has honed it throughout her life, winning awards in dog training, becoming certified and working in animal assisted therapy in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities in addition to earning a Master’s in International Education and Communication from Columbia University.

Liz Murdoch the dog whisperer

Liz has spent years developing educational programs for both adults and children, and is a veteran volunteer with animal rescue organizations.

Besides private consults with dogs and their people, Liz hosts the popular podcast, Talking with the dogs!™, and can also be found teaching and discussing dog care and communication on her YouTube Channel. She’s committed to training and supporting dog people develop greater connection and communication with their dogs, so they can live and work together in greater harmony and health, in and out of the doghouse.

Liz is available for private chat sessions, special events, and speaking engagements.

Liz’s company Talking with the dogs!™ has tips and strategies for talking with your dog.

But how does this relate to business?

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One, it is about a womanpreneur, who took her gift and created a business! But she also has lessons for you in following your vision, your dream and making it happen!!

Self Publishing Still Worth It

Self publishing — at first was a BIG question. But it remains a truly powerful way to get your book to the market and to succeed as an author.

self publishing

There are a lot of myths out there about publishing, but I’m here to tell you that self publishing, especially digital self-publishing is better than traditional publishing. Mainly due to the upheaval in the publishing world with digital formats, and the ease at which a person who wants to self-publish can get involved today, usually for free.

Digital Self-publishing is Better Than Traditional Publishing

Proliferation of Tablets On The Rise — Over 1/3 of all adults will own tablets by 2016, according to Forrester Research. That’s a 400 percent increase in adoption per year! Anyone who is not excited by these numbers needs a lobotomy. You can cash in on this trend with digital self publishing.

Increased Digital Subscriptions — People who have never even subscribed to a print magazine have subscribed to magazines via their eReaders or tablets. People really love reading on their tablets more than reading print, or on their PCs. People are also more likely to continue a digital subscription than a paper one. Some speculate that the privacy afforded a person reading a tablet over a book or magazine accounts for these facts.

eBook Sales Keep Going Up — Amazon and Barnes & Noble announced in 2011 that digital books were outselling print books 2 to 1 for Amazon and 3 to 1 for Nook. This trend will continue as more people grasp and then obtain the technology. The instant gratification of eBooks will drive the trend even more. People will order an eBook without giving it as much thought as they do buying in a bookstore.

Digital Publishing Takes Many Players Out of the Game:

No Middle Man To Worry About — By self-publishing straight to Digital you do away with the middle men, the printers, not to mention the long process involved with choosing a printer, is all gone. It’s easy to put your book in digital format whether for Kindle, Apple, or Nook. In fact you can even bypass all that and put it into PDF format and sell directly from your own website. No need for printer, paper manufacturer, book store, book delivery etc….its even more environmentally friendly.

 With New Paper Back Publishing You Can Have the Best of ALL Worlds

80/20 Rule At Work — Digital self-publishing is proving the 80/20 rule. If you don’t know what that is, basically it’s a theory that states that 20 percent of the work gives you 80 percent of the results. If you can get 80 percent of the sales you would have made if you also put your book in print, with only 20 percent of the work, or cost, you’re well ahead of the game. For just a little bit of money (say $35.00) you can easily get your book in print.  BUT, there is real money in digital publishing when YOU work at it.  It does take WORK!  And the work is YOURS.

 Selling Books in Multiple Markets Can Help Sales

True Book Sales Numbers Aren’t That High — On average, most books published sell less than 1000 books, total. That’s probably a distressing figure, but knowing that and understanding why (marketing) can help you do better than a traditional publisher. Also knowing this number can help you determine how much money you want to spend getting published.

One BIG Myth of Traditional Publishing is that the Publisher Does ALL of the Marketing!

You Must Promote Anyway — Whether you use traditional publishing or not, you are largely responsible for promoting your book yourself. Only about 2 percent of authors make the best sellers list whether they use traditional publishing or self-publishing. Why not keep the profit yourself? The key to sales is marketing!

You can be successful self publishing your information products, and even your novel if you realize the truth of the industry and what constitutes success, and how to get there. (Marketing!)

Check out the Book Writing, Publishing and Marketing Workshop!!

Visionary Womenpreneurs – Women of Substance with Bree Noble

Bree Noble quit her corporate job as a Director of Finance at a US top 15 Opera Company to pursue music. She had a successful 7-year run as a touring singer/songwriter. In 2007, during her time as a touring musician, she founded an online radio station (now a Podcast), Women of Substance Radio, to promote quality female artists in all genres.

In 2015 Bree launched a 2nd Podcast, the Female Entrepreneur Musician, to help female musicians confidently promote their music and find their 1,000 true fans. Drawing on her extensive experience as a musician and entrepreneur, Bree offers an online training and mentoring community exclusively for female musicians called the “Female Musician Academy” and her “Rock Your Next Release” course. Bree has a great report on creating multiple streams of income as a musician. It has a wealth of great ideas and information.

Bree promotes women of substance musicians through her radio show.

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Pricing Strategies for Impact with Loren Fogelman

Pricing is critical to your business. Your pricing can make or break your business! Listen to today’s show to learn about critical pricing strategies.

From 2018 to 2020, Loren’s been steadily recognized by HubSpot in its annual list of the world’s top 22 business coaches. As a keynote speaker, Loren delivers talks and workshops across the United States at major conferences such as Inbound, one of the world’s most esteemed content marketing events for entrepreneurs, as well as many niche conferences. She’s a regular contributor to Intuit’s Firm of the Future series, Accounting Web and the author of two Amazon best seller books: The Winning Point: How to Master the Mindset of Champions and The Success Solution: Break Through Limiting Beliefs for Business Success.

Loren is an expert in pricing strategy and sales. She coaches entrepreneurs to shift away from the “dollars-per-hour” business model to a value-based model that reduces workload by as much as 50% while doubling revenues.https://businesssuccesssolution.com/

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World Footprints with Tonya Fitzpatrick

In this episode of Visionary Womenpreneurs I am honored to talk with Tonya Fitzpatrick of World Footprints. Her travel platform is incredible and we do talk about it. But we also spend time talking about her company’s statement regarding Black Lives Matter protests in Washington, D.C. and around the world. It is an honor to hear her perspectives.Tonya Fitzpatrick, Esq. is the co-Founder of World Footprints, a socially conscious travel media platform that includes the award-winning World Footprints podcast. She is a 3x TEDx and international speaker, author, Explorers Club member and a Delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. World Footprints was founded on the principle of “Ubuntu” – a Zulu word that translates to “I AM because We ARE”. It speaks to our common humanity and the strength of our community.

Through World Footprints, Tonya (and her husband, Ian) share powerful stories that speak to our common humanity, inspires meaningful and responsible travel and underscores the transformative power of travel. Thought-leaders, celebrities and distinguished guests like the late Dr. Maya Angelou have appeared on World Footprints. Tonya has appeared on CBS and NBC in Washington, DC and she’s been featured in MSNBC, U.S. News and World Reports, Black Enterprise and several books.https://worldfootprints.com/

To read World Footprints statement: Black Lives Matter : https://worldfootprints.com/global-solidarity-for-black-lives-matter/

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For additional resources visit: https://visionarywomenpreneurs.com/impact/things-i-am-doing-for-social-justice/

Speaking Influence with Jacqueline Nagle

Today’s show focuses on how speaking is key in being an influencer. Jacqueline Nagle is determined to make sure her clients shift beyond simply knowing how to speak and being heard – to being remembered, sought after and paid for their expertise and experience.

With a diverse career crossing professional services, mining services, civil construction, manufacturing, industrial relations, Jacqueline has used speaking-centric strategies extensively to launch, pivot and manage multiple-8-figure growth and moments of extreme crisis across all organizations she has been involved in.

She has successfully trained consultants, professionals, business owners, executives and the C-Suite in speaking, sales, core messaging, negotiating and positioning, before turning her attention more specifically to the craft of speaking in early 2017. Since then Jacqueline has worked with 100’s of emerging and established speakers and subject matter experts across Australia and the USA, delivering training to some of Australia’s major corporate brands, working with the Australian Institute of Sport (Olympic) Gold Medal Alumni Program, and she has recently been awarded (the global designation) of Certified Speaking Professional.

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Visit: https://speakableyou.com to connect with Jacqueline — she has incredible Masterclasses available.

Visit Visionarywomenpreneurs.com to pick up the Visionary Womenpreneurs Field Guide and other resources for growth and impact.

Things I am doing for Social Justice

These last few months have been challenging for us all, but this last week has been devastating. Here in our house, we have been actively watching the news and talking about what role we can play in helping to change this ongoing narrative of racial injustice and the killing of black and brown people.

Are you wondering the same? Are you finding ways to take action?

First, I must say, I stand in solidarity with the peaceful protesters around the country, and now around the world. The recent brutal murders of three black citizens — Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd call each of us to take action and be part of a justice solution.

I have wondered what can I do? What role can I play?

As a white woman, I know that I need to be part of the solution. I believe that we need to deconstruct systemic racism built into our communities and country.I acknowledge the privilege that I have. And I know that I have personal work to do. I know there are also actions I can be taking, even if not walking in a protest, there are things to be done.We can each be part of this solution, even if you cannot protest, there are other ways to advocate for change, educate yourself and talk with neighbors.

I am personally reading and working through the book: Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad. Her book is available on Amazon. I plan to participate in a group discussion about the book over the next four weeks with young people.https://www.meandwhitesupremacybook.com/

Join the NAACP

Attend their Emergency Virtual Town Hall TONIGHT

Sign the petition at Black Lives Matter and call your Senator and Representative:

Check out the petitions at Color of Change and sign the ones that resonate with you. Share them with your contacts, expand the circle.

Here is a great list of 75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice.

Racial justice needs all of us demanding it.Listen to podcasts to learn more — challenge yourself. I know I have to get uncomfortable. The work on racism takes us into uncomfortable places when we acknowledge our own privilege and our own role.

Here’s a podcast I found: Brene Brown with guest Ibram X. Kendi, Director of the Antiracist Research and Policy Center at American University. Listen

Get involved in your local elections.

Work for change in your community and support campaigns that make a difference across the country.And of course, educate yourself.

Read books, participate in conversations, listen, listen, listen.Visionary Womenpreneurs envision a world where everyone is included equally.

I welcome your ideas on how to make positive change in our world.

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5 Ways To Increase Productivity

increase productivity5 Ways To Increase Productivity When You’re Working From Home

When you’re working from home you should always be looking for ways to increase productivity. More work done in less time means more time to kick back, relax and have fun. Working smart and in a healthy, holistic way will help you to achieve more.

Here are a few suggestions for increasing productivity that can really make a difference:

1. Keep a daily routine

Some people who are new to working from home will scoff at the idea of anything resembling a daily schedule. The truth, though, is that it can really boost productivity and prevent work from spilling over into your spare time. By starting and stopping work at approximately the same times every day, you ensure you’ll have plenty of time to recharge afterwards, which is ultimately great for productivity.

It is important to turn work off at a reasonable time. Do not work 12-16-20 hour days.  Work smart, work focused and stop working every day.

2. Always plan ahead

Something as simple as a daily to-do list can do wonders for your productivity. Sure, deciding on the spot what to do next has a certain charm, but it leaves you spending too much time on deciding, and too little on actually working. Keep a daily to-do list and decide on your tasks for the next day before your work day is over – you’ll notice the difference almost immediately!

When you have a comprehensive marketing plan — part of this is already planned out and gives you the roadmap to follow each day.  Be sure you are using your strategic plan and your marketing plan to guide your business. Where should your focus be?

3. Stay healthy

It’s impossible to stay productive in the long run if you treat your body and mind poorly. You don’t have to become a health nut to get some real work done, but you should at the very least try to schedule some exercise a couple of times per week, even if it’s just going for a walk around the block. It’s also a good idea to invest in an ergonomic workplace, including a good chair to sit on, as that helps reduce fatigue and keep you energized throughout the day. Stand up part of the day or create a work space where you can work and stand.

4. Eliminate distractions

Yes, some people are able to watch TV while they’re working. They’re probably a minority, however, as most of us find it quite difficult to focus on two things simultaneously. When you’re working, turn off the TV, set your phone to silent, close your Facebook tab and shut the door – your productivity will skyrocket! This doesn’t mean that you cannot multi-task.

I am a multi-tasker.  I know, I know, everyone is telling you to focus on ONLY one thing at a time to increase productivity.  But, women are especially good at multi-tasking. It is how we live — working, doing laundry, cooking dinner, watching kids and getting it all done at the same time. Imagine, if we only did one thing at a time…. what on earth would get done?  So, be smart in how you focus and how you multi-task.

5. Get out of the house

Even if you’re the type of person who enjoys working alone, the fact is it can get lonely after a while. If you spend all your week cooped up in your office, rarely seeing the outside world, chances are you’ll feel a bit isolated and your work will suffer as a result. Therefore, make a point of leaving the house at least a few times per week, even if it’s just to do something simple such as meeting a friend for lunch.

Be sure to pick up my Success Mindset Guide that includes more information about creating your Daily Practice.  Having a daily practice can be challenging but it can result in greater success and producing better results. As we all are moving online and working from home, remotely, creating a way to do that effectively is going to be critical. With multiple people working from home it becomes even more challenging.

Make decisions together.  Are we all taking a break for lunch?  Who’s cooking?  Is it make your own and we eat together?  Connecting with the other people in your house throughout the day is important too.  Don’t just hole up and let everyone do THEIR thing!  Get together, connect.  And plan some time for virtual friend get togethers too.  It will all help you to get more done and increase your productivity!!

These were just a few examples of things to you can do to improve your productivity. Most people should benefit from implementing these, but feel free to experiment and find what works best for you. Good luck!

Benefits of Getting Organized

Getting organized is not just a good idea because your mom said so. There are lots of benefits to being in control and developing a clutter-free lifestyle.

1. Less stress

When organized you are automatically less stressed, you know where your keys, wallet, important papers, phone charger and phone are. Similarly, if your project plan is up to date and you complete your reports on time, there’s no need to worry about on-the-spot requests for project updates or meetings.

2. More time

Planning your time and keeping up-to-date means you can allocate time for everything in your life, including downtime. Being organized means, you wont get sidetracked or panicked by not being able to find important items. You’ll be punctual and more productive.

3. Ready for the unexpected

You can be prepared for last-minute requests or deadlines because youre not distracted by untidiness or the mental cloud of not being quite sure where things stand. That is true for everything from planning your child’s birthday party to that big project at work you are overseeing.

4. Better health

Studies have shown that being organized has demonstrable health benefits. Lower stress levels mean lower blood pressure and less body inflammation. Also, your immune system is stronger, and you’re less likely to be at risk of depression. You set up a positive feedback loop that spills over into other areas of your life. Better organization habits lead to better eating, exercise and sleep habits.

5. Nothing feels overwhelming

Having your life running smoothly, means youre much calmer and in a better mental position to deal with things. You can look at your to-do list without panicking because you know you can do it. You know that you can tackle the list task-by-task without feeling overwhelmed.

6. More energy

It might seem counter-intuitive but putting effort into planning and organizing your life gives you more energy. You’re less stressed because your mind isn’t obsessing about all the stuff you have to do. When you have a plan, you’re in control and know you can get it all done. If your papers, ideas, and tasks are in order, you can see a way through. Life is no longer a chaotic mystery!

Finally, being organized signals trust and reliability. If you are on time, follow through on your commitments and are ready for whatever comes at you, you will project an image of professionalism and responsibility. You will look promotion-ready and get more respect from your colleagues and your family.