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Could Your Marketing Be Wrong?

Could There Be More To Marketing Than What You Know?

What if what you have LEARNED about marketing was all wrong?  What if the money you are spending, the time you take to carefully build your brand and your exposure — just wasn’t cutting it?  Marketing is like reminds me of my sailboat — a hole in the water that I threw money into….BUT, it doesn’t have to be that way.

When Marketing Is Set Up Wrong — Then The Results DO NOT Happen…

There are systems that DO work for small businesses.  They are different from what works for BIG corporations.  The “BIG BOYS” have a lot of money to play with. They CAN throw money into the hole.  they can afford to market over and over again, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on their marketing.

There are several strategies that work well for small businesses. The first key is strategy.  It needs to be complete.  Not just a one off tactic, but a complete strategy.  From beginning to end… lead generation —>> through the buying process and to the close or acquisition of a new customer.

For instance — if you are using a website and there is no opportunity for the prospect to become a lead, then the website is not an effective tool for adding new customers.  Websites should have more than a phone number or a contact us form. There needs to be an informational offer and a way to request that offer.  Then the website becomes a lead generation tool.  BUT, it doesn’t stop there.  Because you also want to have a follow up system.  For leads on the web, it is easiest to have an email system that provides the informational report and then continues to follow up with the person.

Multiple Touches Are Needed in Marketing

Remember it takes 7-10 touches or connections before an individual is ready to buy.  That means that your email system needs to provide additional ways for the person to get to know you.  Follow up articles, resources, tips and strategies are each good ways to continue to connect with the individual.

If you are using networking in person as a strategy, then you need to be sure that your USP or 30 second elevator pitch is solid and gets people talking to you.  Your business card needs to be a lead generation tool just like your website.  Your business card should offer people your informational offer (on the backside).  Then it gets people onto your email list and now you are following up with them via email.  Because you met them in person, you can also follow up with a phone call, a post card, or personal note and other media forms.

Multi step follow up is a key to an effective marketing strategy. It does not work to just run an ad.  You want information from the person in order to continue marketing to them.

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SlideShare — A Viable Marketing Platform


SlideShare A Powerful Marketing Tool

I don’t know if you have ever looked at SlideShare as a viable marketing platform, but it is where I get alot of traffic.  I use articles and convert them into slide presentations and upload them to slide sharing sites.  I then convert each article into a video as well.  Each of these are then shared via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest as well as social bookmarking sites.

Slide Share is powerful because right on SlideShare you can share your presentations on your LinkedIn profile.  Now your profile is more multi-media and gives people looking at your information even more.

Recently I was looking at my statistics on SlideShare only to discover that I had some slide presentations with over 13,000 views.  Much higher than the same info on YouTube.

I also use the data to provide insight into what people are looking for.  Years ago I wrote an article about screaming employees.  Years later, that is one of my top viewed articles, slide shares and videos….valuable info.

What could you do to convert articles to slide presentations?

Here are some ideas on the SlideShare Editorial Calendar:
Let me know what you create for Slideshare so that I can leave a comment!!

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Lead Generation Software

Click here to get Lead Geyser Lead SoftwareHow Many New Leads Could You Use?

Generating Your Own Leads, Based on YOUR Keywords… You Can Hardly Beat That!

If you are like me then…You Need leads… And lots of them.  Business is built on generating new leads consistently and to do it at a low cost is exciting, to say the least.

This new software is pushbutton easy – and will supply you with endless leads, starting right away!! It is literally like reaching through your computer screen into your best prospect’s and shaking their hand — virtually.  What could be better than leads via the Internet with little cost — in fact it is a one time fee (low fee) so keep reading!!

Lead Geyser Software New Release!

This is Version 2.0 of Lead Geyser, Lead Generation Software

Instantly find leads in any area in any geographic location and get all their contact details.

Push one button – And contact the DECISION MAKER without going through the ‘gatekeepers’. The Internet has certainly opened the door and gotten us past many gatekeepers, but NOW with Lead Geyser — you are in the door easily!

Push another button and save them to the inbuilt CRM program – for future follow up and communication. (CRM  – a contact management system right in the software itself!)

Store notes and data -Take it with you ANYWHERE Lead Geyser works on ANY platform including Ipads, Phones and anywhere with an internet connection.

But That’s Not All! There is built in DEEP social media analysis.

Search any keyword for groups, pages and people. Find out the TOP influencers and contact them directly.

See the demographic breakdown of the groups (for marketing) and more.

Lead Geyser is everything you can ever want in a lead generation tool. It is bypassing the need for social media ads and getting right into the groups that you want to connect with, giving you their contact details and you have only paid for the license to the software!  No monthly fee, no recurring cost, no advertising fee…..imagine the thousands of dollars saved and then made because you have new leads ===>>new clients/customers and improved business results!

And it is easy lead generation is…..GETTING BETTER.

You will get lifetime updates And you will get to lock it in now for a one-time fee.
And here is the BIG OFFER Right now – and ONLY right now, with the celebration the launch of version 2.0 you can pick this up for 80% off the price.

But this is ONLY now.

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Finding leads – is the single most challenging part of any business; Lead Geyser makes it easy.

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Here’s what I found with the software:

Login and enter the type of business I am looking for — perhaps a salon… enter a zipcode and suddenly a list starts appearing of all the salons in the area — with their website, email (most of the time), phone number…..WOW!!  What could you do with something like that?

Say, you are a website developer — you want to target restaurants in your area because you have a product that is an easy build for them….you log in and right there in your vicinity you come up with all of the restaurants with Google+ profiles, or Facebook pages…. or ….and now instead of walking into each one — you can email them or you can call them… you can record notes of what their response was… you can follow-up.  You can send them a link to one of your other completed projects to review… I could go on but I think you can see the value of this!!

Take a quick look — the video demonstration lays it all out really well.


Let me know what you think!!  If you can’t see HOW your business could benefit — then schedule a call with me and we can explore HOW to use the software to grow your business!

I look forward to talking with you soon!

All the best,

Business Success Coach, Donna Lynn Price

Business Success Coach
Compass Rose Consulting, LLC
Newton, NJ

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There is no OTO or upsells on this one. Just great software at a rock-bottom price.

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