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Best Year Yet Strategic Planning Workshop Scheduled

strategic planningNew Jersey Business Success Coach, Donna Price, offers Raise the Bar — Strategic Planning workshop for small business leaders to get a head start on their planning for 2018.

The New Year is just around the corner and it is not too early to create a strategic plan for 2018.

October 25, 2017 Newton, NJ: Strategic planning gives business leaders a road map to their company vision and mission. Often small business leaders do not create an effective strategic plan for their business. Many small businesses are so busy being in business that they fail to plan strategically for their growth and then they fail at executing that plan.

Business Success Coach, Donna Price, has put together a one-day small business strategic planning workshop that will provide each business leader with a complete strategic plan at the end of the day. “Strategic planning does not need to be stressful or painful”, Price says, “it should be inspiring and even fun! When you finish your plan, you should feel excited for the future. That’s what happens in our Raise the Bar workshops.”
The group planning setting also provides opportunities for networking, collaboration, idea sharing and more.  Group business settings are rich in knowledge and experience.

Effective strategic planning is focused and purposeful, with clear and compelling goals that guide the company forward throughout the year. In addition to the planning session, Donna offers an online goal monitoring system for improving focus and implementation included with the registration fee.
Implementing an effective strategic plan results in business growth. Strategic plans that just sit on the shelf and are never reviewed or updated fail terribly. Having a plan and an implementation strategy changes the results that are achieved.

The Raise the Bar Workshop featuring the Best Year Yet™ system for strategic planning is scheduled for November 27, 2017 in northwest New Jersey. In addition to leaving with an effective and powerful strategic plan, participants will enjoy beautiful northern New Jersey.

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Best Year Yet for Non-Profit Leaders

non-profit leadersNon-Profit Leaders Gathering….
Are You Ready To Raise the Bar?

As a Non-Profit Leader do you ever feel that you are on a non stop treadmill?

Our Raise The Bar workshop for non-profit leaders is designed to give you access to a full day workshop focused on creating YOUR Best Year Yet!

Join other non-profit leaders in creating a plan — just for you!  Raise the Bar on YOUR success and impact the results of your organization.


A business where achieving the results you want and need is the natural outcome each year and every year is better than the last!

What happens to your performance when your best self is not in the game? Achieving results and thriving across all areas in business and life is not easy. Creating your Best Year Yet plan gives you a foundational plan for building success across all aspects of your life and the non profit that you lead.

The Raise the Bar workshop – is a facilitated group workshop for individual leaders – in a dynamic process that balances organizational imperatives with individual priorities. This unique, blended learning experience guides leaders through a series of questions to create a vision, learn from the past, set a powerful mindset and attitude for success, clarify values, establish a major area of focus and finally, choose their all-important “top ten” goals for the next 12 months. Once created, your plan comes to life with our online software, resources and mobile app for yearlong sustainability.

Joining a faciliated group workshop gives you an opportunity to connect with other non profit leaders, learn from their successes and mistakes, share yours, network and potentially build lasting relationships for collaboration.

This workshop is an opportunity to focus on YOU as the leader of an organization.  Take one day away and join other leaders to create your Best Year Yet plan.

What is  Best Year Yet?

Best Year Yet  is a year-long planning and implementation process for actually achieving previously unattainable levels of business performance. It is the only system that begins with the planning session, but then monitors progress throughout the full year, holding people accountable for the goals they set for themselves.

Join us for this LIVE planning session that has helped thousands of individuals, sole proprietors, small business owners, work teams, and entire companies to take stock of their lives, to set goals and to achieve results beyond anything they’ve achieved before.

The Best Year Yet experience is designed to reach the core of how you think and perform, and to empower you to new levels of personal effectiveness and fulfillment.

Why does The Best Year Yet work?

The Best Year Yet system translates strategic thinking into operational planning and individual and shared accountability. Best Year Yet is a proven process for producing results… for over 30 years business leaders have been using Best Year Yet to create their success plan for the upcoming year.

Best Year Yet  is a system for producing results that can help you reach previously unattainable levels of business performance. It is the only program that begins with a planning session and continues with monthly review sessions throughout the year to monitor progress and hold people accountable for achieving personal and business goals.

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