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Okay, Article Marketing Is Content Marketing

article spinningWith Your Article Marketing, Are You Writing Content That Your Readers NEED?

You might be wondering WHY do I want to do article marketing?  Isn’t that an old strategy.  Well, it is a strategy that has been around for quite some time.  And it is still a strategy worth doing.  Why?

Article Marketing is an easy strategy to implement.

Well, when you syndicate your content and bring people back to your site, your expanding your reach exponentially.  Yesterday, I told you about the new version of SpinWriter 6.0.  It is an incredible article spinner.  An article spinner, takes your content and adds other words, phrases and sentences and then spins the article or creates new content that reads differently but retains the same message.  This allows you to distribute your article across the web with different versions.  Spin Writer provides you with those different versions.

And, it also has an article distribution service that sends your article out to 800 directories.

That provides you with a few things.  One it gets your article out to audiences that you are not directly connected to.  Perhaps your prospect.

I have had magazines come to me and ask for an article based on what they found in an article directory.

It gives you a farther reach.

Now, some people will share a portion of a bigger article and bring people back to their blog for the full   article. That gets new people looking at your site.  If you have optins or products you have new visitors that can become solid leads or customers as a result of your article.

Content is a pre-seller.  It builds you as an expert, it gives your reader valuable information that they are looking for and brings you new leads.

Content marketing should not be ignored.  And spinning — while it might sound to far out of the norm, on the Internet it is the norm.  You want your content that is syndicated to be unique.Free Web TrafficCRC

Mobile Content Marketing is Simple

mobilephoneFour super simple ways to make your content mobile

There are some really simple ways that you can go mobile with your content marketing that you might not have considered.

1. Create an app — You can hire a programmer easily enough on O’Desk, Elance, Shelancers, and a variety of other places to create an app for mobile devices that assists your customers in some way to either do a task, or read your content, or something entirely new that is branded by you. There are even services that allow you to take an existing app and change it and brand it for your clients at a reasonable fee.

2. Deliver content digitally — Sign up to deliver your content via iTunes and, it’s easy to do, and doesn’t require too many changes over what you are now doing. You can do voice, video and PDF via iTunes and PDF via You’re already making, text, audio and video of your print content, why not distribute it another way.

3.Mobile Advertising — Once you put your content on mobile devices if you have a big enough following you can sign up for mobile advertising. This won’t work for everyone, but if you have a big following it will.

4. The freebie — We all know the power of FREE in the Internet marketing world. You can make any of the above a free ad on to those who purchase your traditional eReports, eBooks, and White Papers. Both and Apple store allow for coupon codes to be created so that your clients can download free content.

By doing one or all of these simple ideas you can expand your content marketing reach to the mobile content marketplace, keep your place in the Internet marketing world, and increase your ROI substantially.

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Mobile Website Setup For Content

mobilefriendlyMobile Website Setup Needs To Consider Content To Be Effective

Cell phones have all but replaced landlines, and while they’re not likely to replace the desk top computer completely, (at least any time soon) hand held and smaller devices are likely to replace many personal computers as they become more user friendly. As an Internet marketer your job is to stay on top of your market, keep asking, keep testing, and find out if you need a more mobile friendly website now before you’re left behind.

Some things to remember about mobile content marketing is that as of today, mobile phones are not computers, at least yet. There are some limitations such as:

Screen size — They’re small.  While they are getting bigger in terms of what cell phones used to have for screen sizes, compared to our giant monitors on computers they’re tiny. This is something that must be taken into consideration when developing content for a mobile device.

Input method — No matter how great we think we are at text messaging, punching in text and navigating menus on a cell, never mind a website, is a lot harder on a cell phone. Make navigation as simple as possible.

Multiple Platforms — Unlike with the Internet which tries to have some standards in terms of languages and coding, there still aren’t any standards for mobile devices. The types of mobile content that your visitors can see and interact with is limited by the type of cell phone or mobile device that your potential client uses.

You need to build your site so that it can accommodate the different operating systems.  This is achieved via your web designer or if you are using WordPress (which I hope you are), then you want to have a responsive theme.  Responsive themes adjust to the screen.  There are also plugins that can assist in making a site mobile friendly.

Borrow phones so that you can check your site on different platforms and see how it works on a variety of phones.

Don’t assume that your site is one that is only visited by people at home or in the office.  People are on the move. They are doing their work on their phones.  You MUST be accessible to them on their phones.