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Recovering from Business Disaster

Well, its been a week and half since my business experienced a HUGE business disaster.  After having experienced many problems with my hosting company in July — all of my sites were offline for a week in July and my email didn’t work for two weeks.  Trying to resolve the whole mess while on vacation was a real drag.  My hosting company NEVER responded to a phone all or email or support ticket.  So, when they finally popped back up and I was home again I decided to move the entire operation — over 16 sites in total.  Well, I made mistakes.  I didn’t get my backups right away.

I did a backup and didn’t download it right to my computer as soon as it was ready.  I moved to the next site and started the backup.

Well, what happened in the long run was in setting up new hosting and trying to migrate everything from one host to another my original host deleted my entire account.  I have been absolutely sick.  I lost everything.  With older backups I was able to get my main sites back online.  I lost my entire list of 10,000 subscribers.  I am still working to recover that but so far haven’t been able to.

Lessons learned:

Back Up Regularly and store your own backups.

Even though my host said they had weekly backups, when it came down to it the back up they were able to provide to me was over one year old and they thought I should be thankful that they had a back up.

I am considering moving some sites to different hosting companies. I used to do this but last year moved everything onto one host.  If I had left things dispersed I would have not lost it all.

So what good is coming out of it all?

I have taken time to reflect on what my priorities are.  What do I want my business to look like?  With the destruction that occurred it was time to really take a look at things.

I redid my Best Year Yet plan.  I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at a BIG meeting here in New Jersey.  I spoke on goal setting and it made me look at my own vision and goals.  It all comes back down to the basics.  Vision, values, goals — all the things we talk about in strategic planning with Best Year Yet.

I looked at what went well and what my disappointments were and are.  And took all of that to develop my significant life lessons for the upcoming year.

I love the Best Year Yet planning system because it is so on target and gets right down to it.

There is always good that emerges from disaster.  Its not why the disaster happens but is an outcome, often unexpected.  But we have to turn things around.

So, I am moving forward with Compass Rose Consulting — a revised vision, a new plan and new initiatives and focuses.

I look forward to sharing them with you over the next few days and weeks.

If you want to join me for a Best Year Yet planning session yourself.  I invite you to take a look at the opportunity to just that in early September.


Sara Megletti Testimonial

Sara Megletti of P:B & J Stores tells her story of working with Donna Price, Business Success Coach, through Bizology.BIz. Sara has been a member of Bizology.Biz for several months. http

Your Vision Drives Your Success

Bizology.Biz Tip today is all about creating your compelling vision for success.

Bizology.Biz Your Vision Drives Your Success

Bizology.Biz Tip today is all about creating your compelling vision for success.

The Most Effective Marketing Strategies — Revealed!

The accomplishment and the growth in the business world completely require that a business entrepreneur must be able to set out efficient visions and marketing strategies that are in accordance to the business plans and operational plans. Effectively plotting the direction and marketing ideas of any business company can create a milestone.

Marketing strategies are important elements in the business development. Any business entrepreneur– big or small should not undervalue the task of selling the business because it serves as a skeleton in providing a starting point in the business construction.

Business marketing strategies can become a well thrilled system plan. It provides a solid theoretical and practical approach in the business. To ensure the development of specific objectives and plans, you need to make a difference when doing and planning the marketing strategies of the business.

The following guidelines should be noted in the creation of any marketing strategy:

Let’s start with the fundamentals. Ask yourself, “Where do you want your business to go a year from now or few years more from now?” You must have a comprehensible portrait of what your business would become. The idea of marketing lies in the way you examine your business development. It tells about the future of any small business getting closer to the realities of making it into a superior and a stronger business company.

Study your business carefully. Marketing is all about boasting the performance of your business. How is its performance? Is it performing pretty well since it was created? Is it challenged? If so, what are the challenges your business has faced and what did you do to overcome these challenges? These questions can be of great help to the development of your marketing strategies. Once you study the history of your business performance, there is a great possibility that you can reach the “softer side” of the target market.

Be sensible about the analysis of where you are now and the kind of presentation your business is doing lately. Examine your business output. The marketing strategy you should use must have different varieties so that if the first option won’t work, you always have a second, third, or fourth option.

Now, visualize the future of your business. After productively laying out the history and present status of your business, you can now put together your objectives for the future. Your goals must really help your business become much improved than it used to be. If you already have your visions, then set the things that you should do to keep that vision living.

Finally, you should combine action to your ideas. Marketing is a demanding process. It is an activity that requires proper assessment of the things that happened, are happening and will happen. Always incorporate changes. After all, change is the only constant thing in the world. If you want your business to be constantly developing, modify for the better. Develop a business marketing strategy that would assure you of a jumpstart in your business history.