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Create the Lifestyle You Want

What is more important than money? Your health, happiness and the time you have to spend with your loved ones and lifestyle!

Creating your ideal lifestyle is not easy.  But, outsourcing some of the everyday tasks that consume you and your time can be a strategy for achieving just that — health, happiness and your desired lifestyle.

During ‘Outsource Live!’ Daven Michaels is not only going to help you create a plan to make more money, he is also going to show you how to create the LIFESTYLE you desire.

I would like to introduce you to a good friend of mine Daven Michaels, CEO of 123Employee. Daven has helped thousands of small business owners work less and make more money. He teaches from experience, he has turned multiple passions into million dollar businesses and today he run’s his multi-million dollar outsourcing business and manages over 350 employees… from his laptop and cell phone!

We allow ourselves to get so busy, trying to make money, we can easily loose site of that which is most important to us. During ‘Outsource Live!’ Daven will help you create your new wealth and freedom LIFESTYLE plan, achieved through learning how to improve your marketing and delegating to others.

The event is usually $1997, but if you use this special code:

Early Bird

you can attend for ONLY $97, but you must use the code!

Click here to learn more

Note: Daven is offering you a 100% no quibble satisfaction money back guarantee!

Daven is doing incredible things with people and their businesses.  Learn how he can help your business.

All the best,

Donna Price is a speaker, trainer, author and business and marketing strategist. She founded her company, Compass Rose Consulting in 2003 after a 20+ year career in non-profit management and administration. Donna’s history is impressive. She goes beyond the world of work as an adventurer and brings bold living lessons to each of her presentations. Donna has a unique inspirational story – of cycling across the country and how you take wild ideas and make them happen. She is the author of several books including; Yes! Marketing Works, Launching Your Dreams and Employee Coaching. Donna Price works with business leaders, teams and individuals to get them moving, improve their bottom line results through effective strategy, leadership, marketing and communication.