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You CAN Do This!

Entrepreneurship is Challenging But You Can Do This!

Don’t give up! It takes persistence, commitment, and learning to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy but it is doable.  You can succeed! Don’t give up!

If you are considering throwing in the towel be sure that you have given it your all.  Learning is the number one task as an entrepreneur.  Being a constant learner is critical. CEO’s or business owners that invest in their own learning and personal development are more likely to make it than an entrepreneur or CEO that thinks they know it all.

The world is ever changing and as an entrepreneur you need to be willing to change with it.

Learning new strategies or approaches can change your results.

If you were a traditional marketer then you are challenged to shift to a marketer that embraces the Internet and social media.  Both are viable sources of new business for all entrepreneurs whether you are online or offline.

Creating print ads that do not have a strong call to action that bring people to your website can be a mistake and leave money or new clients behind.

Before you throw in the towel be sure that you have checked yourself and made sure that you have done everything that you can to learn the new systems that are available for growing your business.

Bizology.Biz walks you step by step through my process of building your thriving business. I teach you the pieces and you choose which are the right strategies for your business but I challenge you to test some new strategies in your business. There are many viable strategies for building your business, adding new clients/customers to your business and consistently growing your success.

Entrepreneurship is the best way to build personal wealth.  Don’t give up before you have done everything possible to create success!

Business Help — On Sale — 30 days!

bizology join now230 Day Business Building SALE!!

Unbelievably Bizology.Biz has been re-launched.  This program written several years ago STILL has incredible value and a wealth of information and resource for business leaders.


In a New Year’s gratitude moment I decided to offer the FULL program (usually selling for $297 -$997) to my contacts for just $1.

Yes, just $1.  My coaching colleagues said “you can’t just give it away!!”  Originally I was thinking of just GIVING it away, so I decided for the next 30 days I will offer it for just $1.  So, not a total giveaway, but pretty darn close!

You might wonder why.  Well, I had broken the membership site totally apart and deleted it.  I was no longer accepting members.  I upped my coaching prices and was only serving individual clients.  BUT, then I started running into folks that really needed coaching and really needed to learn HOW to build their business and they felt that they couldn’t afford individual coaching services.

In my mission to offer affordable and accessible coaching — I pulled out Bizology.Biz. I moved the entire membership site to a new home and rebuilt it.  Spent the entire weekend rebuilding it and sprucing it up a bit!

I added in a weekly coaching upgrade to Bizology.Biz Gold Coaching — that you can access immediately after buying Bizology.Biz for a significant savings — around 33%.  I decided that I would create a weekly coaching webinar or conference call to bring some of the Bizology.Biz lessons live and introduce members to new info as well.  It’s an incredible value as well.

If YOU are someone that could use some coaching — use some how to info — then this program could be for you.

The ideal person is:

  • highly motivated to succeed
  • wants to learn
  • is an entrepreneur — salon, spa, plumber, electrician, massage therapist, insurance professional, lawyer, retail shop, artist, educator, coach….
  • needs more leads, new business leads
  • wants to grow their business

Bizology.Biz — includes over 20 strategic lessons focused on all aspects of your business. In writing the program, I took everything that I was learning and using and put it into very easy to use lessons that guide you through developing your strategies.


When you focus on your top goals you can achieve more!!!

Tip of the Day: Business Values

Business Success Coach, Donna Price, shares the importance of creating business values to guide your small business operations. For more information visit:

Bizology.Biz Tip of the Day: Business Values

Business Success Coach, Donna Price, shares the importance of creating business values to guide your small business operations. For more information visit: