A Quick Hello — and a couple of ideas

A Quick Hello -- and a couple of ideas 1Are you swamped with emails about the virus? Me too!

We are all home, self isolating, as my daughter was evacuated from her GAP year program earlier this week from Ecuador.  She traveled through multiple airports, customs, etc.  We are now in day 4 of our self-isolation as a family.  We share the house with my 86 year old Mom and she is sequestered to her side of the house and we can see her walking outside each day, and talk to her on the phone. Life has changed.

There is a wealth of info out there for business owners and how to keep business going.  I am not going to fill your email with more of it.

BUT — one thing to consider if you are sharing info!! Publish it on your blog. Make it shareable.  I just received TWO great emails from people talking about cyber attacks and the other about biking.  I wanted to share both in different places but neither is available other than via email. So, if you have valuable info.  Make it shareable for your contacts.  Publish it on your blog. Or create an online version somewhere!!

A Quick Hello -- and a couple of ideas 2I am focused on publishing online — podcasting — and book publishing.  Next week, I will be opening up my book publishing course at a huge discount and doing it live over two weeks.  I am working on my own book projects so it should be fun to get my projects done and help everyone get theirs done.

Details will be posted — HERE

I’ve been posting several articles over the past few weeks on positive mindset and success mindset. They are things that you can use right now. We all need to stay as positive as possible.

You can find those articles here:


In that series you will see links to the Success Mindset guide and planner as well as the Daily Affirmations for download.  They are all part of my Launching Your Dreams: Making WILD Ideas Happen strategy.

Want to get together for tea.  My calendar is available. We are home.

Schedule a 15 minute strategy call with me — visit my calendar at:  https://compassroseconsulting.as.me/tea

Stay safe, stay home, stay positive….


Donna Price

Compass Rose Consulting, LLC

Newton, NJ 07860


P.S. If you didn’t pick up the Success Mindset ebook — you can still grab it here — https://compassroseconsulting.com/product/success-mindset

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