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Why Mastermind? Why Join a Bootcamp?

What is in a Boot Camp or a Mastermind that helps your business?

As a CEO or business owner, training, personal development are both important to your success.  Many small business owners try to go it alone, and in that process they miss critical pieces that could have accelerated their success. The input of other people, the ideas, the skills and the resources that are gained from collaborating, masterminding or consulting with other people is what’s truly valuable in a mastermind or bootcamp.

It starts with an expert facilitator, someone that has a great deal of expertise in business and marketing.  They can bring together a group of business owners, even if they are all struggling, the group combined with expertise will provide you with much needed inspiration, personal growth and information.  When all of these combine, it is amazing what results you can generate. It is not just information that we each need. Yes, there is learning and personal growth to do.  But there is also the need for rejuvenation, inspiration and motivation that keep the whole thing moving forward.  Business can be tiring.  When you are working, working, working you fail to take that step back and really LOOK at the business and see what is happening.  You are to deep IN the business.

The mastermind or consultant or both, brings fresh eyes onto the scene that can help you see your business from a new perspective.

businessmastermindMasterminding is in my opinion, one of the most valuable things you can do.  It is the coming together of a group of people to share, listen, learn and grow together.  Often there is an accountability piece that keeps you on track and honest.  (Why can’t we do that for ourselves?) Suddenly the things you had been reaching for over and over again are happening.  But it also brings together years and years of expertise that can shift you and your business.  The ideas that get shared, the input, and feedback and even questions all contribute to you being more successful.

Bootcamp is when you dive deep into a topic and really wrestle with it and master it.  For many business owners, marketing is what they need to wrestle with.  Its something that they don’t do well.  They try but it just doesn’t happen.  Marketing is that thing that you found out you have to do but you didn’t really want to do.  You went bootsinto business because you loved your craft whether it be massage or lawyering or retail or chiropractics or dentistry or…. and you believed that “if you build it they will come”. And they didn’t.  Then you had to figure out the marketing puzzle. Suddenly you are in over your head but you are already all in.  You have to figure it out.  Bootcamp helps you to do that.

Add consulting into the mix and you have an incredible opportunity.  Expert consulting gives you that personalized one on one for your business with a marketing expert that can either help you figure out what to do or can do it for you!!

When you find all of these together it is a powerful combination.  The last key to figuring out if it is the right program for you is simply talking to the facilitator.

  • Are they somebody you can listen to?
  • Do they have the expertise that you need?
  • Is the program affordable for you?  A stretch is ok because that can be motivating.  Too much — going in the hole is not okay.  So make sure its a good fit.

2016 is starting off to be a great year.  Make sure that you are setting yourself up for the best success you can have!!

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Marketing Bootcamp Accelerates Small Business Results

bootsThe Marketing Boot Camp is a pull on your work-boots type of event.

Not for the entrepreneur that’s just not sure if they are ready. We are going to dive into HOW to market, WHEN to market, WHY to market and then create strategies that will work for YOUR business.

If you have been considering HOW to improve your business results — then you need some marketing know how and help.

Marketing is the key.

BUT so many business owners fail at marketing because they just don’t like doing it, they don’t have time to do it, they don’t want to it…. and the list goes on.

BUT, when you figure out the HOW and the WHEN and the WHY and the WHAT — then you can put it into a system that can work for you — every day!!!

Marketing has always been a puzzle but recently there have been a few more pieces added.  You can’t just run an ad…. there needs to be a strong call to action, as part of your marketing strategy.  That call to action needs to lead people to you.  But not just to give you a call — the call to action needs to be more compelling.

Here — an example: Learn how to generate all the leads you can handle in 10 minutes per day — pick up the free 2 page report and checklist to start generating leads NOW.

Would you consider going to the page to pick up that report?

Is it more compelling than — call me for marketing help??

In the Marketing Boot Camp we are going to be putting together strategies just like that!!



Must HAVE!

And in boot camp you CAN wear your jeans and boots.

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