24+ Million in My Network….

How Many Do You Have in YOUR Network? linkedin

Have you checked your LinkedIn Network recently to see how BIG or small it is? I was just there and found that I have over 24 million professionals in my LinkedIn Network and it grows everyday. Amazing…. And then I did the math…. what if it were generating just one penny for each of those connections?  I didn’t believe it… so I pulled out a calculator and sure enough it was $240,000.   Wow! Well, there is a new social network on the horizon that plans to do something just like that…pay people for their connections — sometimes as little as one penny, but within a connection matrix that will yield a total of 29 million places.  So, if I take my 24 million connections via LinkedIn — I would be generating on just that one penny — $240,000. Incredible. Sounds too GOOD to be true! That’s what I said too. Then I watched the videos…. still questioning…. then I talked to the person that introduced me — a trusted friend and advisor….who had been introduced herself through a close personal business associate….and for $9.95 per month to be in the commission-able group it seemed like a worthy risk. What is the risk?

  •  it doesn’t work… well that would be a bummer but at $9.95 per month and potential income while waiting for the launch — it doesn’t seem like a bad risk.
  • I lose $9.95…. well, that’s like three cups of coffee or one movie ticket or one paperback book, or ….. again… not a bad risk
  • I invite friends and they think I’m crazy…. well, they might have already thought this but now as the money really does start to roll in they are thinking — why didn’t I listen….

I don’t know about you, but I believe that it is possible for all of us to benefit and even if it is just a penny…. well, 24 million pennies is doable for me!!

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