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Do You Use Guerrilla Marketing Tactics in Your Marketing Plan?

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Can Get Attention

Everyone these days are overwhelmed with marketing messages. Everywhere we go both online and off, we get a massive dose of aggressive marketing.  Marketing messages are coming at us from every direction.

How can you cut above all of this noise and get your message to your market?

Marketers have to think out of the box, be bold, creative and strategize new ways to get their marketing message out to masses.  The buzzword ‘guerrilla marketing’ is used to refer to these tactics.

So… What Is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerilla marketing means marketing that is unconventional. Jay Conrad Levinson, who coined the term, calls it, “The achievement of conventional goals (e.g. profit) using unconventional methods such as investing energy and ideas instead of money.”

It is intended to achieve maximum results for as little cost as possible. This makes it a great alternative for small businesses that are operating on a shoestring budget. A small business can’t pump the advertising dollars a big company has into a massive campaign, so it has to leverage its creativity.

There ARE  Risks With Guerrilla Marketing

This unconventional approach isn’t appropriate for all niches or industries. Part of the point of guerrilla marketing is to ruffle feathers, surprise people, and shake things up. In industries where security is a major issue, such as finance or insurance, it’s not such a good idea. Instead of subverting the paradigm, you could show your company to be untrustworthy.

However, for most businesses in retail, it’s a great way to pique curiosity and get people interested.

A Few Guerrilla Tactics — Let’s Take a Look.

There is no standard for guerrilla marketing since it thrives on creativity. But common methods include creating urban art, turning unused space into art, or making ads that are optical illusions. Some companies set up funny scenarios that are straight out of a hidden camera television show. For example, they might have live people in their window displays.

Other ideas include leaving interesting post-it notes or branded merchandise in public places such as cafes and bars. Humorous or eye-catching stickers can be printed cheaply and put in unexpected places. You can create flyers to hang around town that are in an interesting shape or particularly eye catching. Business cards can be made in wildly creative styles.

Free stuff is often part of guerrilla marketing. The offer of something valuable for free is always an attention grabber. Talk to other businesses and put together a package of free stuff to give away to potential customers.

Finally, a common guerrilla marketing tactic is to throw a party. There’s no promotion involved here. Just invite your customers to come and have a good time, thus building a stronger connection with your business.

The idea is to get media attention, so let people know. An effective strategy to boost your guerrilla marketing is to issue a press release each time you employ one of these tactics.

If you’re going to try guerrilla marketing, remember that the goal is to surprise and engage, not to insult, offend, annoy, or upset people. It should be done in a spirit of fun.

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What are you doing in your company that is a Guerrilla Marketing tactic?  Leave your great strategies below in the comments

Collaborative Marketing

collaborative marketingCollaborative Marketing just makes good sense.  When you work with other business owners to create mutually beneficial marketing strategies everyone wins!  Some of the things to keep in mind are:

  • work with business owners that you respect and can honestly promote
  • work to build long lasting relationships with other businesses
  • work in ways that make sense for your business and target market
  • be willing to stretch yourself and try new things (ie. social media)
  • evaluate the results to be sure that your marketing strategy is making sense in the long term.

There are many low cost or no cost strategies that can create real world buzz when you work with other people on them.  Adding collaborative partners adds to your reach.  If your partners each have a contact list of 1000 people and you work with 5 collaborative partners you have just been able to reach 5000 potential customers that you didn’t have access to earlier.

Have a strong call to action.  This is the step that most people miss.  Their ads or social media marketing have no real call to action.  Offer something to your prospects — a free report, a tip sheet, a coupon — something of value that they want.

Tell them exactly what to do and what is in it for them.

Partners can all share information about each other with their contact lists, make introductions, share special offers etc.  When sharing other partner information with your contacts it gives the information more credibility because you are making the recommendation.

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Gorilla Marketing

The term was defined by Jay Conrad Levinson way back in 1984 which gave rise to this new phenomenon although it had been around for quite some time before Levinson’s book. This form of promotion consists of gorilla marketers coming up with innovative and effective slogans and other eye-catching advertisements to pull toward them consumers. Sounds a lot like other forms of marketing? The distinction lies in that in gorilla marketing, uses a lower budget and more imagination rather than spending huge sums of money to attract consumers. Simplicity, therefore, is the key.

It is of course very different from the traditional marketing strategies that the world has known for several years. Gorilla marketing techniques which were first used by smaller organizations and businesses are now used by several large companies and brands to appeal to their consumers. These techniques take all forms, from the usual posters and billboards to street art and graffiti.

With the improvement of technology and media, companies can now engage their consumers in a whole new experience .It is important therefore for businesses to be able to identify the needs of their buyers and effectively cater to these needs. Street giveaways are an excellent way to attract consumers.

The key to effective gorilla marketing is to put up advertisements in least expected places but where the consumer is guaranteed to stop and look. The method of promotion should be one that is highly likely to have an impact on the person, whether by mere words or a simple picture.

Often companies who use gorilla marketing techniques, use in their posters and billboards, images that are in no way connected to the type of goods they sell. This is in order to grab the attention of the prospective buyer. The buyer would then be aware of the brand and curiosity may lead this prospective buyer to learn more about what good the company sells.

Gorilla marketing gets a persons mind working as soon as they see the advertisements and are therefore used not only by businesses but even by various charitable organizations working on various campaigns, to encourage donations and sometimes to merely make their voices heard.

Gorilla marketing has been around for quite some time now but still continues to be a highly effective means of attracting and appealing to consumers and today we can see how important these techniques have become in the world of marketing, with the rise of very creative advertisements being used by so many firms worldwide.