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Bizology.Biz Updated and Improved…

Several years ago I wrote a business development program and created a membership site.

Memberships are incredible business models…but I digress.

My point here today is about its evolution.

I have rebuilt the membership area and added, added to it.

Bizology — The SCIENCE of Building a Thriving Business!! 

It continues — to provide incredible resources.

What we’ve really done is take other courses and add them into the Bizology.Biz program.  Some of the courses, actually many of them are video courses, including:

How to do:
–>>Facebook Ads
–>>Instagram Ads
–>>Video Marketing
–>>List Building
–>>Business Assessment
and more….

Bizology.Biz — will give you the strategy piece and then the tactics that you need to really implement good sound marketing strategy.

Most business leaders fail when they fail to market effectively.  And, I have been there myself. I was totally clueless.  I had to learn HOW to market effectively and HOW to implement effectively.

Without those keys in place it is hard to make a business really work for you.

Make sure that you are learning the pieces and then putting them together into effective strategy. Bizology.Biz makes your business development easier and becomes a go to resource.

Bizology Coaching Call

The call in for Bizology Members that happened yesterday is now available inside your member’s area.  Just click on the Live Coaching call link to access the recording of the coaching call.

Several questions were emailed in and answers are provided on the call.

Members can access LIVE business coaching each month with Business Success Coach, Donna Price, and ask their questions, share their results, work to overcome challenges and more.  The LIVE coaching call is an open call for members of to give them access to valuable business coaching.

Consider joining today and become part of the growing Bizology.Biz business community.  Building successful businesses step by step.

BizologyBuzz Newsletter

Where Have I Been? BizologyBuzz Newsletter Readers Wonder…

Well, the short answer is right here!!  The long answer is that the over the summer my hosting company deleted my account and ALL of my internet real estate with it.  15 websites in all.  And, my email list of over 10,000.  After several weeks of trying to reach them and work with them I secured a ONE year old back up of my business.  Fortunately, for my main sites I had more recent backups and was able to restore sites and rebuild others.

You will see that all of these sites are back up and running!

A few others are up but they are behind where they were. So I will keep them to myself right now…
In rebuilding a business it gives you an opportunity to reassess where you are at and WHAT you REALLY want to be doing.  Two great things have come out of that. Actually more, but two for right now.
One has been the launch of  I am a passionate cyclist, having biked across the country several years ago.  I love the open road and this year spent many summer days cycling with my two girls (7 and 9 years old)  We ride a tandem bike and attach a third wheel to it so all three of us can ride. It is a 100% workout.  Compass Rose Cycling has two programs right now to get adults “back on the road again”.  One for women and the other co-ed.  They are starting off slow but I am sure that in the spring they will both be rolling!
The second thing to come out of a tough month over the summer was the development of a unique business building group called the Collaborative Marketing Network.  It has its first information meeting on the 25th of October.  For many of you it is too far to work for you, but for others, I recommend taking a look at it.
Once it is up and running I might develop an online version that is more global in nature.
So, while you might not have had a business crash as I did, I recommend taking a look at what you are doing, reassessing what your passion is and what is important and make changes based on your reflection.
I learned MANY lessons through this as well!
1.  Back up your own stuff.  EVEN if your hosting company says they do weekly and monthly backups they are not necessarily available to you.
2.  Be sure to check out the vendors that you work with and have good relationships with them.
3.  Take time to reflect on your business and your ventures regularly and make sure they are in alignment with you and your vision and goals.
The last thing I want to let you know is that I am moving this email list.  I can no longer host it myself and manage it in this way.  I have set up a new list service with a provider called MailChimp.  But what is really important for you to do is to sign up for that list.  You can do that at: — that is my small business list.  Focused on business development topics.
IF, you are a business leader that wants more leadership development — then we have the Real World Leadership site filled with tips, strategies, videos and more.  Pick up our free leadership report there and you will hear about upcoming events, receive periodic reports and articles:
I will send out a couple of additional reminders about the move!!
All the best,
Donna Price
Compass Rose Consulting, LLC
Newton, NJ
Take action today to grow your business.  One step at a time that is consistent will change your business success.

BizologyBuzz Radio: Guerrilla Marketing Girl — Pattie Simone

BizologyBuzz Radio

Inside Tips from a Guerrilla Girl: 

How to Work Thrifty On- and Offline Channels to Market Yourself, Books, Business, Products or Services with Pattie Simone.

Pattie Simone is a Viral Activist, Vlogger and Small Business Expert & Advocate. She started her first company (an upscale mini-department store) in 1988 and is currently founder of – a global online directory & self-promotion source for professional women, including experts, entrepreneurs, authors, activists, artists, academics and speakers. Pattie has appeared on MSNBC, ABC and FOX 5 TV and her practical articles & video interviews have been published in Entrepreneur Media,,, The Hudson Valley Business Journal,, etc. Pattie has also been quoted on The Wall Street Journal Report on WCBS Newsradio, MORE Magazine, The Hudson Valley Business Journal, the Rockland Journal News, The Bergen Record, etc.

Pattie’s frank behavioral insight and dot-connecting capabilities have invigorated new media campaigns and sales for numerous small to mid-sized companies. As a speaker, her keynotes and workshops have informed and inspired diverse audiences in America and abroad. Follow her @PattieSimone; see Pattie’s business event and news videos on FlipReportExpertsnAuthors and WomenCentric. To invigorate your sales channels call 845-362-7880

October 4th, 2011 at: 12 NOON EST

We will delve into the Guerrilla Marketing Techniques that can work both online and offline for your business, your book, yourself.  Join the conversation.

Callers are welcome to join the conversation during the show by calling (718) 664-6194 The live, Internet talk radio show will stream from the host page at:

Create the Lifestyle You Want

What is more important than money? Your health, happiness and the time you have to spend with your loved ones and lifestyle!

Creating your ideal lifestyle is not easy.  But, outsourcing some of the everyday tasks that consume you and your time can be a strategy for achieving just that — health, happiness and your desired lifestyle.

During ‘Outsource Live!’ Daven Michaels is not only going to help you create a plan to make more money, he is also going to show you how to create the LIFESTYLE you desire.

I would like to introduce you to a good friend of mine Daven Michaels, CEO of 123Employee. Daven has helped thousands of small business owners work less and make more money. He teaches from experience, he has turned multiple passions into million dollar businesses and today he run’s his multi-million dollar outsourcing business and manages over 350 employees… from his laptop and cell phone!

We allow ourselves to get so busy, trying to make money, we can easily loose site of that which is most important to us. During ‘Outsource Live!’ Daven will help you create your new wealth and freedom LIFESTYLE plan, achieved through learning how to improve your marketing and delegating to others.

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Daven is doing incredible things with people and their businesses.  Learn how he can help your business.

All the best,


Bizology.Biz Tip of the Day: Create your business to fit your lifestyle. Business Success Coach, Donna Price, provides tips on business development, and business growth.

Bizology.Biz Tip: Lifestyle

Bizology.Biz Tip of the Day: Create your business to fit your lifestyle. Business Success Coach, Donna Price, provides tips on business development, and business growth.