Biz Building Camp

Biz Building Camp is launching this September.  I will taking a small group of entrepreneurs that are committed and dedicated to their businesses, and guiding them through the comprehensive Bizology.Biz program.  The program, soon to be published, is a complete business building system.  Participants will learn new techniques and strategies for building their businesses AND they will leave the camp with a comprehensive ACTION plan.  This camp is not about sitting around and lounging.  It is all about action.  While we will talk about vision, the real work is in the strategy and the action planning.

I created this program based on the work that I was doing in my own business and with clients.  The program is designed for small business owners that are doing alot of the work themselves and want to work in more efficient ways but also are looking for better results.

To register for camp visit:

Check back for updated videos about the camp!!

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