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It’s Show Time! 6 Sales Demo Tips from Stage Performers

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Marketing your small business tactically is necessary. Utilizing a critical strategy could raise your leads, conversions and also earnings. Constructing a system indicates you are creating a plan that works every day.


Author: Chris Gillespie

As Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

Sales demos are like shows, with salespeople as the main cast. Some are interesting, some are boring, and some blow you away and leave you hanging on th…

Company techniques that work is the trick. The secret is being strategic in how you place your advertising and marketing into activity.

Donna Price is a speaker, trainer, author and business and marketing strategist. She founded her company, Compass Rose Consulting in 2003 after a 20+ year career in non-profit management and administration. Donna’s history is impressive. She goes beyond the world of work as an adventurer and brings bold living lessons to each of her presentations. Donna has a unique inspirational story – of cycling across the country and how you take wild ideas and make them happen. She is the author of several books including; Yes! Marketing Works, Launching Your Dreams and Employee Coaching. Donna Price works with business leaders, teams and individuals to get them moving, improve their bottom line results through effective strategy, leadership, marketing and communication.