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Marketing Bootcamp Accelerates Small Business Results

bootsThe Marketing Boot Camp is a pull on your work-boots type of event.

Not for the entrepreneur that’s just not sure if they are ready. We are going to dive into HOW to market, WHEN to market, WHY to market and then create strategies that will work for YOUR business.

If you have been considering HOW to improve your business results — then you need some marketing know how and help.

Marketing is the key.

BUT so many business owners fail at marketing because they just don’t like doing it, they don’t have time to do it, they don’t want to it…. and the list goes on.

BUT, when you figure out the HOW and the WHEN and the WHY and the WHAT — then you can put it into a system that can work for you — every day!!!

Marketing has always been a puzzle but recently there have been a few more pieces added.  You can’t just run an ad…. there needs to be a strong call to action, as part of your marketing strategy.  That call to action needs to lead people to you.  But not just to give you a call — the call to action needs to be more compelling.

Here — an example: Learn how to generate all the leads you can handle in 10 minutes per day — pick up the free 2 page report and checklist to start generating leads NOW.

Would you consider going to the page to pick up that report?

Is it more compelling than — call me for marketing help??

In the Marketing Boot Camp we are going to be putting together strategies just like that!!



Must HAVE!

And in boot camp you CAN wear your jeans and boots.

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Calling All Entrepreneurs, Network Marketers, Small Business Owners!!

If YOUR Business NEEDS New Business Leads DO NOT Miss This!!

Wednesday Webinar Click To Register
Wednesday Webinar
Click To Register

Tonight — at 9 PM I will attending a training with MLSP — it is designed for people that want to master using the Internet for building their business, attracting leads, new prospects, new connections…. they are rolling out an incredible piece of software on tonight’s training.  So, if you are a network marketer or in an MLM or an entrepreneur or small business owner — this software CAN help YOUR business.  If you have exhausted your warm market and are ready to expand into a bigger market — this is for YOU.

Maybe you already have enough business and enough new business leads coming to you each and every day, and maybe, just maybe you already have an incredible system to stay in touch with them and follow-up and help them in deciding to become a customer or business partner.

BUT, if you are not one of those businesses overwhelmed with customers and people pounding down your door — then you really do need to join me for this webinar!!

The Wednesday night webinar that MLSP hosts provides incredible value each and every week, BUT tonight is special.  They are unveiling a new piece of software that I do not even know enough about to really tell you about, BUT I do know that it is going to be an important addition to my business suite of online marketing tools that PULL people to my business and help me to follow up effectively.

They say “the money is in the follow-up!!” and where do so many of us fall down??

Follow UP



If you have people visiting your website and leaving — you have NO chance to follow up.  If you are depending upon a replicated company site with no lead capture system — you are missing out on new business leads and new business partners.  YOU need a system that does this whether you are a brick and mortar store front type buisness or a network marketer with the best product in the world.  When you send leads to a site and then DO NOT capture basic information to start building a relationship — you have missed left MONEY on the “virtual” table!

Generating New Business Leads is the first step, building a relationship with each person is the next.

Remember — people buy from people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST!

I look forward to hearing what you think! Join me for the webinar — and then come right back here and leave me a comment with your thoughts!!  If you are unsure how the software could help YOUR business — then let’s connect and I know that I will see HOW it can support your business growth vision!

Register HERE!