Direct Voice Mail Messenger

Hate Cold Calling?
Me too!!
Procrastinate Doing Cold Calls?
Me too!!
I found a solution… now,
I Use Direct Voice Mail Messenger

I am personally, terrible at cold calling.  I am great on the phone, but just DO NOT want to pick it up and make cold calls.  Well, I discovered this incredible solution and now am able to offer it to clients and businesses like yours — ones that need more calls and want more business.  What I found has people calling me instead of me calling them. Direct Ringless Voice Mail is a totally unique service that changes the game.

Now you can increase the number of sales calls made each day.  Bypass cold calling and get people calling YOU.  When you leave a voice mail message….  people are more likely to listen to your message AND make a return call.

With Direct Voice Mail Messages, we can help you reach a large group quickly and start getting call backs right away.  Read all the way through to learn more about this service, because it is powerful.

Want to increase the ## of calls you can make in a day??

Innovative New Calling Service

direct voice mailHow many voice mail messages do you ignore on your phone?  Now, you can leave a message without ever calling the phone.  People listen and with the right message –>> they are calling YOU back!  Now, you can make a hundred calls in a day, actually in a few seconds, or you can make 200 or 300.  Limitations based on how many calls back you can handle in one day.

Our Direct Voice Mail Messenger service provides a ringless voicemail message to your prospect, client or customer or a client that you haven’t seen in a while.

Now you can use a service that gets your message to your prospect, quickly, easily and unobtrusively.

We set up the calls so that 100 per day are going out.  Based on the message, your return call rate will vary between 3% and 30% or more.

Our goal — HELP YOU start the conversation!  When people are calling YOU, they are more open to listening to what you have to say.

You need to have a plan of what you are saying WHEN the call comes back in too!

We help you put that plan together.

Ways you might use Direct Voice Mail Messenger:

  1. Reactivate former clients — leave your service clients a message from you, the owner, that sounds personal and interested in them.
  2. Invite prospects to an event.
  3. Ideal for service professionals –>> accountants, auto dealers, landscapers, coaches/consultants….
  4. Send a special holiday message to your valued customers.
  5. Leave a friendly tip on your customers voice mail.
  6. Ideal for reaching out to prospects or customers.
  7. Talk to the people that WANT to talk to you.

We can even help you with a LIST. We can pull a list for you based on zipcode and then hone in on other demographics, so that you are leaving messages with the right people.

Right people + right message = new conversations!

Set up is equally easy. Once we have decided to work together — set up typically takes 24-48 hours.  You can have people calling YOU within 2 days.  Complete the contact form below or scroll down and request my overview sheet:

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