Women’s Business Circle

The story…

I’m Donna Price and I’m like you, a woman, owning a business.  Juggling a million things, kids, husband, family, friends,  health, fitness…

I started my business in 2003.  This is my second business.  My first was a Chimney Sweeping business and I failed.  I went back to work and kept working for another 20 years.  I took a couple of incredible leaves — one to complete a 72 Outward Bound Course — rock climbing, backpacking, sea kayaking and back-country skiing.  It was life changing.  I went back to work, but it was hard.  I was fortunate and was gifted a second leave to bike across the United States. Ninety days of meeting people all across the country, doing service and again, changing my life.

Soon after returning to work, I left to change my career to become an outdoor adventure educator.

Life, isn’t always predictable.  And a few years after landing my dream job managing an outdoor adventure education center, we tragically lost our first child. Again, mu life changed.  We mourned, and quickly began a fight to become parents.  Our journey to family was through adoption.  We were blessed and have two beautiful girls.

I decided that it was time to be an entrepreneur again – a way to create a flexible work schedule, be at home and work, be a mom that wasn’t tied to a boss’ demands.

Even the second time around, I was naive I really didn’t know what I was doing. I believed that …

IF I BUILD IT…. THEY WILL COME.  And you know it – they didn’t!!

I, maybe like you, discovered it just doesn’t work that way.

I started out with a focus on leadership development and team building – or management consulting.  It was in line with what I had been doing, but I didn’t have a network of professionals that knew me in the area I live. I had no marketing background, and no sales training.

I studied marketing, and business – became a coach, with business coach and executive coach training.  I joined business groups, chambers of commerce, women’s groups. I studied Internet marketing with top Internet marketers and I am still studying, because marketing is constantly changing.

I learned web design, then WordPress, and email marketing and of course, social media.  It all went into my building a different business from where I started. I wrote books, held webinars, tele-seminars, launched two radio shows, and then published another book, created an online learning center, learned HOW to help people publish their books….

And, I continue to evolve and grow as does my business and my focus.

Several years ago, I wrote my first book (Launching Your Dreams: Stop Day Dreaming and Live Your Vision) and then I wrote a business development program called Bizology.Biz — The Science of Building a Thriving Business – and it is still relevant and on target today. In fact, when my business is struggling, when I get off track, it guides me back. Along with that, I have a couple of other books and a couple in process.

I have found that books are incredible door openers, and business cards. They each help my business. While learning all about book writing and publishing, I worked with a coach and became a certified publishing coach in addition to a business coach and executive coach.

My business has always been a living, breathing entity. It evolves, it changes, it has good days and bad.  I, as the founder, do the same. It is a passion that has been built with tremendous love and commitment over the years.

But, my life changed again the night of the United States Presidential Election (2016).  (I know, no politics, but it changed… truth — here!)

It woke me up in a new way. It changed how I want to do business and how I want to impact the world.  It stopped me in my tracks.  It made me look at everything I do and how I am doing it.

I took about five weeks to review, reflect and revise my company’s focus – vision and mission.

What I have come out with is life changing, for my business, and I think it can be for yours too.

My passion as a coach and consultant is seeing people achieve their goals — their vision — build, thrive and achieve results beyond what they imagined.

As you may or may not know, my background is in education, program development and non-profit management.  I have always had jobs that were bigger than me, that affected people’s day to day lives. My business has always done that.  But now, I want to expand that impact and really help women business owners focus on how they can impact their own lives, their community and the world.

My business is my first FOR-PROFIT venture or even job, and to be honest, it was a non-profit venture for way too long!

But it is an incredible thing to be a business owner, and even more incredible to be a woman-owned business. I believe that being an entrepreneur is the best way to build wealth and independence in the world.

As I reflected this year, I looked at all that I have developed over the past decade. The books, the programs, the trainings, speeches…. And really evaluated how my business could make a bigger impact.  Much of the reflection took me back to my beginnings.  I pulled out my first documents and found pieces that were important to me that had been left behind or neglected.

I have worked primarily with small business owners and non-profit organizations over the past 10 or so years.  My first decision was that I really want to focus on women business owners and women-focused non-profits.

My next decision was HOW to do that?  What would the program look like?  I have to say that even that has gone through several names, and iterations.

I love working with groups. I think it is by far, the most powerful way to work with people.  The benefits of group coaching are tremendous, because you suddenly have a team of people that are rooting for you and are on your side! The individual impact is bigger than a coach or a consultant.

So, I have pulled together all that I have built over the years and put it together in a program that really rocks it! (in my personal opinion – check it out!)

Women Business Circle

 The Women’s Business Circle is designed to give women business owners and leaders a space to gather with like-minded women to focus on business growth and community impact.

 When women gather in circle – magical things begin to happen. Whether the circle is in person or in our virtual circle space – that magic becomes powerful—having real-world impact.

For centuries women have gathered in circles to quilt, to knit, to study, to share — and what results are intense friendships, collaborations and inspiration.

These circles are powerful, collaborative, masterminds, that focus on entrepreneurial success through expanding mission, vision, knowledge and effectiveness.

Each circle comes together virtually or in person to focus on business growth, personal development and socially conscious impact.

The Women’s Business Circle is designed to give you the tools and resources to grow your business and grow it big, with a socially and environmentally conscious strategy and approach. Each Women’s Business Circle is limited to 25 women.

Did you know: As of 2016, it is estimated that there are now 11.3 million(11,313,900) women-owned businesses in the United States, employing nearly 9 million people (8,976,100) and generating over $1.6 trillion ($1,622,763,800,000) in revenues.
 There are a lot of us. Women in business – working to support our families and with success – contributing to our communities, with consciousness – reaching beyond ourselves and into the world to create — cascades of prosperity. We truly have the ability to change the world!

Let’s get together and help each other succeed!

Let me start by telling you a bit about circles.  The framework of this group work is a circle. Women naturally are collaborative, caring and want to help others succeed. Women have gathered in circles for centuries.  They have gathered to knit, to quilt, to study, to talk, to cook – circles have been powerful places for women to share, connect and grow. That is exactly how I see Women’s Business Circles.

Most small business leaders don’t have a board, or partners or anyone to bounce ideas off, or get valuable feedback from.  The Women’s Business Circle offers you just that, a group or circle of women that are your colleagues and can provide you with feedback, ideas, input, and more. Be there for you when you need support, challenge you when you need to be challenged….and so much more.

I love circles. When you meet in a circle, everyone is equal. Everyone has a voice and a place in the circle. That is true with the Women’s Business Circle.

The Women’s Business Circle is a group of women business leaders that want to grow their businesses and make a bigger impact in the world.  We gather together in a circle (virtually) and focus on business growth, vision, strategy, impact, marketing and business operations.

I have found that when a group of passionate business women come together, incredible things can happen.  Women leaders reach high.  They see possibilities, they embrace their vision and run with it. When they come into a circle of women, they inspire others and are inspired by others.  The benefits across and around the circle are tremendous.

The Women’s Business Circle is for women who are committed to their business, their families and their communities. The Women’s  Business Circle is a unique group of passionate women entrepreneurs.

You can easily see if you are a good fit for the program:  Ask yourself:

  • Am I a woman committed to making a difference in the world? Am I or do I want to be socially conscious and contributing to the world good?
  • Am I a woman that is passionate about building a successful business? Do you love or want to love your business?
  • Am I a woman that is collaborative, intelligent, interested in growing my business AND helping other women to grow theirs?
  • Am I a woman that is positive, ready to work, ready to make changes, ready to MAKE IT Bigger then I am right now!

The mission of the Women’s Business Circle is to help each member create her success so that that success can cascade out into the world.  Part of membership is an exploration of how to make a difference the world, how can you as an entrepreneur make a social impact.

You see – my values statement has always included – social responsibility and the environment.  And I as I reviewed and revisited my company values I found that these are two areas that are really important to me and areas that I want to work in and help others work in. So, I am pulling those into the conversation here in the Women’s Business Circles in a few ways.

There are many businesses that are doing good and making a difference in the world.

  • The Oregon Public House ( is a non-profit brew pub that selects six charities each month that they donate to. All profits for the month are divided among the charities based on the designation of the buyer. People love knowing that their dollars are doing more than support the business!
  • Tom’s ( — a shoe company — has a one-for-one model. You buy a product on their site, they give one to a person in need.
  • Chanja Datti( is woman initiated social enterprise that currently collects waste plastic (PET bottles, pure water sachet, nylon bags etc.) and other recyclables like aluminum cans, papers, tires, and glass bottles, and transforms them into flakes or shreds, as raw materials in the manufacture of other products.

Forbes Magazine reports that more companies are taking on issues like social justice, environment, sustainability, poverty, homelessness and working to impact their issue, while still making money. This is true for big companies and small.  Imagine if we each had a mission of changing the world..

Big companies are being challenged by consumers to be environmentally and socially responsible. I know we try to buy fair trade chocolate — because chocolate is largely harvested by enslaved children. Big chocolate companies have been challenged by women to be more socially responsible and stop buying chocolate that uses slave labor or child labor. It has had a direct impact on the big chocolate company’s bottom line.  Guess what, they are moving in the direction of Fair-Trade Chocolate.  People want quality but not at the expense of others.

Our model at Compass Rose Consulting is to help women owned businesses directly and indirectly. So, what does that mean?

We use some of our profits to support programs for providing micro loans to women both nationally and internationally.  We also offer scholarships to women (survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking, war and conflict) to our programs.  We never provide a full scholarship but usually 90% or 95% because we know that when people have some of their own money in the game,  it increases each person’s potential for success.

We further cascade out from Compass Rose Consulting providing micro-loans to women entrepreneurs through these programs:

  • Local Shelter for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking, here in my neighborhood.
  • Women For Women ( — their mission is working with women in war and conflict areas, providing support to women so that they can better support themselves and their families.
  • Grameen America  ( helps women in poverty in the United States to create better lives for their families through entrepreneurship
  • Global Citizen – ( is committed to ending poverty by 2030.  They focus on these key areas: Girls & Women; Health; Education; Finance & Innovation; Food & Hunger; Water & Sanitation; Environment; Citizenship

Each company is impressive in all that they do and have done.  We will be evaluating each organization over the course of the year to determine if they remain a good fit.

It becomes exciting to see the impact that cascades out with each successful woman entrepreneur. As we support more women with each membership here, we will be posting updates inside of our membership area so that YOU can see the impact that YOUR membership here is having – locally, nationally and internationally.  YOU will be helping other women to start or grow their businesses, supporting their families and ultimately impacting their communities. You can see how the prosperity cascades get started.

My goal is to continuously increase our outgoing support of women entrepreneurs locally, nationally and globally AND to help you develop a business model that has a similar impact.

There are many issues that need addressing around the world.  So, you do not need to focus on women or entrepreneurs they are a great fit for my business, but perhaps homelessness is a better fit for your passions and beliefs or perhaps child hunger, or clean water, or numerous other issues that are vital to the prosperity and success of the planet.

Top Issues identified by Global Citizen: Girls & Women; Health; Education; Finance & Innovation; Food & Hunger; Water & Sanitation; Environment; Citizenship

When your company makes the shift to make a bigger difference in the world — more of that magic I mentioned earlier begins to happen as well.  It is something to talk about. Why? Because it makes a difference to people. It inspires you, your team and your customers!

When they are choosing between you and the business across the street, and they see that your business model supports XYZ — that matters to them!  They are getting MORE for their money!  They get to FEEL GOOD because they did business with you.

It does NOT matter what type of business you are in.  You can implement a ‘Do Good’ model in your business — that makes you feel good, the recipient feel good and YOUR customers feel good.  Goodness just keeps expanding.

The other area that we dive into is the environment and environmental responsibility.

The earth is our sacred living place. Caring for the earth provides us with a long-lasting place for our families and children. As women, that matters to us. The Women’s Business Circle has a focus on learning ways, as business owners we can each operate in earth friendly and sustainable ways.

Membership in Green America is provided to members in their second quarter of membership.  It is one of the ways that we encourage and support your learning and connection with other businesses that have green operating practices and socially conscious business practices. Some of them becoming potential vendors or clients for you.

Green America is a national, membership organization with a mission to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.

At Compass Rose Consulting, we work to be environmentally responsible in our operations — using 100% recycled paper, printing as little as possible, recycling….etc.

You Can Do This!
Make it Happen!

The Women’s Business Circle is designed to give you the tools and resources to grow your business and grow it big — so that you can Make It Ha

I know that business is challenging.  I have been working with small business owners and teams since 2003.  I believe that there are four pillars of success and that as the leader, you need to be working on each of these pillars.  I also believe that when you design a business that has an impact for good in the world that your business has more potential and greater sustainability than others.

So, I am committed to helping women owned businesses master this in their businesses so that as a group we can make real differences in our communities and have that success cascade out through the world.  When one woman succeeds, it impacts more than just that woman.  It truly radiates out from her to her business vendors and clients, to her family, the community… the circles ripple out from her and move through the world.

The Four Pillars of Success – start with vision and leadership.  It takes real leadership to create a business with a vision, especially, a vision that is compelling and impactful. Business leaders without vision rarely succeed.  It is your vision that gives you the foundation for building success.  When your team knows your vision – they can help you to create it. When you love your vision, then you are inspired everyday to make it happen. Great leaders know that vision is not enough. It takes good strategy to achieve your vision. Without vision, strategy is useless, and vision without strategy results in just a dream.

The second pillar is marketing. Without effective marketing and communications about your business vision, your products or services, you cannot grow a business effectively. Can you have some success, perhaps, but not definitely.  With effective marketing, you can grow your business predictably and consistently.  So many business owners are marketing shy. They’ve never marketed before. Being a business owner – you need to be part of your marketing. Most likely, part of the business is about you.  Getting comfortable with marketing and knowing what should be part of your plan is vital. You might even be in the position, where YOU are the marketing department – and now it is even more vital that you fall in LOVE with your marketing self!  It is easy to fall in love with marketing when your marketing is working, because that means that your business is growing, your income is growing, your success is growing… who wouldn’t love that?!?

The third pillar is operations – creating a business that works like a well-oiled machine will help you to make more money, expand your business and eventually sell your business. When you establish your operational plan – then you have a business that can be grown, repeated and sold. Operations make your life easier while making you money. In my past life I was a master at operations and operational plans and policies.  I will share with you, my knowledge and passion for creating your operational plan.

The final pillar is your products and services – every business has to have something that they are selling or offering to customers or clients or consumers, that is business. When we look at this pillar, I have ideas for you!  How to expand, or shift or rework, what you already have.

These four pillars are the foundation of the training that is provided within the Women’s Business Circle. You receive a complete and comprehensive Business Toolbox.

The Business Toolbox:

The Women’s Business Circle Business Toolbox is contained in the membership program: Bizology.Biz, my business development program. It is filled with an amazing collection of texts, workbooks, reports and audios and videos that show you step-by-step everything that you need to know about how to build your business, run it with fun and make profits within the shortest possible time. In addition, to the Bizology.Biz foundational program, I have released numerous other programs and they are each provided inside.

Imagine, now you will not have to run around here and there to get ideas on how to make profits from business. You will not have to spend hundreds of $$ buying books or joining management classes. Hours of internet browsing in search of customers will be a closed chapter forever.

You’ll experience the thrill of having everything at your fingertips, all in one comprehensive package, where you can learn at your pace and convenience, without taking a single step out of your home/office.

If you’ve heard that business is fun and making money is not at all a problem and so long refused to believe that anything like this is at all possible, here’s your first-ever opportunity to witness that it actually is possible, if you know the right techniques and have the right tools..

The foundation program of Bizology.Biz covers the four Pillars of Success with 20 power-packed lessons that include workbooks, 14 audios/videos plus 9 special reports.

Bizology.Biz offers you the deepest insight into business strategies and techniques that are custom-made for producing results, in the context of practically any business that is feasible on this planet.

In addition, we have released numerous marketing programs over the past several years and you will have access to all of the ones we have added to the membership area.  And to be honest, I am still adding them…. But right now I have included:

  • Instagram Marketing
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Making Money Online (being added now)
  • Viral Marketing (being added now)

And a couple of more personal development trainings:

  • Winning Ways To Success
  • Champion Mindset…

And I know that I have a Twitter program to add and more video marketing, sales training, I just have to get it all uploaded and set up – but it will be.

We also add new training programs regularly.  There will always be new and valuable content and training for you.

In short, Bizology.Biz is an indispensable tool for any successful business, big or small. It’s something that ALL entrepreneurs, small business owners, solo practitioners and independent professionals can hardly dare to deny.

Getting Focused…On Track and INTO Action!

I use Best Year Yet™ with my clients to create a powerful strategic plan.  Best Year Yet has been working for people, businesses and teams for over 30 years.  The system is simple and easy, which is part of its beauty.

The Best Year Yet™ experience is designed to reach the core of how you think and perform, and to empower you to new levels of personal effectiveness and fulfillment.

The Women’s Business Circle provides Best Year Yet to members of the Purple Circle and Rose Circle. We spend time with each quarter offering the Best Year Yet Strategic Planning Workshop and get you setup with our online software to create your plan, refine the plan and then start putting it into action.  This plan becomes central to the work that we do together.

Monthly Strategy and Accountability

Each month, we gather as a circle of women to talk about plans, frustrations, road blocks and solutions. This is the real power of the collaborative group. Your plan – doesn’t just sit on the shelf.  It is a living plan that each month, we are reviewing and updating and refining.

The Best Year Yet™ system translates strategic thinking into operational planning and individual and shared accountability.

Best Year Yet™ is a system for producing results that can help you reach previously unattainable levels of business performance. It is the only program that begins with a planning session and continues with monthly review sessions throughout the year to monitor progress and hold people accountable for achieving personal and business goals.

The Best Year Yet™ program has been used to guide the thinking of all kinds of individuals, from corporate executives to high school students, around the world. It is a powerful tool for anyone who is ready to reach to new heights, to change directions in life, to renew and re-focus energies, or to clarify what matters most in a busy, cluttered life.

The Best Year Yet™ system has worked to increase results, improve focus and clarity with business leaders and their teams, around the world for the past 30+ years. Is it old and outdated? No, not at all. It is a program that is constantly improving. I believe it is the simplest strategic planning system available and will help get you moving quickly.

Best Year Yet is provided to members of the Purple and Rose Circles, complete with online software for developing your strategic plan and monitoring your strategic plan.

Circle Gatherings

The Real Power of the Women’s Business Circle:

Gathering in a circle is the real power of the program. You will see that you don’t have to opt for this level of engagement.  But this is where relationships are born and fostered.  Real authenticity happens.  The monthly collaboration meeting is typically 3 hours.  This is because there is so much to do.

We spend our first hour on the focus lesson for the month.  These are not typically marketing, but more personal development. Our Best Year Yet program includes 12 monthly lessons.  Each month we will focus some time on that lesson.

We then move into our Best Year Yet plans and the things that have been happening in your business over the past month. This time is so important.  This is where you get to interact with the other members of the Circle.

This is not a talk at you gathering. This is participatory.  This program is about real life engagement.  I use a special platform that gives us the ability to really engage with each other virtually. You will need a good Internet connection and a webcam on your computer.

I facilitate our time together each month just like I do with groups in person.  My facilitation process adds richness to the experience. I work to help you tap into your whole-self, the complete wisdom of your being with a process that brings in both right and left sides of you.  Often our left side is who shows up, with our whole person process facilitation (Genuine Contact Program Certified) we can bring in the creative right side of our wisdom.

Sometimes you might question what I am doing, or where it is going, but as we move along, you will find it doesn’t always make sense, but it does bring to you real value.

There will be collaboration time each month within the meeting to learn from each other.  Everything we do together as a group benefits you.  When you hear what another business is struggling with and HOW they overcome it — you can learn. When you hear how someone else is developing a new product or service — you can learn about how to do that.  Of course, we are not there to take each others ideas or copy or steal. We are women. And that violates the rules of the Circle but we are going to be inspired and motivated in ways we can’t achieve alone.

In addition, to our in person meetings, we are launching an online platform that gives you access to all members, not just your group, but all of the groups.  Each Collaborative Circle is limited to 25 members and there will be a private forum within the larger forum for each group!!

Monthly Collaboration Space

There will also be a second open time for collaboration each month.  I will open the online collaboration circle so that you can gather.

Women really do have the ability to change the world. When one woman succeeds — the impact ripples out into a cascade that goes beyond the woman and her family.  When you join the Women’s Business Circle, you are committing to succeeding and making a difference in more than your own business and life. You are committing to helping other women to succeed and together we are creating a real cascade of prosperity that will reach out into the world – further than we will ever know!

The Women’s Business Circle

This is a One-Stop Business Growth program that incorporates Training, Coaching, Strategic Planning, Mastermind and Collaborative Space for Women Entrepreneurs.  AND, I think that is you!

Part of my mission has always been to make coaching and consulting accessible.  The Women’s Business Circle is that.  This is an affordable, from-home/office; customized, hands-on, strategically based, experts-led business coaching and marketing mentorship and mastermind that has been designed keeping your complete requirements in mind.

No matter whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, in business or about to start one, have put in only some money or is a big investor, you will see that there is something in this that is unique that you are going to specifically benefit from.

Let me break it down:

Affordable– you are going to see that I have created three levels of affordability for this program so that everyone can access it. Is it free, NO. And there is a reason for that. You can go out and find most of what I am going to give you in this program – for FREE. But, what happens with FREE — usually – NOT A THING… that is NOTHING. People FAIL to take action. I know. I have tried this.  Does being affordable mean that it is not worth it.  No again.  i have poured everything I have into this program.  You will see that it has great value. And you will think — even though she is saying affordable… I don’t really think I can.  But keep reading.  Because I have worked hard to work in my mission of serving women, cascading prosperity and making this totally accessible.

From HOME/OFFICE– this program is offered online. I have created a community that will host the program and each mastermind group is limited in size. Within the overall collaborative community there can be many people but in your mastermind/collaborative group – it is limited to a small intensive group of no more than 25.

Customized/Hands-On– I am an experiential educator and I believe in taking action. The action plan is not the same for everyone. Through the group mastermind process your plan will become customized. I might recommend you focus in different areas or different training resources than someone else. Pinterest might be the right platform for your business while LinkedIn is the right one for another circle member. You create your vision, your strategies and you have the ability to get feedback and customize it.  But it is always YOUR plan.  You are the driver of YOUR business.

Strategically Based– I believe in strategic planning and we will be developing a strategic plan for each business using the best tools I have found. You will have access to an online strategic planning tool and online monthly monitoring dashboard to keep you on track and moving forward with your business. It will be the foundation of one of our monthly meetings.

Expert Led Business Coaching and Mentorship-I have been helping business leaders since 2003 to get their businesses on the growth path. I will be providing – training – coaching and consulting to you. As a business and marketing strategist — I do the studying of what is and is not working. That is my business. It shouldn’t have to be yours! I will give you the information that YOU need to make your marketing work for you! I will give you my best all the time!!

Collaborative Mastermind –Individual coaching is great, BUT being part of a group mastermind/collaboration is rich with resources, ideas, collaborative opportunities, partnerships, friendships, referrals and more…. The coming together of like-minded business owners is powerful. Bringing together like-minded women business leaders is incredible.

I am so excited about this program.  I am putting everything into it. I think it is the most comprehensive program you will find anywhere.

Just like you, I am running a business and supporting a family. But when I looked at the Women’s Business Circle I saw a way to provide INCREDIBLE VALUE for you, bring success focused women together to build greater and greater success AND have a larger impact on the world. I saw a new focus for my business that I think will be fun, exciting and highly enriching.

Here are the options:

There are three circle levels that each have different features.

  • Gold Circle

  • Purple Circle

  • Rose Circle

These are specially customized to meet the varying requirements of business-owners or would-be business-owners, and are targeted to give you real results, practically in every business that is possible under the sun.

 Gold Circle:

  • Business Development Program – Bizolgy.Biz is my proven business building program. It has helped businesses to thrive. You will receive a full access pass to all of the lessons within Bizology.Biz ($500 value)
  • New training resources added to Bizology.Biz . These online training resources include video training, workbooks, checklists and resource guides. Each quarter you will receive a comprehensive marketing training package valued at $34-$98 per month [$816++ Annual Value].
  • Monthly Webinar– Each month I will provide a topic specific training webinar for your business growth. We will decide as a mastermind group what the priority topics will be for your group. Our first month launches with a List Building Intensive. Then we move into Strategic Planning and then the sky is the limit!! (Valued at $28-$98 monthly [$684+ Annual] Value).
  • Private Online Mastermind Community– In the Mastermind Community participant’s will be able to ask questions, receive feedback, and connect with other entrepreneurs and business leaders. (The Value of a community is immeasurable and dependent upon your participation. I have found incredible value from the communities I have participated in.  Our online community brings all of the circles together into one place. You will have a chance to meet other people in the online forum community, connect, collaborate and share. (Value: $1000)
  • Total program value > $3000

Gold Circle Tickets: $250/month $68 per month savings $182:  $3000 Annually $498 Annually Savings $2502

Purple Circle:

As you know in Purple Circle you receive all of the benefits of the Gold Circle AND the intensity of the program increases. I love this program because now you are really getting to engage.

  • Circle Gathering – The Circle Gathering is an incredible opportunity for collaboration & masterminding.– Twice each month your circle gathers. Members are from both the Purple and Rose levels. We put women together in a private collaboration circle. Each circle is limited to 25 members.  Twenty-five women is a richness that gives you many people to reach out to, to connect with and collaborate with. I have found an incredible online resource for our meetings that will give us the ability to do real circle work.  A circle needs the ability to gather in a large group and break into smaller work groups, come back to the large group, break into the same or different smaller groups.

During this bi-monthly meeting we will be doing just that. I see such benefit to each member from the opportunity to collaborate and engage with a group of success focused women. The group support and encouragement is worth showing up for. The ideas, feedback and motivation make it a must do. Our first meeting each month is focused on your strategic plan – your goals, your accomplishments and challenges. Imagine a group of women that want to know HOW you and YOUR business are doing. The second meeting is an open collaboration space.  I open the space for you to come into for 90 minutes and meet with other women. The technology that we use allows for multiple small group meetings at once.  We will start off together, and then move into smaller spaces. ($8000++ Value)

  • Quick START – Strategic Planning session to quick start your business with focus and clarity. This session uses the Best Year Yet™ strategic planning and implementation system. Along with your planning session you will receive an ONLINE account to track your plan and your goals. You will also receive Best Year Yet’s™ monthly focus lessons, these are audio lessons that you can download. I love listening to these in the car. Every single person that has used Best Year Yet with me has been amazed at the plan that they create. Excited about the future and eager to get moving. This planning session will be held online. Part of our monthly Circle Gathering – is about your strategic plan.  You will have the chance to talk about what worked and what didn’t work.  The technology that I use helps to give each person an opportunity for sharing that becomes powerful in helping you to really accomplish what you set out to, AND follow-through on the goals you set each month. ($650 value)
  • A personal Quick Start Call– During the strategic planning month you will receive TWO individual coaching calls to get you off to a GREAT start. This is your opportunity to receive individual support in addition to the group program. During these two calls we will review and refine your strategic plan to make sure that it is right for your business growth. We can focus on areas specific to your needs and your business. On the second call we will get you moving with implementing your strategic plan and using our online software to do that.($500 Value)
  • Total Value: $12,150

Purple Circle: Tickets: $1012/month $298 per month (Savings $714) $2976 Annually (Savings $9174)

Rose Circle:

This is my highest level of service. Of course, the investment is higher but the service is higher, because members of the Rose Circle are my highest priority. You can reach me.

You receive everything included in Purple Circle and Gold Circle, plus:

  • Personal One on One Coaching – You will receive two personal coaching sessions each month. You will receive call in details that give you access to me twice each month for up to 30 minutes. My hourly rate is currently $250. This program gives two calls each month ($500/month value $6000 Annual Value) and so much more.
  • Email support – In addition, to personal coaching and the group program you will have access to me using my special clients only email address to get feedback quickly on your questions between sessions. ($1200 Value)
  • The total value of this ROSE CIRCLE program is — in excess of $20,000+++
  • Impact Cascade: Every member of the Women’s Business Circle will make an impact in their community and we will talk about how to do that and how to track that! AND, every member of the Women’s Business Circle membership goes towards impacting other women entrepreneurs.  At this time we are supporting women entrepreneurs directly through our own scholarship program for women living in shelter programs that want to start their own business. We also support women entrepreneurs nationally through Grameen America contributing to their micro loan program for women in the United States and we work with two organizations that provide microloans to women in other countries.  One – and the other is  Regular updates about the entrepreneurs that we are supporting will be provided to members in the forum.

Rose Circle: Tickets: $1738 per month $738 per month Savings $1000;  $7376/Year Savings $13,474

You Create the Results and they are >Results Unlimited With Impact Beyond YOU!

Incredible Value
Gold Circle
Bizology.Biz Full Access
Monthly Marketing Webinar
New Marketing Course Monthly
WBC Members Only Forum
Individual Coaching 2x/mo
Email Support
Annual Adventure Retreat
Circle Gathering Monthly
Collaboration Space
Quick Start Strategic Planning Workshop
Quick Start Strategy Sessions (2)
Bizology.Biz Full Access
Monthly Marketing Webinar
New Marketing Course Monthly
WBC Members Only Forum

The Women’s Business Circle is designed to give you access to a successful business development program that will help you in building incredible results in your business. AND, if you decide to join the Purple or Rose Circle you also will be building incredible relationships, collaborations and benefiting from masterminding, strategic planning and more…

You determine the level that is right for you. Book your seat in this incredible opportunity to change your business and accelerate your results. Join the Women’s Business Circle NOW!

If you have been thinking whether you’ll really be making any gain out of The Women’s Business Circle, here’s a list of benefits fleshed out from the entire spread, which you’re going to make straightaway:

  • A complete business building toolbox with the Bizology.Biz membership
  • New marketing training LIVE each month AND a complete training program added to Bizology.Biz monthly!!
  • Latest tools and techniques that successful marketers use each day to get new clients quickly and easily
  • Collaborative Mastermind space.
  • The best strategic plan you can use to get you focused and keep you on track each day.
  • Coaching and consulting each month that you are a member of the Rose or Purple Circles.
  • New business relationships that have a value beyond measure


  • All – everyone receives a membership in GreenAmerica. This educational resource is incredible. It is our special gift to you. It provides you with a resource directory of Green Businesses that you can engage with, as well as special publications each year and a print magazine. If you want your business to operate in a socially responsible and green way – Green America has the resources to help you refine what you are doing.
  • Purple and Rose: One 30-minute radio interview on my Leadership Navigator Radio Show on promoting your business and your services or products. Following the show you will have a show that you can embed on your website or produce a CD to give away to your prospects. This builds your credibility as an expert in your field.
  • Purple and Rose: Full ACCESS To my premium training programs:
    • MAPSS – Marketing Action Planning for Strategic Success — this four week marketing plan workshop will guide you through how to put your 12 month marketing plan together. ($298)
    • Building a Membership Program – membership programs are a great way to build passive income into your business model.  With this 4 week workshop you will get all of the pieces to create your membership strategy. ($298)
    • Book Publishing Workshop — This six week workshop guides you through step by step ow to write and publish your book and then market it. ($298)
  • Rose ONLY: Complete Landing Page Package – this includes a landing page, thank you page, download page and about us page. A draft special report for your free offer. Connection to your email provider and five emails to send to your new subscribers. This is part of the Marketing Key to your success. We will build it for you.  ($699 Value)

This is by far the most exciting program I have ever put together.  I have had similar groups, but I am so excited to be working with women business leaders that are passionate about doing good in the world.  I am thrilled to be working in circle, in collaborative circles, because I know how powerful a process it is. I am excited to be creating cascades of prosperity that go beyond what I can imagine.

You can see the value.  So, I am not going to go on and on…. (LOL).

I do have an offer…. You can check out the Gold level for 7 days absolutely free.  Come inside and see what we have put together. But if you already know that the Purple Circle or Rose Circle are right for you… then jump right in.

I am not offering a free trial with the Purple or Rose Circles – and this is why – these are live collaborative circles.  It’s not fair to the people that are members to have people coming in and out.  They have made a commitment to the program, to each other and to the circle.  Membership takes commitment.  People are depending on you.  It can’t be a 7-day free trial.

I do want to eliminate the risks for you. So, I am making it completely risk free for 180 days—that is six full months.  You have 180 complete days to experience the Women’s Business Circle. If you’re not happy with the program by then, if you feel that you got no value then you can return the materials and get your money back, no questions asked. How on earth can I offer this? I know that you will get value. I know that I will provide what I have promised. The only thing I do not know is whether YOU will take action! So, I ask you to commit for 180 days. Do the work, show up, commit to your business and then make your decision. If you have not seen a benefit — then YES, definitely use the guarantee. I cannot and will not guarantee any results. Your results are up to you.  You have to take action.  You can join a program and the act of joining does not create results. It is the act of doing the work – doing the training and implementing it in YOUR business. You can come to collaboration circles but if that is all that you do, then your results will reflect that.  You are responsible for your results.  I am giving you resources, connections and opportunities for growth. But you have to act upon them to have results.  Results are unlimited…. If you move into BIG action! I promise to do my part!

Now the next move is up to you. If you have read this message this far, it shows that you’re sincerely interested.  I hope you are excited, like I am about the potential and possibilities of being a part of the Women’s Business Circle. Are you ready to supercharge your business, your wealth and your life in the way successful business-owners do. Make that most important life-changing decision today.

Because tomorrow may be all too late!

To your success

Donna Price
Business & Marketing Strategist
Compass Rose Consulting

Author of multiple books including: Yes! Marketing Works! and Launching Your Dreams: Making WILD Ideas Happen!

Incredible Value
Gold Circle
Bizology.Biz Full Access
Monthly Marketing Webinar
New Marketing Course Monthly
WBC Members Only Forum
Individual Coaching 2x/mo
Email Support
Annual Adventure Retreat
Circle Gathering Monthly
Collaboration Space
Quick Start Strategic Planning Workshop
Quick Start Strategy Sessions (2)
Bizology.Biz Full Access
Monthly Marketing Webinar
New Marketing Course Monthly
WBC Members Only Forum

Still Not Sure…. that’s okay… take a few more minutes. I have a couple of questions for you to consider!

Answer a few questions for yourself and then decide:

  1. Do you want to do better in 2018 than you did in 2017?  ” Yes ¨ No
  1. Are you ready to set your plan for 2018 and work it? ¨ Yes ¨ No

(Did you spend time planning and planning only to see the plan melt away and not materialize leaving you totally frustrated?)

  1. Did you have goals that you did not meet this past year?  ¨ Yes ¨ No

(Would you like to know how to achieve your goals year after year with ease and focus?)

  1. Do you believe in collaborative relationships and partnerships? ¨ Yes ¨ No

(Collaborative partnerships are built to benefit partners, growing two businesses at once or joining forces in some way to accelerate success of both partners.)

  1. Have you experienced a powerful process for business building that was easy, effective, and produced the results that you needed?  ¨ Yes ¨ No

Business building strategies are abundant in the world but which ones really work and which ones are the right ones for your business. When you buy marketing programs you have to figure out what will work for you and your business.

If you answered yes to any of the first 4 questions you should look at the Women’s Business Circle as an incredible opportunity to change your results.

If you are still unsure…then let’s chat.  Yes, let’s talk.

This is not just a long winded sales letter, well it is long, but there is a real person and company behind it, AND we talk to people.

Not sure ->> Schedule a time to chat at

We can spend a few minutes talking about your needs, your goals and whether the Women’s Business Circle is a good fit for you and your company. It is NOT a sales call. It is a coaching call. I can tell you, that sales is not my thing. Yes, I love growing my business with new clients, but NOT if it isn’t going to benefit you and you aren’t going to feel good about your decision.