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The Paradigm Of Social Media Turned Upside Down

social mediaWhat Would Happen If The Social Media Paradigm Shifted?

There are many social networking platforms available today.  The Internet continues to produce new platforms to connect, network and promote on.  From Pinterest to Instagram to Facebook to LinkedIn.  Each is unique in how it is used and how it can benefit the users.

The benefit to the users is part of the paradigm shift that I am going to share with you….First, it is important to understand what the current paradigm is.  Social media platforms allow YOU to connect with other people.  Friends, family, colleagues, prospects and customers.  As an entrepreneur, social media platforms gather vital data that can be used to locate your most likely prospects.  It is amazing how you can drill down the details to get right to the people that you want to.  YOU can buy advertisements that get you to the people that you are trying to reach.  the platform puts your ad right in front of us.  The reality is that YOU are the product on many platforms.  If YOU don’t share your information on social media then there is now way for that particular platform to serve up advertisements to you and businesses would NOT pay for that.

Are You REALLY Benefiting From Social Media?

But the question is what is the real benefit to you in sharing your likes, interests, thoughts, travels, location etc?  What would happen if there was an exchange — a trade for YOUR data?  That is exactly what is on the horizon; what is in Beta testing and moving quickly onto the world stage.

iqkonnectA platform that connects people, lets you share your story, your pictures, your videos and network with other people via groups and forums.  AND… this is the BIG part…. it rewards YOU for being there!!  The developers recognized that YOU should receive rewards not just offers.  Right now, that is what we all see OFFERS and opportunities.  We don’t really see rewards for looking at the offer or opportunity. We don’t receive anything but a bill.

This is pretty cool.  And at the same time mind boggling.  How can a social platform reward people for playing on the network? I have some complete info for you to investigate it.

When Google+ launched there was a stampede to get on the platform.  That same thing will happen here.  And just like Google+ you will need an invitation.  Unlike Google+, which eventually didn’t require invitations, this platform will.  It is through your connections –> direct connections and their connections and their connections and on and on that a monetization or compensation plan was developed.  For a full explanation of how this platform will work — just ask!!

You can do that in a a couple of ways…

  1. complete the form below and I will send you an email explanation of the new system.
  2. Request a phone consult with me…. just complete the contact box below.
  3. Visit this site and watch the videos, read all about it and then get started…
    1. Info Website:
    2. Get started site: CLICK HERE and then go to Become a Brand Partner tab.


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At this point the question is: Are you open? Do you wish you were being rewarded for all of the time you spend on social networks?

Funding Your Dream — Is it a Problem?

Young successful woman looking at worldmap with profile photos oDream Building — Funding

Funding is always one of the biggest road blocks that people tell me about for living their dreams or launching their dream. The thing that I found is that once you start down the road of dream building new things appear, doors you didn’t even know existed open, resources, people — everything you need. We are working on building a BIG dream right now..

Overwhelming really… It’s one of those — can we really do it dreams? Do we have the real courage? And just like many — funding is one of the obstacles. And then a new thing appeared….and it looks pretty impressive, huge funding potential — but it is one of those things that people think is too good to be true. Could that statement or belief in itself get in your way?? Well we decided to step outside of that belief and shift it to — yes, it could be true and it could be incredible. Its a paradigm shift in belief but also a new business model…not typical, not network marketing, not direct sales — just networking monetized. What funding road blocks do you have? Are you willing or open to possibilities outside of your norm to solve those? Do you want something bigger than you have now? I’ve uploaded a 9 minute audio for you here:

I’ve also built a website that gives more details — CLICK HERE

Watch the video. Are you open to being paid to connect with people on a social platform?

Has Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter sent you a paycheck?  Watch the VIDEO and then call me!!

I am so excited about how this new social platform will impact our lives and our budget, but I am also excited about how it will impact everyone that is open to seeing the possibilities, believing and living the dream.