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Reverse Cold Calling

Reversing the cold call can create a warm call instead!!

When you change the dynamic of the cold call, to one where the prospect is CALLING YOU instead, suddenly the dynamic has changed and that impacts the interaction.

It is amazing what happens.  People are calling you back instead of answering the phone.

They want to KNOW why you called.  You have reversed the cold call.

Suddenly you are able to have a conversation about whatever it is that you have to offer.

It is still NOT a sales call.

Your MISSION —>>> (Should you decide to accept it!) is to GET THE NEXT APPOINTMENT.
That’s it.  What is the next step?  Identify that right now!  What do you want the person to do next?  Make another appointment.

For me, it is a 15 minute screen share.  Interested in learning this strategy — well, it takes 15 minutes.  Would you  like to schedule that?  I need you to be in front of your computer and have access to the Internet.  That’s it!!  That is my next goal.

So, what is yours??  This is part of your marketing strategy. Putting together each step and connecting them with your NEXT step.

With our Direct Voice Mail Messenger, I am leaving a personal voice mail message on the prospects phone. They are either calling me back AFTER listening to my message or they are calling me back WITHOUT listening to my message.  I have reversed the cold calling because now they are initiating the call.  And for the most part, it is a different experience.

What’s my next step —>>> a script.  Yes, a plan for what to say WHEN they call.  My goal on that call —THE NEXT APPOINTMENT — the screen share.

During the screen share — I need to have a plan for my next step. What is my goal there?  What is the NEXT STEP I want to happen?

Every single strategy that you use should be laid out like this. Step by step by step.

Have a plan. Use it, then tweak it, then use it again and tweak it again, until it is really working for you predictably.

Gain Internet Marketing Leads With a Human Touch

YOU, The Human, Behind the Business Draws Internet Marketing Leads

Magnetic Marketing is not solely an Internet Marketing strategy. New Business Leads come to back to a human touch and there being people behind the marketing.  Internet Marketing Leads are not just for Internet Marketers but rather a way to gain leads for your business. People don’t like to be “sold” but they do like to BUY.  But they buy from other people.  When you add YOURSELF into your marketing — then people are attracted.

The human touch gives you the chance:

YOU have to be part of your marketing!

YOU have to be part of your marketing!

–To gain your customers’ trust
–To engage with them
–To know your Ideal Customer

Creating a powerful magnetic marketing strategy helps you to communicate effectively with your potential customer.

A Marketing Strategy That is Integrated Draws In New Business Leads

Your powerful Internet Marketing Strategy should be an integrated approach that puts you front and center in all of your marketing.  Whether you are a network marketer, an entrepreneur or a small business owner, YOU are the person behind the message and putting YOU in front makes your business more attractive and magnetic!

There are some very specific strategies for adding that human touch to your business marketing.  some of these are:

  • social engagement
  • personal videos — meaning videos with YOU in them
  • website
  • actual picture of you in profiles
  • and more…..

It is important to create an integrated marketing strategy that pulls all of the pieces online together.  YOU, have to be part of the marketing but it does not mean that YOU have to DO the marketing. Creating an effective plan can be a do-it-yourself plan or an outsourced plan.  Both can work and both can be highly effective. The question is: Does your marketing plan draw in new leads? If it does not, then you need to re-evaluate the plan and make adjustments.

New Business Leads Should Be The Results That YOU Create With YOUR Magnetic Marketing Strategy

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Research is Critical When Generating New Business Leads ONLINE

Research Is Key In Generating New Business Leads ONLINE

Developing a powerful online marketing strategy takes planning and research….

New Business Leads for your business can come from your online marketing strategy but it takes research. Without good, solid research behind your strategy you will waste your time. You can have alot of online “real estate” with NO new business leads.

Your online strategy becomes magnetic when you Identify your keywords; understand the needs & desires of your customers;
and then use this knowledge to create compelling content.




Research is not just needed at the beginning of the process but it is vital that research continues throughout the process. You need to track your numbers. Know your traffic numbers, your business growth numbers and continue watching how each strategy is working.

Are your social media sites generating new leads? If not, go back to your research and make changes.

Track numbers on each social media site, your website, blog, — track everything!

Being the bean counter for your business will amaze you.  You will see things you didn’t know and that will compel you to make changes and improve your results


Compelling Content for Business Lead Generation

YOUR Expertise Assists in Business Lead Generation |Generating New Business Leads|How to Easily Attract Qualified Business Leads

You have knowledge that is valuable and can help your prospects.  Whatever your field is you are most likely more knowledgeable than your prospects.

A blog is the place to develop your content. Blogs help to you to generate new business leads by sharing your expertise. Content lets people get to know YOU and YOUR business. Your business blog should be part of your website.  If you don’t yet have a blog they are easy to install on your domain.  We manage all of our online content via our blogs — using WordPress.

People Like to KNOW that there are REAL people!

People Like to KNOW that there are REAL people!

People are attracted to People!!

Your Compelling Content:
–Speaks directly to your customers & prospects
–Is engaging, informative & entertaining
–Brings in leads & customers

Compelling Content is crucial to your marketing success

The best part about a blog is that your content can also be share to your social media sites, re-purposed into a video or slide share, and reach out to more people.

When you share valuable information people want to read it, share it, engage with you! This is the beginning of generating new leads for your business… building a relationship and rapport with people.  It takes the human touch to really be in business.

Put yourself in your content… I’m not saying your personal life, but your personality!

Content pre-sells YOU and your opportunity or service or product.

Watch Magnetic Marketing Video #5

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Engagement Equals New Leads for YOUR Business

Social Media Engagement Can Build Rapport/Relationship and Lead to New Business Leads!

Every social media platform: Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter all offer the ability to engage with other people. When used correctly, business leaders can generate new business leads with an effective strategy and plan.

Social Media Content needs to be compelling  — that means that it offers value to the reader. YOU are the expert.  Yees, there are probably other experts in your field and YES, they might know more than you, but on your social media YOU are the expert.  Social Media can engage prospects, can gather great information and data that benefits your marketing and business and ultimately brings in new business leads and customers.

New customers = increased revenue.


It’s about building relationships.  Just like in live networking, you need engagement in order to connect with people and move into a relationship that can become a customer relationship.

What business doesn’t want new customers, new leads for business growth?

Social Media is a powerful online strategy that often is not created with specific goals of new business leads in mind. The approach needs to fit with your business, your overall goals and your plan.  Use the meeting scheduler below to schedule a review of your media plan with Donna.

This site has many resources for you on developing your social media plan.

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As a lifelong learner I am always training… learning HOW to market more effectively, HOW to engage with my connections, like you, more and I gladly share with my clients what I am learning.

One resource that I use is My Lead System Pro — there are tremendous trainings within MLSP as a member.  Click the banner below to learn more about MLSP and why I am so excited about it.

For additional training resources on generating leads online visit: ONLINE BUSINESS LEADS
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Does YOUR Web Presence Generate New Business Leads?

YOUR Web Presence Should BE Generating New Business Leads

So you have a website and blog; it’s branding you, but it isn’t building your business.

Magnetic Marketing is an inbound marketing strategy.  It starts with your web presence.  Is your website drawing people to you?  Your web presence is about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.  Creating a presence that shares your story, your message and brand. That is engaging and serves your customers and prospects.

Is your website competing? Is it bringing New Business Leads to YOU?

New Business Leads should come easily to you.

Building a web presence involves creating a website and blog.  WordPress is a great platform (in fact, I think it is the best platform) for building this.  Your website becomes your hub for sharing your expertise.  Once you have created compelling content for your blog you can share that content across your social media platforms.

This is the place that people can learn about YOU and why they want to work with you.  Be sure that you do not leave YOU off the page. It is your knowledge, your expertise, your personality that people are drawn to.  When you are able to share that effectively, THEN people will be coming to your business.

Your website is where you also want to have special offers that people can opt into and in exchange you are receiving their contact info.  This gives you the ability to continue building a relationship and rapport.

When websites fail to do this then hey are giving up that new customer or potential customer.  The person leaves your site and then when they NEED or WANT your service you are lucky if they remember where you and your website are!  Luck is not a good business strategy!