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Are You Using Press Releases in Your Business? :: Compass Rose Consulting

Are You Using Press Releases in Your Business?

How Often Are You Sending Out A Press Release?

You might think you don’t have anything to share with a press release for your business, but I would argue strongly that you do! In fact, press releases can probably be sent out once or twice per month. What?

Yes! Once or twice per month you should be sending out a new press release. Now you are wondering what on earth would you say!

Here are a few ideas:

  • new events (this one is obvious)
  • new staff at your shop/facility/studio
  • your business anniversary
  • new training or certifications
  • new programs/services
  • holiday related specials or events (did you know that there is a holiday almost every day? This means you can use more than just the BIG holidays.
  • changes in your business such as new location, new branch, redesign, reopening etc.
  • current events — sometimes there is something happening in the world that you should be writing about. For example, in my article about Chimney Sweeps (http://profitabilityacademy.com/blog/market-to-save-lives) I use the example of a chimney fire that occurs locally. That is an event that a chimney sweep should be doing a press release about — how to prevent a chimney fire in your home. That article is called Market to Save Lives, because when chimney sweeps educate consumers on the dangers of not sweeping their chimney they can literally save lives. But your educational marketing can too.

Remember to include your About YOUR COMPANY section with a link to your website.

Including a call to action in your press release is tricky, because this is not a paid ad, it is news. So you need to be smart in how you word your release and how you invite people to visit your website.  If you don’t do this well, your release will get rejected and you won’t get the coverage that you were hoping for.

You might also be wondering–>> why not just do an ad? Well, a press release is published differently than an ad. It actually gives you better exposure and credibility than a paid advertisement does.  That is what you want.

If you want to learn more about writing press releases check out the resources we have in the Profitability Academy.

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Donna Price is a speaker, trainer, author and business and marketing strategist. She founded her company, Compass Rose Consulting in 2003 after a 20+ year career in non-profit management and administration. Donna’s history is impressive. She goes beyond the world of work as an adventurer and brings bold living lessons to each of her presentations. Donna has a unique inspirational story – of cycling across the country and how you take wild ideas and make them happen. She is the author of several books including; Yes! Marketing Works, Launching Your Dreams and Employee Coaching. Donna Price works with business leaders, teams and individuals to get them moving, improve their bottom line results through effective strategy, leadership, marketing and communication.

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