Life Mapping: A Vision of Success

Creating a Vision of Success is the Start

Success is more than economic gains, titles, and degrees. Planning for success is about mapping out all the aspects of your life. Similar to a map, you need to define the following details: origin, destination, vehicle, backpack, landmarks, and route.

vision of success

Origin: Who you are

A map has a starting point. Your origin is who you are right now. Most people when asked to introduce themselves would say, “Hi, I’m Jean and I am a 17-year old, senior high school student.” It does not tell you about who Jean is; it only tells you her present preoccupation.

To gain insights about yourself, you need to look closely at your beliefs, values, and principles aside from your economic, professional, cultural, and civil status. Moreover, you can also reflect on your experiences to give you insights on your good and not-so-good traits, skills, knowledge, strengths, and weaknesses. Upon introspection, Jean realized that she was highly motivated, generous, service-oriented, but impatient. Her inclination was in the biological-medical field. Furthermore, she believed that life must serve a purpose, and that wars were destructive to human dignity.

Destination: A vision of who you want to be

“Who do want to be?” This is your vision.

Now it is important that you know yourself so that you would have a clearer idea of who you want to be; and the things you want to change whether they are attitudes, habits, or points of view. If you hardly know yourself, then your vision and targets for the future would also be unclear. Your destination should cover all the aspects of your being: the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Continuing Jean’s story, after she defined her beliefs, values, and principles in life, she decided that she wanted to have a life dedicated in serving her fellow people.

Vehicle: Your Mission

A vehicle is the means by which you can reach your destination. It can be analogized to your mission or vocation in life. To a great extent, your mission would depend on what you know about yourself. Based on Jean’s self-assessment, she decided that she was suited to become a doctor, and that she wanted to become one. Her chosen vocation was a medical doctor. Describing her vision-mission fully: it was to live a life dedicated to serving her fellowmen as a doctor in conflict-areas.

Travel Bag: Your knowledge, skills, and attitude

Food, drinks, medicines, and other travelling necessities are contained in a bag. Applying this concept to your life map, you also bring with you certain knowledge, skills, and attitudes. These determine your competence and help you in attaining your vision. Given such, there is a need for you to assess what knowledge, skills, and attitudes you have at present and what you need to gain along the way. This two-fold assessment will give you insights on your landmarks or measures of success.

Jean realized that she needed to gain professional knowledge and skills on medicine so that she could become a doctor. She knew that she was a bit impatient with people so she realized that this was something she wanted to change.

Landmarks and Route: S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Landmarks confirm if you are on the right track while the route determines the travel time. Thus, in planning out your life, you also need to have landmarks and a route. These landmarks are your measures of success. These measures must be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Thus you cannot set two major landmarks such as earning a master’s degree and a doctorate degree within a period of three years, since the minimum number of years to complete a master’s degree is two years.

Going back to Jean as an example, she identified the following landmarks in her life map: completing a bachelor’s degree in biology by the age of 21; completing medicine by the age of 27; earning her specialization in infectious diseases by the age of 30; getting deployed in local public hospitals of their town by the age of 32; and serving as doctor in war-torn areas by the age of 35.

Anticipate Turns, Detours, and Potholes

The purpose of your life map is to minimize hasty and spur-of-the-moment decisions that can make you lose your way. But oftentimes our plans are modified along the way due to some inconveniences, delays, and other situations beyond our control. Like on any path, there are turns, detours, and potholes thus; we must anticipate them and adjust accordingly.

When you create your vision of success and include each of these elements, then you have created a pathway to that success. It’s not just a destination but you have planned a route, with way points along the journey.

Without that vision of success — then your road map is useless. You are wandering around, discovering cool landmarks but without purpose, without intent.

Learn how to create your vision of success in our vision board project.

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4 Top Ways to Affirm Success

Affirm Success to Yourself and Accelerate that very success!!

affirm success

Affirmations, also called self-talk, personal reminders or self-suggestions, are absolutely essential in building positive attitudes and confidence in our own capabilities. A positive affirmation must contain the following key ingredients :

* Positive words and phrases

* In the first person and the present tense (I am )

* Is specific about what you want to be (to have, to do, etc.)

An example of a positive affirmation is I am a positive, optimistic thinker or I am the top salesman.

You can start harnessing the transformative powers of positive affirmations by applying the following guidelines:

1. Replace the Negative with the Positive

The very environment that we live in tends to drag us down with its constant negativity. But the moment that you start using positive affirmations, you can choose to banish negativity and start adopting the positive attitudes which will propel you towards success. Using affirmations is critical in developing the self-motivation that can make our goals and dreams into realities

2.  Modify your Thinking

Your mind believes what you tell it. Reprogram your subconscious mind by using positive affirmations and watch your conscious mind transform it into positive action. You essentially become the person you have affirmed yourself to be.

3. Personalize Your Own Affirmations

First you need to think about what you want to achieve. Be specific about what you want to be, to do, to have and so on and so forth. Then, with your answer in mind, create your own affirmation in the first person and present tense. This creates concrete, tangible goals which give you a direction in which to work towards.

4. Repeat, Repeat and Repeat

In order for your affirmations to be effective, you must repeat them to yourself daily with attention, conviction, interest and desire. Writing them down on post-its which can be placed in places where you can frequently see them (fridge, bathroom mirror, etc.) is also a good way to remind yourself of them.

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That’s right. If you were to study successful people, you’d find the one thing they have in common is a growth mindset. It’s what sets them apart from the rest.

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3 Essential Conditions to Get inTo Flow Energy

Flow Energy is that productive energy that allows time to pass without notice

flow energy

When you need to get things done do you find yourself struggling to accomplish what you set out to do? Perhaps you find yourself doubting your ability or being constantly distracted from the task at hand. You can learn how to improve your chances of success and increased productivity by creating the right conditions.

 The work of positive psychologist, Mihály Csí­kszentmihályi, outlines how to create conditions that will allow you to harness the power of the flow state. This in turn will enable you to work smarter and faster, allowing you to achieve your goals and complete tasks.

 The following are three essential conditions that are required to enable you to get into the flow energy state.

  1. Structure and Direction. Whatever activity you need to undertake must have clear goals. It also needs to provide progress in your acquisition of skills and knowledge as well as help you move forward in achieving your goal. By making sure this is in place then you will know what to do and why.
  1. Immediate Feedback. Whatever you are doing it must provide you with both clear and immediate feedback. The flow state can only be maintained by your ability to monitor and respond to the changing requirements as you progress. By adapting your performance you remain in the flow state.
  1. Balance. It’s essential that there is a balance between your skills and the challenge(s) of the task. Flow is only maintained when you are not doubting yourself and your abilities, bored or anxious. The correct level of challenge will ensure that you are motivated to complete it and feel positive while doing so.

It also requires you to remain in a state of non-self-awareness where you are not thinking about yourself and your abilities or actions.

You get caught up in the activity and lose track of both yourself and time. Your self-confidence in your ability to complete the task is crucial to its completion and your success.

By harnessing the power of these three conditions you will be able to increase your productivity with ease. You’ll find that time passes without you noticing and you will feel a sense of achievement and growing self-confidence. You will have stepped back into the flow energy!

In addition you’ll benefit from the fact that your knowledge and skills have increased and you are completing tasks and achieving goals. Harnessing the power of the flow state is a powerful tool that can help you achieve success in your personal and professional life.

Your Success Mindset Can Help You Get into Flow Energy


Developing a success mindset can help your feelings of low self worth.  Pick up my guide to build your success mindset along with the comprehensive daily planner.  When you plan for success and work on success, your mindset shifts.  Low self worth is not possible with a success mindset or a growth mindset.

When you work on your own mindset, you will see a shift.

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When you start focusing, intentionally, on your mindset, your self worth you will find that you do get to choose it. You have the ability to shift it and take control and change the results.  Decide today to change low self worth. Don’t let it take control of your life.

Thinking positive can shift the energy in your life. But it is a practice.  Most have to retrain their brains.  It sounds cliche, but the reality is that your mindset can impact your outcomes, your results.

It sounds simple, right?  But the reality is that you have to work at it. And even though it seems simple, creating a daily practice, will help support your goals.  Shifting your mindset and creating a daily practice, helps you to accomplish your goals, your vision.

Here are a couple of the daily affirmations:

1. Today is full of opportunities, and I welcome each one!
2. I am worthy of unconditional love, and I am loved by many.
3. Only I have the power to change my life, and the beginning is today.
4. I am radiant health, boundless energy, unconditional love, and effortless abundance!
5. I am competent, confident, experienced, and worthy

Personal Freedom Begins in Your Mind

Creating Your Personal Freedom

personal freedom

You might be surprised to learn that the biggest obstacle to your personal freedom is right between your ears. A negative mindset is the biggest block to freedom.

There are so many parts of your life you cannot control, from the need to earn a living to finding true love. But you can control your mindset, your thoughts, and how you act in the world. So how can you overcome your psychological blocks and open your mind to achieve greater freedom?

1. Change the record

Everyone has a constant inner monologue what psychologists call self-talk. And most of the time, yours is probably set to negative. Any messages you get in childhood about being bad, hopeless or selfish or stupid all get absorbed in your malleable childs brain and resurface in adulthood as your Inner Critic.

The good news is that you can reprogram your Inner Critic and turn it into an Inner Coach.

Make a list of all the negative things your Inner Critic says. Be alert for phrases that start you always or you never. Watch out for shoulds too. Then take each negative message and turn into a positive one.

Change your self-talk broken record to a new track full of encouragement and positivity.

2. Change your expectations

Studies have shown that the most significant contributors to success or failure are your expectations. Happy people expect things to go well and mistakes or problems do not crush them, they see them only as temporary setbacks. Conversely, if the expectation is to fail any issue will confirm the expectations, and you wont try again.

Expecting things to work out is not wishful thinking it is choosing to be positive no matter what the circumstances.

3. Change your focus

Modern society trains us to be dissatisfied with what we have now and constantly strive for bigger, better and shiner. You can choose to step outside of this and be grateful for what you have right now.

Developing a habit of gratitude frees you from this pressure and affects the structure of your brain. Studies show that the more you feel grateful, the more resilient you become in the face of lifes ups and downs. You feel happier with what you have and more open to receiving. Even better, you rewire the neural pathways in your brain so that your mindset defaults to positivity. You start to see the good things before you notice the bad. Over time, you perceive life as positive, and your expectations change. You free yourself from the burden of negativity!

developing a success mindset cover 1 scaled 1

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The 5 Basics of Good Copy Writing

The Basics of Good Copy Writing

good copy writing

Writing good copy is a skill that many people should learn, regardless of whether they actually want to be a copywriter or not. If you send a lot of emails then these same skills and tactics apply to you as well.

The following list is a quick overview of what it takes to write good copy.

Five Strategies for Good Copy Writing!!

  1. Understanding your target audience – it is much easier to write to someone when you have a little background on them. You should try and come up with a mental or written image of who your target audience is. What their age is, where they live and their average income, plus their likes and dislikes.

You always want to know the answers to these two questions.

1–Why should your customer buy this product and
2– What’s in it for them?

Another way to phrase this is:

1–What is the pain that your target customer HAS that they DO NOT Want?
2–What is the SOLUTION that YOU offer that solves that pain?

Try to find a way to make your copy stand out from others. Look for similar sales pages and look for an angle or hook that is different. But always, make sure your copy is speaking to YOUR audience.

Have a specific purpose to your copy – yes you want customers to buy. But think about helping to solve problems by offering solutions. Tell stories, evoke emotion, get your reader to connect to the problem and the solution.

2. Take the time to write a good headline – if your headline is weak the customer will most likely not read all the way through on your sales page. If you are writing emails then this section pertains to your subject line. Give your reader a good reason to open your email. Here is an example of when good copy writing is critical. Without a good headline or subject — you will not get the rest of your copy read.

3. Use headings and sub headings – these help to first break up your copy but they also help to highlight the benefits of the product. Remember that ‘what’s in it for me?’ question.

4. Avoid using filler or fluffy words – don’t use words such as maybe, hope, wish, try could and perhaps. Instead you want to create concise sentences that are short and contain words such as will and can.

Always write your copy in the present tense. Instead of saying ‘was chosen’ use the word ‘received’. Using the present tense really helps to add strength to your entire copy.

5. Use testimonials or customer quotes – this really helps to add proof to your copy and if possible try to include a photo of the person. If you can make these people seem real to your potential customers, the better your copy will convert. It also helps to add where the person lives by city or state, always get permission first before adding testimonials.

Once your copy is finished always read it out loud. Either you can do this or have someone else read it for you. When you read your copy if you stumble over a section, go back and edit it. If someone else reads it see if they are compelled to purchase it, if not, tweak it!

By applying these basic concepts to each piece of copy you right you should have no trouble in converting readers into customers.

Check out our email marketing for profits course that includes copy writing.

The course will give you more training on writing copy that converts.  It is only worth spending your valuable time writing your own copy if you can write copy that converts your prospect to your customer!!

Otherwise, you are wasting your time and losing money.

Copy writing done right can be the success of your business.

5 Reasons You Should Start Your Membership Site

Membership sites are one of the most effective online business models that you can make use of. There are lots of different kinds of subscription sites that you could start so there’s no reason why you should not make them part of your Web marketing strategy and your business revenue strategy.

The power of a membership or continuity program is amazing. Here are several reasons it can make sense.

It fits into several of the profitability accelerators for increasing your revenue.

1. Regular monthly recurring revenue.

When you construct a membership site you’ll have ONE HUNDRED, 200 or also 500 members paying you on a monthly basis for your information. If you supply even more material as well as ask for a greater price for your subscription site, you can be gaining well over 6 numbers a year for your website.

2. Affiliates promoting for you

Affiliates love membership websites. They are going to invest their time promoting the membership site if they have a choice in between repeating month-to-month earnings and a one-time ebook sale in the exact same particular niche. They are searching for the very same sort of repeating earnings that you are. You can quickly set up your associate program via Clickbank, 2checkout or Paydotcom. Advertise your associate program to your members as well as extremely affiliates to obtain more sales.

Join our Affiliate Program HERE When you are an affiliate, you can promote others programs. When you have an affiliate program, others promote YOU.

3. Particular niche prominence

Within the entrances of your subscription site, you could provide a large selection of content. The even more content you put into your subscription site and the even more participants you have, the a lot more your content and your referrals will certainly be appreciated within the specific niche. There’s no faster way to brand name on your own as a specialist within your niche compared to by producing a subscription website.

4. Backend sales possibilities

The revenue from a membership website does not quit with the regular monthly subscription charges. You can likewise repackage component of the material made use of in your membership website as well as market it as an independent product.

5. It’s never been simpler!

It has never ever been much easier to run a subscription website, specifically if you don’t have any technical knowledge. It made use of to be that you would require the aid of a web programmer to obtain a subscription site set up correctly. Thanks to very easy to make use of material administration systems like WordPress and also membership website manuscripts that will make protection simple, you could have your subscription website established within a concern of hrs. There’s no reason why you should not begin one today.

If you offer even more content as well as bill a higher rate for your subscription site, you could possibly be making well over 6 figures per year for your site and increase your revenue in other streams as well.

If they have an option between recurring monthly earnings and a one-time ebook sale in the same specific niche, they are going to invest their time promoting the membership site. The more material you place right into your subscription site and also the more members you have, the more your material and your referrals will certainly be respected within the specific niche. The earnings from a subscription site doesn’t stop with the regular monthly membership costs. Many thanks to easy to utilize material administration systems like WordPress and also subscription website scripts that will certainly make safety easy, you can have your membership site established up within an issue of hrs.

Brainstorm the valuable information your customers or clients ask you questions about. This is a great starting point.

Watch for our next membership site article…..

Leave your ideas below for growing your business with a membership site and I will gladly comment on them and let you know what I think!!

List Building A brief introduction

What is List Building and Why Does it Matter?

List building marketing is a powerful tool to build a huge list for your business and if you are not using this strategy for your marketing campaign that means you have left your money on the table. As the saying is The Money Is in the List so you should start to be in touch with you audience to build a list for your business.

list building

List building is one of the most popular strategy that helps to improve your appeal in niche market and spread your advertisement messages across numerous channels. With this marketing strategy, you will be able to gather email address, name and other contact information of your visitors to ultimately convert them into your paying customers.

List building enables you to build a high converting list of subscribers to facilitate smooth earning in the long run. This helps you to expand your business, boost brand awareness, get more qualified leads, increase close deals and establish trusted relationships.

This marketing strategy is very important for different types of businesses and marketers small, medium or large that includes both B2B and B2C companies such as internet market, healthcare and other businesses.

As you know, Lists are the treasure of every types of businesses and online marketers. Both are always searched for advanced and creative method to keep their visitors coming to the website. They giveaway numerous stuffs to the potential customers such as free reports, FAQ, tutorials and services etc.

So keeping it in your mind, you need to be focused very carefully on your marketing strategies and you can also combine other marketing strategy such as inbound marketing, blogging, content marketing, Search engine optimization, social media, Pay-per-click marketing, Email marketing and inside sales etc. to achieve you goal with list building marketing strategy.

You should keep following those visitors who have potential interest in your product and services. Regular follow-up will capture your potential customers attention and redirect towards their areas of interest which have a specific value for them.

List building helps you with the following

* You will be able to get traffic without ads and search engine.

* You can generate more leads for your list.

* List building improves your conversion rates and ROI.

* List building greatly increases the chances of close deals.

* You can build trust in your visitors and they will come back to you.

Leads have a lifetime value until they unsubscribe or block you from their side. Thus the bigger list you have, the more chances to close a deal, so keep generating the leads and build your list.

Content is one of the great ways to build your list and at the same time, build your credibility and expertise. You can access my free report on content and content repurposing which will help you to build great content and learn how to reuse it over and over in multiple formats! Content can be intimidating for some, but does not have to be.

When experts tell you that the money is in the list, it truly is the case!! It is YOUR list that can help you increase your revenue and business success.

When you fail to focus on list building, you miss a GREAT opportunity for business growth!!

4 TO-DO Lists Strategies For Growth

Why To-Do Lists Work

to-do list

Are you using to-do lists throughout your day? If not, you may be missing out on one of the post powerful productivity tools out there. It doesn’t matter if you use the old-fashioned notebook and pen, or a to-do list app on your phone. There are three reasons why they work so well when it comes to keeping you productive all day long.

To-Do Lists Make You Plan

When you sit down to make out your to-do list you’re forced to plan your day. You’re taking a look at everything you’re working on and deciding what you need to take care of today and in what order.

Depending on how you make out your list, you may even think about what items on your list have the highest priority. The simple task of making the list makes you work out a lot of things in your head ahead of time. This alone will help you stay more productive throughout your day.

To-Do Lists Keep You Focused

Having that list in front of you, or next to you as you work away will help you stay focused on what you need to work on and accomplish throughout your busy day. We are all dealing with distractions. Its easy to lose focus and get sucked into meaningless tasks and conversations.

With your list you know at a glance what you should be working on and if you make yourself get into the habit of not calling it a day until each item on your list is taken care of, youre less likely to allow those distractions to take over a big chunks of your day.

To-Do Lists Give You A Feeling Of Accomplishment

Checking of an item on your to-do list gives you a sense of accomplishment. For some this is more effective when they can cross something of a piece of paper. For others, clicking the little check mark on the app does the trick. Try them both and see what works best for you.

Take a moment to appreciate how much youve gotten done each time you check an item of the list. Then use that feeling of accomplishment to power you through the next item. Rinse and repeat and before you know it, youve made it through another highly productive day.

If you’re not in the habit of using daily to-do lists yet, I hope this encourages you to give it a serious try. Make a list of five things you want to get done before you call it a night today. See how that goes and then get in the habit of working from a daily list starting tomorrow morning.

Create a To-Do List as Your Daily Practice

Creating a Daily Practice To-Do List can give you a framework to work from each day. If you have a marketing plan that has regular “to-do’s”, then they can be part of your daily practice plan. I created a daily practice to-do list that I use as that framework. I also have a daily prosperity practice. Check out my article about what it looks like. It provides a starting place that I can use to build a daily “to-do list” from. And it reminds me of the regular tasks that I intend to focus on each day. Sometimes they don’t happen, but I keep referring back to it.

What are the actions that you need to be taking consistently? Do you have a daily practice that grows your business? That is the key. It only makes sense to focus on tasks daily, IF they are going to make a real impact. Like with other marketing strategies — know your numbers and track your conversions!!