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Website vs. Blog: There is a Choice.

Having an internet presence is essential in this business environment.  As a business owner, you must have a web presence.  But when you are developing that web presence you have many decisions to make.  Here are some of the things you need to consider:

  • What is the goal of my website:  Is it to make money?; Is it to create an online brochure?; Do I want it to be interactive?
  • How much control do I want of my site?  Do I want to pay someone to update the site regularly?  Do I have regular content to update?  Do I have the resources to update my site?  Do I want to interact with my customers and prospects on the site?
  • What do I want the site to look like?  What are the branding colors of my company?  Can my logo be included on the site?
  • What other online media do I plan to use with my company?  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, other social media?  How will my site easily interact with these other online media sources.

When you are putting together your web presence you need to consider all of these things, and probably a few more too.

So, let’s look at each more closely:

What is the goal of my website:  Is it to make money?; Is it to create an online brochure?; Do I want it to be interactive?

There are several different types of websites that you can use.  The most common is a branding site, like this site.  It has information about the company, the leaders, the team etc.  It also includes info about the products and services and they may be for sale on the site.  There are also store fronts that are online that offer a wide array of products or services and that is the site’s main function.  The two other sites that I use are sales pages and squeeze pages.  To see one of my sales pages you can look at: This page talks solely about my coaching program and the components that are included with it.  It has one purpose — to sell coaching. is one of my squeeze pages.  It has one purpose and that is list building.  If I am working to build my list then I work to drive my web traffic to this site and then once someone has signed up on my list I can send them links to my branding site or my sales page.  But when I pay for traffic, I want information that I can use again and again to build a relationship.

As you build your web presence you might decide to use muliple sites as well.

How much control do I want of my site?  Do I want to pay someone to update the site regularly?  Do I have regular content to update?  Do I have the resources to update my site?  Do I want to interact with my customers and prospects on the site?

As you can see from my site.  I like to have lots of control.  I do work with outside vendors to customize the site, create the look and feel of the site.  I also use Virtual Assistants to add content, articles and set up services or products that are for sale on the site.  But I do maintain quite a bit of control and I know how my site works.  Part of this is largely due to it now be hosted on a WordPress Blog Platform.  Yes, this site is a blog.  And, many of my other sites are moving in that direction as well.  I encourage people to look closely at WordPress because it gives you so much control, AND, you WANT to be able to add content to your site regularly.  Content and information is what makes a site work really well.  Heck, that’s why you are here!  You are reading my “content”, my “information”.  You are deciding if you like me, if you think I know anything.  When a site is built and you don’t add new content to the site, then it becomes stale.  There is little reason for visitors to return to your site. Word Press allows you to control the content, keep it fresh and more (which I will get into in a minute!).

The other aspects of this question are do you have content?  I would challenge that you do.  You have information that you can share with your prospects that will aid in building your business relationship.  Resources, do you have the time and energy to add the content yourself, or do you have the resources to pay someone to add the content?  These are both critical questions.  You need to answer these for yourself.  And, keep in mind that it might change.

What do I want the site to look like?  What are the branding colors of my company?  Can my logo be included on the site?

Yes, your site should help to brand your company.  On this site, we are still working on the branding pieces.  But overall, the branding of the site does fit with my company brand — our colors are orange and red/maroon.  I use a compass as my logo.  Do you see those colors here?  The logo here?  When putting your site together you will want to look at those pieces.  I also have my compass logo in the header.  With Word Press you are able to buy themes that are customizable and you are able to find themes in the free theme directory that are customizable.  Many people become concerned with using a template or in the world of blogs a theme, that other people might be using. 

I believe that if you customize the theme to be yours, then using a pre-built theme or template is cost effective and still accomplishes your goals. I use a customizable theme that is available in the word press directory.

What other online media do I plan to use with my company?  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, other social media?  How will my site easily interact with these other online media sources.

This is the biggest reason that I use Word Press for my site.  It is interactive.  I can easily connect my site with Facebook, Twitter and I can set up so that you too can “tweet” my posts or “ping” them or send to an array of social book marking sites.  I receive traffic back to my site from my posts on these other sites.  A blog also allows multiple types of “Plugins” that give it different functionality.  And, allows visitors to subscribe, comment and be part of the site.  For me, these are all advantages that my typcial website did not provide.  Yes, I had a blog on my site, but now my whole site IS a blog.  That means when I update a page, it “tweets”, and when I add a post, it “tweets”.  Each of these strategies add to my exposure on the web, and that is what I want!

Web Presence is essential.  It is the HOW that you must decide on as a business owner.  The blog format offers you some versatility that a typical website doesn’t.  And, it offers you a Web 2.0 platform that is interactive and can be co-creative.  Your priority is to be on top of creating a powerful web presence that actually adds to your business.

Evaluating the Web Marketing Company

If Internet marketing was easy to handle and put into practice in the form of different strategies, there wouldn’t be so many web marketing companies selling their services for very good money. A reality of the electronic market, web marketing consultancy is often the element that makes the difference between business success and business failure. The thing is that the world wide web is incredibly complex and all sorts of creative and technical aspects have to be covered, which is not exactly part of the average developer’s skills. Advertising, design, web development and sales, these are distinct fields of activity that require separate knowledge and experience.

How many of the business owners that activate online have marketing or web design studies? Very few. The rest of entrepreneurs either try their luck on their own with rudimentary tools and information they play by the ear, or they rely on the expertise and professionalism of web marketing companies. Experts study the market, the business they have to promote, the eventual competitors and come up with the strategies made to increase the return on investment rate (ROI) and enhance the number of relevant visitors. Such progress would inevitably translate into more money for the business in question.

Web marketing companies work will all sorts of experts, from marketing specialists to web designers and IT software programmers. The complexity of professional teams is understandable given the multitude of tasks required to make an online business profitable. When people choose the services of web marketing companies to build the web site from scratch, everything will be covered from the web design part to the search engine optimization and the permanent monitoring of the business performance. What would be the role of the business manager in this context? Although it is simple to leave all the work to experts, a good manager will always want to be in control.

Web marketing companies provide services patterned according to one’s business needs. The business manager is the authority that receives updates and is constantly informed on the evolution of the company. Moreover, no agency or service provider can take decisions for you unless you give them this right by contract. It seems that the highest rate of success comes with people who although uninitiated in the secrets of web marketing, still make efforts to learn about the basic mechanisms and are able to understand strategies and methods when they are exposed to them.

Web Internet Marketing

There are lots of web Internet marketing models and they have different specificities depending on the business that uses them. Affiliate marketing, e-commerce, advertising, freelancing, and lots of other activities conducted online cover a wide range of processes controlled on the one hand by the marketers and on the other by the web surfers. There are many ways to build web Internet marketing strategies, and there are thousands of pages and hundreds of sources to show you have to approach different aspects of web Internet marketing. In this article, we’ll just refer to a few general strategies to be integrated and used by the web developer.

NEWSLETTERS are a great way to reach customers. You can provide news on your business, top stories and lots of interesting stuff on promotions, discounts and events. There is a special part of web Internet marketing dedicated to email marketing strategies, and you should study them as much as you can to increase sales and generate profit.

MARKET ANALYSIS! Keep an analytical eye on the market all the time. Market analysis represents the basis for extensive web Internet marketing because it provides information on competitors, on visitors’ feedback, on the evolution of your business over a certain period of time and it creates the premises for increasing the awareness of promoted products and services.

BUSINESS VISIBILITY AND BRANDING! Any smart marketer knows that the name sells. Branding is definitely not easy, and it is very difficult to get to the top when you start from scratch. This is why a partnership with the heavy names in the industry for collaborations is the best solution possible for web Internet marketing. However, the companies you want to work with should not be your direct competitors because they are not likely to help you become more visible. That would be a conflict of interests!

FRIENDLY LINKS and LINK BUILDING! It is a commonly used web Internet marketing strategy to get some links on and from trustworthy web sites that have built a good reputation on the market. Building links takes time and patience, but it surely brings relevant traffic. Natural links are the easiest to attract and if you provide quality content, web Internet marketing promotion will have a lot to win from it.

BLOGGING! Learn about the web Internet marketing possibilities that a blog would have to offer. A kind of niches, these are very good for product and service promotion.

Yet, mention must be made that strategies are manifold, and one cannot adjust everything to suit a particular business. Make a careful selection of what works and what doesn’t and even talk to an expert for consultancy and assistance!

Web Promotion Marketing

Advertising makes the most important part of web promotion marketing. The success of an Internet business begins with the design of the website, because the web pages are the ground on which the future web promotion marketing strategies can be implemented. How can you spread the word about your business? Strategies cover different possibilities: email marketing, pay per click marketing, affiliate marketing and so on. Some business owners choose to manage online campaigns themselves, while others prefer to hire marketing experts. Let’s take a few examples and see what any developer will need in terms of web promotion marketing according to the different strategies.

Email web promotion marketing for instance is suitable for almost all business categories. Newsletters make the most important way of keeping in touch with customers. Depending on how large your mailing list is, you can choose to invest in a special software tool that would generate customized but automatic newsletters and messages to all the business contacts. This kind of product is highly useful even when you have just some hundreds of clients in the mailing list, because the manual operation of email marketing campaigns is very time consuming. Web promotion marketing via email is a really cost effective way of spreading the news about your products and services.

Pay per click campaigns represent more expensive web promotion marketing strategies, but on the average, they make the most popular choice. You create ads that you post on different web pages; the ads include keywords that are relevant for your business. Every time an ad gets clicked, you will be charged with the amount you bid on the keywords. Pay per click search engines are really worthy to work with, and they allow for a better management of the costs, while also providing good web promotion marketing solutions. Google AdWords is the most expensive of all, and you should not try it unless you have a large advertising budget.

Affiliate web promotion marketing relies on a combination of strategies that cover email and pay per click marketing alike. In the affiliate program system, a business promotes products and services belonging to another party. The profit results from commissions that are established and paid according to the stipulations of a contract. Web marketing promotion is not easy for any of the models we’ve presented here, but mention must be made that the list of possibilities is much longer. Even so, despite the differences in strategies, there are very many common points between the various models and methods.