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10 Ways to Increase Entrepreneur Bottom Line

Are You Frustrated?So you are a struggling entrepreneur and you are doing everything to increase your business’ bottom line but it seems that your efforts are not enough? Are you frustrated because no matter what you do, there seems to be no development in your business? Are you totally disappointed with

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What To Do When The Webinar is Over


What to Do Once The Webinar is Over??

Believe it or not now that your webinar is over the work begins! If you do not do these following things after your webinar you will not be successful repeatedly which is necessary to make a lot of money in this venue.

Follow up — Always follow up with participants, especially those who did not purchase anything within 48 hours of participating in your webinar. You should be segmenting lists, so when participants signed up for the webinar they got put on one list, depending on where they signed up, and then if they made a purchase they are moved to another list. All of this is automatic with your newsletter service and should be set up immediately.

Thank presenters– If you had other presenters besides yourself, please remember to send them a thank you note and even a nice thank you gift. Even if it was an opportunity for them to also promote their own products and services by participating in your webinar they gave up time free to you without any guarantee of a sale.

Thank participants — Send a thank you note to all your participants whether they purchased or not, this is also a good time to either send them a free link to the recording, or offer them the recording at a discount.

Get personal — Be sure to give an extra special thank you to those participants who asked live questions and actively participated because it takes a certain amount of guts to ask questions and participate especially if they know they are being recorded and of course they should know if you are going to record them.

Rinse and Repeat — Repurpose the content, republish the visuals and the recording, offer discount to participants, sell full-price to others who missed it. You can also repackage all the content created by having it transcribed and put into a eReports to go along with the recording.


How You Can Promote Your Webinar to Increase Attendance


Promoting Strategies for Your Webinar

One of the concerns when planning a webinar is knowing whether anyone will attend or not. Fortunately there are tried and true ways to make sure that you have the right marketing mix for your webinar for maximum attendance.

Great Sales Pages — Create good sales pages that get results by finding out what sales pages look like that produce results. Your sales page does not have to be flashy and in fact should be rather plain so as not to distract the viewer, but make sure you have good sales pages for both the webinar, and the follow up products you plan to market after your webinar.

Blogs — Leading up to the webinar you should be blogging about it every single day in all your relevant blogging channels. Ask if you can guest blog on relevant competitor or complementary sites, while you won’t sell there, you will get a link back to your sales page for the webinar.

Article Marketing — Write, or have written, general articles that also provide a link back to your webinar sales page or your own blog which is promoting your webinar. These articles should be plastered all throughout the web in all your possible channels wherever your target market is, they should encounter one of your articles.

E-Newsletters — Definitely send exciting webinar info through your newsletter offering first chances to enrolling in your webinar before the masses. You should also ask competitors, and complimentary newsletters if you can send an article or info to their list.

Social Networks — Cross promote your blogs, your articles, and your webinar on all your social media platforms. You can do this via free reminders and information or you can buy some pay per click ads that get the information to your target market on your chosen social media.

Joint Ventures — Joint Venturing (JV) is such a fantastic way to expand your market. Find someone who promotes similar or complementary products and team up. You can package your products together in one fabulous package and split the revenue and share your contacts by cross promoting.

Affiliate Marketing — Let your affiliates promote your webinar. Even if you’re offering a free webinar you can offer a dollar or so to every affiliate who gets someone to sign up. Better yet, charge a dollar to five dollars for the webinar and let your affiliates keep 100 percent of the signup fee.


Organizing and Planning a Successful Webinar

How to Organize Your First Webinar

Hosting a webinar is a great way to hold meetings off site but they’re also a great way to promote your products, services, and offerings. A webinar is a way to present your products and services without having you or the participants leave home by using specific webinar or conferencing technology.

Webinars are effective because no one has to get on an airplane, so there is no expensive traveling or hotel stays or worry about organizing around food or the comfort of your guests. Instead, with an online webinar you can concern yourself with the content of your webinar presentation and let the guests watch and participate from the comfort of their home.

Important aspects to think about during webinar planning:

Choose your topic– You should at least create an outline at this point of what you want to present the attendees at your webinar. Know what you will present and also what your call to action will be. You can hash it out as time goes on, but have an outline and decide how many people should be presenters and how many people you want to allow to attend.

Choose your presenters — Know who will be your presenters, if there will be more than one presenter, or just you — this is important information to have before choosing technology. Know how long each participant will have to present, making sure they know the time limit, and format, and whether they are allowed to sell or only point to their website for more information.

Choose your technology — Once you know your topic and how many presenters you will have then you will need some web conferencing software which is technology that allows you to have live meetings over the Internet. Your attendees and presenters will log into a secure URL to participate. Some examples are:

o GoToMeeting

o WebEx

o Adobe Acrobat Connect

o Mega Meeting

o Skype

o Megameeting

o and more

Practice makes perfect — Once you have settled on the technology that you will use, practice using it until the day of the webinar. You do not want to try using it the first time the night of the event. Each software is different so you want to be comfortable with your choice. If you do practice you might find that you change your choice of software as you go along.

Make sure that you have practiced possible issues such as guests not being able to sign in, speakers having trouble signing in, sound issues and more. You need to know whether using wireless causes issues and which browser work best with your software of choice this is all in addition to practicing the art of presenting.

Choose marketing channels — Each of your participants should market this webinar through their own lists, put it in their contracts. You should market via your lists too. Start marketing as soon as you have chosen your technology so that people have a chance to read about your event several times. Some possible ways to market are:

o Email Lists

o Article Marketing

o Press Releases

o Pay Per Click

o Traditional Advertising

As you see there is a lot to think about when planning and organizing a webinar to promote your products or services but the benefits will pay off in the end.


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Webinars Increase Business Profits


Webinars Can Increase Your Business Profits

Webinars are fast becoming another avenue of social media marketing that should not be ignored. Webinars are used by large and small businesses alike to expand their reach outside of their four walls and even their country. Aside from the tremendous advantages that webinars offer, such as low cost to entry, extensive reach, and ease of preparation, do you know why it is important that you offer webinars as another aspect of your Internet marketing business?

Like information products, blogs, YouTube videos, and the vast array of other online tools you use, webinars can be an added component of a successful Internet marketing business that can take your business to the next level.

Establish credibility — A well planned, marketed and attended webinar can establish your expertise in your niche faster because when people hear your voice and see your presentation they feel like they get to know you better. They will trust you more and the more trust your market has for you the more they will feel safe enough to open their wallet.

Perform Training — To provide training on your product, software, or information that they might not have completed just by reading your information. Having a live webinar enables them to attend and have the training presented in a way that most people are used to getting taught something — by the teacher or expert. You can offer this webinar training to your buyers and also to people who have not bought. It’s a good way to offer certification to users of your products, software or systems.

Increase your market share — By creating a joint venture (JV) with someone else you can expand your market by sharing resources like e-lists and more. Go into partnership with a competitor, or with someone who offers complementary products to yours and you’ll both reap the rewards. If both of you market to your separate lists your list will grow your market reach and you will tape into new markets that did not previously exist.

Expand your marketing — The main reason you have a business is to make money. Most people present it as freedom, but the truth is money buys freedom, so if you don’t make money in your venture you’re not going to have the freedom you desire. So face it, you want to make money! It’s okay to admit it. (We all want to make money!) By having a webinar as one more element in your marketing mix you will cover all types of learning needs of your target market.

Give them the Wow — Offering your potential clients and customers the Wow will generate more sales and more fans singing your praises. Before you know it, you’ll be asked to participate with other webinars, and you’ll definitely want to keep promoting and offering your own webinars.

It’s clear that over the years webinars have grown and are becoming more popular to businesses large and small, as gas prices and hotel prices rise and as we become more busy and ready for fast methods of learning new information, you should more definitely be part of the growing trend of webinars.


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Webinars are Great For Launching Your Info Product


Why you should have a webinar to launch your information products

Conducting a webinar can be one of many steps toward bringing potential clients into your product funnel, in fact it can be one of the first steps. Like information products, blogs, YouTube videos, and the vast array of other online tools you use, webinars can be an added component of a successful Internet marketing business that can take your business to the next level.

A webinar can seem like a daunting experience but it can create quick fans and buyers of your products if you are seriously about doing them. Since conducting a webinar is something that can be done by almost anyone with very little start up costs it should be one of your first methods of marketing.

The way it works is this: You have created a product or service you want to sell. Then you create some sales pages and normally you start article marketing, blogging, and advertising the sales pages right? This time instead of pointing to your sales page for your product, point them to your sales page for your webinar where you will tell them about your exciting, life changing new product or service.

You can give the webinars free, or you can charge, it is fully up to you. Many people choose to charge a dollar or two in order to not waste time on people who will not show up since space is limited this might be a good method to employ. If you already have a membership website you can offer discounts to members, and price up for non members. This is a good way to cross promote your membership program.

Next thing you will do is create your programming for the webinar. Some possibilities are that you will discuss the problems that the new product will solve for the participants, you will answer questions, you will interact and converse over the course of the webinar which will last about an hour. The webinar will not be a hard selling session so you will be comfortable and feel at ease because you’re not selling, you’re informing, you’re solving a problem, and you’re giving them important information that they can use.

At the very end of the webinar you will tell them about your product and send them to a sales page with a coupon code since they attended your webinar, and then you’ll sit back and watch the sales come in. Sounds great doesn’t it?

But the answer to the question of why isn’t really clear is it? The answer to why is because by adding webinars to your social marketing mix you will establish a connection with the participants that you would not have otherwise. They will be more likely to buy your product or service this way because they will not feel sold to. Online customers are street smart and cannot be fooled by snazzy tricks, and with a webinar, there are no snazzy tricks involved, it’s just you and your clients or potential clients. They will trust you because you have given valuable information or training in the webinar that they can use with or without your product or service — your service just makes it a bit easier for them.


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