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Building Your Lead Generation System

Having a Lead Generation System is KEY To Your Business Success.
lead generation system

Many small business owners fail to create a lead generation system that includes a lead capture system. Generating new business leads and then not capturing the leads info fails to be a system.

Whether you are doing newspaper ads, radio ads, or online marketing you still need a call to action that leads to your website that is a lead capture system.  The easiest way to do this is to have a call to action that has a compelling offer.  Typically that compelling offer is a free offer.  A report or white paper or tip sheet or video series are all ways that you can encourage visitors to opt-in.  The key is having something of real value that your prospect wants.

Once you have the prospects contact info — name and email, minimally, you can continue marketing to the prospect. This is your opportunity to continue to build your relationship and rapport with the prospect.

That marketing continues to guide the prospect in the buying journey.

Buyers want to do business with people that they know like and trust.  This is relationship building.

The relationship is you and your prospect.

Build it carefully.

Your lead system can bring new customers to your business that are eager to do business with you, because you have provided value, value, value.

Content is your pre-seller.  Craft your content or information to give your prospect and customer information that helps to solve their problem and keeps them coming back to you to work with.

Blogging and email marketing are two of the best ways to deliver content to your prospect.  These can also be syndicated to your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  The syndication brings in new traffic to your site, where people can see your call to action.

This is what becomes part of your system.

IF you just drive traffic without the system in place to capture the traffic into your system, then you are missing key leads, that are visiting and bouncing off of your site without a way to continue building the relationship.

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Educate Your Prospects

Are you using your expertise to educate your prospects?

Educate them about what, you may be thinking. Well, consider this, many businesses
focus solely on attracting new customers, but you NEED to spend a good chunk of your
time retaining current and former customers. These are people you already know to be a
good sales potential…they’ve already bought from you!

Take the time to market and sell new products to your old customers and less time trying
to sell old products to new customers and you will see a drastic change in your sales,
customer quality and branding position.

Here are a couple of key elements to use to retain your current customers:

1.Stay in contact: This means by phone, email, e-newsletter, in person-by pigeon if
you have too!

2.Post-Purchase Assurance: This means you need to follow up with customers. Your
customers need to feel like they are being supported for their purchase and with
the item they purchased. How many times have you purchased a product, then
felt completely abandoned? Something as simple as a Thank You note with your
contact or customer service information can go along way in retaining a great

3.Deals & Guarantees: Always offer your current customers the best deals and
guarantees you have. Show them you appreciate their business or even come up
with a club specifically to reward loyal customers. You can also do this with a
preferred pricing option.

4.Integrity: Using good business practices and simply upholding integrity, dignity
and honesty go along way with customers. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of swindling
and crap out there and the safer and more confident you make your customers
feel, the more they will trust you and that makes for an amazingly supportive and
loyal customer.

There are three cornerstone ideas to a successful business:

●Quality product/service
●Offering useful products/services that solve a problem for or enhance the life of a
●Offer subjects your customers find interesting

Use this approach of educating your customers and offering them real information and
insight and you will be rewarded with loyalty and success.
Stop wasting all your time on new prospects while your current customers fall by the

As Jay Abraham says, “Your best prospects are your existing customers. If you’ve been putting all your marketing efforts into acquiring new customers, stop and diverts some of your resources into reselling, upselling, cross-selling to those same customers. In every ways possible – through package inserts, regular mailings, special offers – stay in touch with those customers and get them used to buying from you.”

So, there it is! Remember, schedule your 45 Minute Business Marketing 10,000 Challenge where I can help you find a minimum of $10,000 in hiding in your business. We will look at HOW you can educate your prospects and customers to generate more revenue.

Business Networking for Business Growth

business networkingNetworking as a business building strategy

Networking is a great business development strategy when done right! But many business owners fail to have a complete strategy for networking!  There are several keys that make networking work better!

Networking Key #1:

Messaging.  Have a compelling message and call to action when you do your 30 second or 60 second intro.  Many business owners say their name, their company and what they do, but they don’t say how they solve the prospects pain.  You need to get to the pain and leave some intrigue so that people will want to talk with you.  Your goal is to enter into a conversation!  When you have a compelling message — then people will walk up to you and say I need to talk with you!!  That is what you want. Check out the resources at Compass Rose Consulting and download the template for a highly effective elevator pitch.

Networking Key #2: Your Business Card

The second key is to have a business card that is a lead generation tool.  When you buy business cards you are buyiing your very own piece of advertising real estate.  BUT, many do not fully utilize that real estate.  Include a call to action on the back of the business card that people will want.  This is where you can add your special offer.  The offer should be an informational report that they can download from your website… which brings us to Key #3; but be sure to download the business card template on the resource page as well: CRC Resources

Networking Key #3: Landing Page With Offer

The business card is leading people to your website or landing page with a compelling offer on it.  A special report or informational report that the individual can download.  This gets the person on your mailing list and you now have the opportunity to continue to market to them. I have a template for the report on my site as well as the landing page.  A landing page is a 3 page website.  The page with the offer, the optin confirmation page and the thank you page.  The only thing that a person can do is to optin or leave.  Most websites are big branding sites that fail to have an offer on them or a way for people to be in touch other than a number and contact us form.  Neither of these work effectively.  When you add a compelling offer to the site, then you increase your leads and can work on converting leads to clients.

Networking Strategy Key #4

After the optin, you need an email marketing series that goes out to people automatically. This is called an auto-resonder. There are many great programs for auto-responders   – Aweber, Get Response, Zoho Campaigns etc.  Email follow up is the first step in your followup strategy.  But you need a follow up plan along with scripts for you and your staff.

The three steps for using networking effectively are also available in a video training series.  You can access the video training series from my Marketing Center.  I offer these videos for free at the marketing center on the home page.  The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Center itself is a comprehensive training resource that provides a one stop shop for marketing strategies with a focus on the five step profit formula.  Everything that we have put together guides you through putting a strategy into action for your business.  The resources from ads, to templates, to video training are all there to benefit the members.

Take the networking strategy and see if you are maximizing it for your business. Download the templates in the resource area — they are absolutely complimentary… and tweak what you are doing.  Let me know the results that you have.  If you need some help — schedule your mini marketing audit with me:  Meet With Donna

Using Business Cards To Generate New Business Leads

The Business Card Challenge!

Offline Marketing Success Strategy – Hand out your business card! BUT, BUT —>>> Make SURE You Have a Call to Action AND a Strategy!

Many business owners order business cards, then they never hand them out. Amazing isn’t it? Why waste money on business cards if you’re not going to use them. Even if they are the “free version” (which by the way you probably should not use those for anything anyway) you still pay postage, so why not give them out to appropriate people.

Business Card Design Mini Primer—

  1. Be sure your cards incorporates your brand
  2. Make it professional and memorable – being full color can make your card stand out. (I use an orange card with a compass – people remember it and keep it!)
  3. Use both sides – the back of the card is valuable real estate.  Send people to your free report or offer. Or get carried away and use a folded card.
  4. Include your contact details—your name, company name, address, phone, website and email address.
  5. Redesign it if it doesn’t seem to work for you! Download our business card template!

In order to make sure that you actually use these valuable marketing tools here are some rules to follow:

Keep them with you always — Get a nice carrying case, get one for your cards so they are simple to find in order to give out, and also get one to house cards given to you. If you have a nice case for both sets of cards people will be impressed that you’re not going to lose their card and will be less likely to ignore yours.

Insert one in every mailing — Every time a letter, a bill, or other information leaves your office or home put a business card in. Usually someone, a gate keeper, opens the mail and you never know when what your business card says will attract them.

Ask for other people’s cards — Always ask, in every chance meeting, if an acquaintance has a business card. There are two reasons: It gives you a chance to give them yours, and every contact you make, even if they’re not interested might know someone who is interested.

Give out two at a time — Give everyone you give a business card to, two cards, and ask them to pass the second one on if they ever have the opportunity. Tell them to write their name on the back and you’ll give them a discount off your service or you’ll know to send business their way too if they’re referring you. Tell them if they ever need more, just ask.

Talk to strangers — Always talk to people in front of you in line, or in back of you, or at the bookstore, or before and after meetings. These are always networking opportunities. Ask them what they do, and listen. They will ask you too, then, you can exchange cards.

Follow up — Once you’ve given and received cards make sure to follow up with them. Most cards have email addresses, send them a friendly email, which of course has your signature to your website. Likely they’ll click it, and join your mailing list if only out of curiosity at first. If appropriate don’t just say you’ll “do lunch” with someone you meet, actually do it. Likely it will have to be you that initiates it, so go to it.  Follow-up is where most business owners fall down.  They fail at the follow up.  Don’t miss this valuable step.

Be sure to check out my video about follow up plans:


Be creative — Lastly, try to create a business card that is creative enough that someone is interested when they read it. Today it is not very expensive to have very artistic and effective cards made that truly get the word across of what you do. Remember there is a front and a back to the card. This little card needs to help the receiver remember who you are and what you do for a long time.

The Business Card Challenge!

Now for the challenge – how many cards can you hand out in a day? In a week?  In a month?  Make a log and note who you give them to and how many go out.  Track it for a week and the increase the number by 20%, meet your challenge and the increase another 20%.  If you follow up with each of these new contacts you should see an increase in your business volume.

Challenge your friends and colleagues too!  Share the challenge and see WHO gives away the most!!

Come back and leave your numbers…

Think about it — you hand out 5 cards per day. That’s a total of 35 cards in a week.  If you have compelling offer that generates a 10% conversion rate — which is conservative, that’s 3.5 new leads per week.  If just one converts to a new client — that is 52 new clients per year from handing out your business card.  If your new client is worth typically $1000 per year —-(drum roll) –> yes, that is increased business of $52,000 per year.  That might be a high estimate for some, but for others that is low.

I talked with a business owner the other day that had an average client value of $4500.  Now if she adds one new client per week that is an increase of $234,000 per year.  You can see the value of handing out business cards.  But this only works if you have created a complete marketing strategy – Learn the complete strategy.

Blogging Is Your Marketing HUB

When you create a blog you can show case YOU.

crc how to write a great blog
Blogging is a key element in marketing, it is the HUB.

You can also syndicate your content to other platforms such as your social media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. Knowing HOW to write a blog post is key.

How to write a great blog post

Many business owners fear blogging. But you don’t need to because you have a lot to say! Your knowledge and expertise is what you blog about.

Follow the blog post guide step by step to put together your first blog post and get your blog started.

Headline— attention grabbing– here is where you INTERRUPT. You need to get your readers attention.

Picture— you need to have a picture. People are more likely to read your blog and your syndicated posts if you have a picture. A great resource for pictures is: Dollar Photo Club You need to be sure that you can legally use the picture that you choose.

Intrigue— why do they want to spend time with you reading your post. Will they get what they need from it?

Compelling Content— this is where you get into the meat of the topic! There are different styles of blog posts or articles. Most folks will not spend a great deal of time reading a long rambling blog post.

Engage— reply to all comments both on your blog and social media. Add plugins to your blog that improve your social engagement– allow people to share your content, add related posts etc. Plugins can add all sorts of functionality to your blog.

It is where you send people back to from your social media to get more info or to read the entire blog article. Your blog is where the real meat is. You can share YOU, your expertise and your personality right there on your blog.

Not sure how to get going: Schedule a 10 minute laser coaching session to review and I will give you the quick start challenge to get you going!!

Knowing HOW to write a blog post is key. This will give you a lead generation platform.

Let me know what you think!  Leave your comments below!

Lead Generation System

Does YOUR Business Need MORE?

Most business owners are struggling

Leads are the growth juice for business.  But I also want you to look at the video… it is the beginning of new learning on video marketing.  Check out the intro and exit.  I think they dress it up!!  Cover creates more branding….

And each piece done easily and inexpensively!

As you can see — the educational resources within My Lead System Pro are beginning to work.  New viewers, new people accessing the free training resources — and those all equal new prospects.

A system gives you the tools to generate leads and earn income.

Why integrate a lead system into your business?  I’m thinking…. because you could use more business, but there is no more time in the day to go out networking, connecting, no more money for ads, flyers and other strategies that have limited results.

Developing an effective online strategy produces leads 24 hours per day.

While you are sleeping or at home with family…. new leads are appearing.  When you have a good online strategy — then you have methods for working with those new leads via your auto-responder that help build rapport and relationship right off the bat!

Want more info on how I am doing this?  Get info right here:


Collaborative Marketing

collaborative marketingCollaborative Marketing just makes good sense.  When you work with other business owners to create mutually beneficial marketing strategies everyone wins!  Some of the things to keep in mind are:

  • work with business owners that you respect and can honestly promote
  • work to build long lasting relationships with other businesses
  • work in ways that make sense for your business and target market
  • be willing to stretch yourself and try new things (ie. social media)
  • evaluate the results to be sure that your marketing strategy is making sense in the long term.

There are many low cost or no cost strategies that can create real world buzz when you work with other people on them.  Adding collaborative partners adds to your reach.  If your partners each have a contact list of 1000 people and you work with 5 collaborative partners you have just been able to reach 5000 potential customers that you didn’t have access to earlier.

Have a strong call to action.  This is the step that most people miss.  Their ads or social media marketing have no real call to action.  Offer something to your prospects — a free report, a tip sheet, a coupon — something of value that they want.

Tell them exactly what to do and what is in it for them.

Partners can all share information about each other with their contact lists, make introductions, share special offers etc.  When sharing other partner information with your contacts it gives the information more credibility because you are making the recommendation.

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Network Marketing Leads

You may have already heard a lot on network marketing leads. Sometimes it may be frustrating to hear so many people talk about the same thing in different ways over and over again. In the era we live in network marketing leads seem to be one of those eternal topics.

While many people are open to sharing their personal experiences on the internet on network marketing leads, some other exaggerate the process. And then there’s another sector who reveals only half of the secret or fraction from it leaving the avid reader puzzled and despaired. So how do you recognize who’s pouring out their heart and who’s hiding behind a façade when it comes to revealing network marketing leads secrets in the industry?

The answer is not too simple. Generating network marketing leads could be easier for one person while it may become the toughest thing in the world for another. It all depends on what you are trying to market. Therefore, you may not be able to approach network marketing leads in the same ordinary way that everyone else does if you are in to something niche. Creativity is indeed an asset when it comes to determining what to do with network marketing leads, even if you have already generated it through commonly known means.

If your business is small, then it is best that you start off with free services such as Twitter to generate network marketing leads. But what if you are in to something that is not on the internet as yet? Then you will need to come up with a creative yet marketing oriented campaign to catch all possible network marketing leads.

One may ask how it is possible to work on network marketing if the business and the marketing strategies are offline. You could still bring the network marketing leads part online and carry on from there on. Who knows what may happen? After all, the internet is full of people looking for new avenues and opportunities.

Generating network marketing leads is not of course enough. It is not the end of the story. Rather it is the beginning! Once you generate the network marketing leads you should know how to build rapport. Many people use freebies – things you give out for free- in order to achieve this. But be careful because by now people know the strings attached to freebies. So you may well find network marketing leads that would take the freebie from you and disappear from your life forever!