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Leadership Navigator Radio: Public Relations in Business

Public Relations A Must For Business

All businesses need public relations to build awareness and credibility of their company, their leadership, their product and/or their service.  Public relations when executed correctly can positively impact the bottom line of one’s business.  Public relations is not marketing, it is not advertising, it is not selling – although each of these disciplines are intertwined under the same communications umbrella.  I will discuss how public relations is a targeted approach to reach one’s audience through third party endorsements, which, ultimately lead to increased credibility and sales.

Amy Wachtel Delman has been involved in public relations, marketing, and branding for over two decades. Her expertise lies in using media exposure to raise awareness and increase revenues in companies where she has worked in-house or as a consultant. She has been mentioned in Inc. magazine and the National Journal of Public Relations. To find out how Amy can help your company grow, contact her by phone: 201-563-4614 or e-mail: follow her on Twitter  @amydelmanpr.

About Amy Delman Public Relations, LLC

Amy Delman Public Relations, LLC is a boutique public relations consultancy.  Founded on the principles of servicing companies as their off-site Director of Public Relations, rather than a traditional agency, Amy Delman Public Relations  strives to become an integral partner with each firm’s leadership.  We are not an agency; our niche is providing top shelf public relations, media relations and marketing guidance.  We advise, position and package top leadership so they will attract the attention of the media, their specific audiences and enable the public to gain awareness of each company’s service and or product.  We have found this heightened awareness leads to increased name recognition and ultimately impacts the bottom line.

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Amy also interviewed me for her column with the Alternative Press.  Be sure to check it out:

Public relations is such an important aspect of your business development efforts.  What are your PR questions?

Big Bold Business Book is GREAT Success!

New Book Released!

Business Success Coach, Donna Price, owner of Compass Rose Consulting, LLC discusses “Leadership — Navigating Success” in the newly released book: “Jersey Women Mean Business!
Big Bold BusinessTM Advice from New Jersey Women Business Owners: Practical Pointers, Solutions, and Strategies for Business Success
“— a trailblazing business success book published by Woodpecker Press.

Just released on June 14th the book is a new entrepreneurial success blueprint featuring savvy, practical advice from 72 different voices; all seasoned businesswomen who have successfully started and grown diverse companies in different parts of the Garden State.

This rich book will include multiple chapters covering:

  • • Finance
  • • Legal Issues
  • • Management
  • • Marketing/PR
  • • Personnel Development
  • • Professional Development
  • • Sales/Production
  • • Work‐Life Balance
  • • Technology

and much, much more, including the smart use of Social Media, great Sales Strategies, effective Time Management tips, the benefits of Blogging, and creative Customer Service.

The project is the brainchild of Joyce Restaino, a NJ-based writer and editor, and Donna R. Thompson, owner of Woodpecker Press. The two women—both independent, successful entrepreneurs in their own right—have been seeking a select group of talented experts out of approximately 63,000 New Jersey women business owners. The goal: to compile practical pointers and success tips, covering the most pressing issues and challenges facing fledgling and growth track women entrepreneurs.

“I am thrilled to be a part of this incredible resource, says Price, who specializes in the people dynamics of the work environment: leaders and teams across the country. I am delighted to be able to give back, to help other women business owners make smarter decisions and avoid some of the common pitfalls in leadership.”

Compass Rose Consulting, LLC based in Newton, NJ, provides business coaching/consulting and leadership development to small companies of 100 employees or less. The company has been in business since 2003 and serves small business owners, entrepreneurs, including East Coast Alternative Energy, MARS Information Systems, and Glenn Zervas Music Productions.

Keep up with the latest news on the Big Bold Business Book on Twitter @bigboldbusiness, or

Great Radio Interview with Business Success Coach, Donna Price

Great Radio Interview — Special Guest Host

Dr. Christine Overton joined me on my Leadership Navigator Radio show to interview me!!  A real treat and turn of the tables.

Listen to internet radio with Compass Rose Leadership on Blog Talk Radio

Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Business Success Coach, Donna Price the host of Leadership Navigator is joined by Dr. Christine Overton  — a fun role reversal as Dr. Overton is interviewing Donna!!

Christine Overton is the former President and CEO of United International Chamber of Commerce and is a speaker, author and consultant.  Having years of experience as a radio show host, Dr. Overton is going to give YOU an incredible interview with Donna.

Donna Price is the founder of Compass Rose Consulting and co-founder of the Real World Leadership Institute.  She is the author of the recently released “Coaching Staff for Success” and contributing author to “Big Bold Business Advice”.

She has years and years of experience working with individuals, companies and teams to increase productivity, effectiveness and results!

Holiday Leadership Lessons: Spirit is Contagious

Holiday Leadership Lessons from the Movies:

Elf: Enthusiasm Is Contagious

Take a six-foot tall adopted elf named Buddy (played by Will Ferrell) who wants to find his birth father, make that father the prickly James Caan, and throw them together  in the midst of New York City and see what happens. Buddy wants a warm and cuddly family reunion; his father Walter wants nothing more than to make this new-found son disappear, preferably with a pair of cement boots on him.

Ah, but this is Christmas, so not only does Buddy convince his new family that syrup tastes good on everything; he also wins the heart of his stepmother, half-brother, and the cynical Jovie, his new love. And yes, Walter eventually sees the light.

So business owners, here’s your business lesson from Buddy the Elf: “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing aloud for all to hear.”

So… what if you’re not Santa? Buddy would tell you it doesn’t matter. Enthusiasm is catching. No one is going to be more excited about your business, your product, your podcast, your class, your blog than you are.  Be enthusiastic with your staff, your vendors and your customers.  You MUST BELIEVE.  If you don’t BELIEVE how can anyone else?

Sometimes we feel a little hesitant to show our enthusiasm. It can be risky to show how much we care about something. But if we don’t show our passion, we’re not going to convince anyone else to follow or act on our recommendations.  We’ve even been trained to not brag, not show off and so those types of behaviors often feel uncomfortable.  Overcome it.  Jump out of your comfort zone and share proudly with enthusiasm your business.  Your excitement will be contagious.

Think about the last time you went out to eat. If the waiter or waitress gave a lackluster endorsement to the daily special, you likely took a pass. But if she or he said, “I just tried it before my shift and it was delicious!” you’d be a little more likely to partake. Enthusiasm sells. Period.

Here are a few tips to make like Buddy the Elf without sounding like a used car salesman (or an escapee from the North Pole):

  • Be honest. Don’t sell or promote something you don’t believe in. It never works – people can tell, and you’ll damage your reputation. BELIEVE.
  • Be yourself. You may be the understated type who isn’t going to jump out of a helicopter a la Richard Branson to promote your latest business venture. You don’t have to be! (One Richard Branson is enough for this world.) But do show your energy in a way that is natural for you, and push your comfort zone a bit.
  • Be realistic. If you promote every new thing that comes down the block, or have a new solution du jour, pretty soon no one is going to listen to you.

You don’t have to dress up in pointy shoes to get people to buy your new ??????. But hey… if the shoe fits… why not?

At the minimum, don’t promote things you aren’t passionate about yourself.  Don’t sell the broken down “used car”.  Sell yourself, your own enthusiasm and passion for your product and service, and sell your belief.

Keep watching for more lessons from the movies for businesses and leaders.  Join the conversation and leave your comments.  Become a contributor and include a full business/leadership related article.

Leadership During the Holidays

The holidays are a great time for leaders to stand out and shine. There are many opportunities to be a guiding light, to demonstrate your company values and aspirations.  What are the ways that you have taken the lead during the holidays?  Not a holiday party but real leadership of holiday spirit.  Share your stories and let me know the impact it has had on your team and workplace.

Does your workplace do special outreach?  Support community programs?  Support staff in community leadership during the holidays?  How do you demonstrate your leadership at this special time of year?

Leadership Development: A Process

Leadership Development Process:

Assess – Develop – Practice – Refine

Leadership Development is a lifelong process: an endeavor that takes courage and commitment, an awareness of oneself and the need to foster one’s own skills.  The process of development is a cycle of continuous, lifelong learning.  Leaders that choose to take on the challenge of leadership and their own personal growth and development as a leader are able to achieve more.  It is a process, an intentional one.

Most every leader is challenged in some way.  Leadership is a people sport:  people dynamics and when you involve people then there are challenges.


It begins with awareness or assessment:  knowing where you are currently at. Awareness is a gift, knowing that you are not perfect, that there is room for growth and that you don’t know all of the answers for interacting with your team.  Completing a leadership assessment can be a tool for digging a bit deeper into your current skills.  Leadership assessment can be individual or with input from constituents.  The goal is to see where there are strengths and where there is room for growth and focused skill development.  Every leader possesses some skills and every (honest) leader has areas that could improve and areas for learning and growth.


Skill development is the next step: learning what the skills of excellent leadership are.  Leadership skills can be learned especially with practice and refinement.  True leadership skill acquisition can be accomplished through highly effective training.  Participating in experiential training that includes time for learning and skill practice is important.  Experiential because it will more likely give you the time to learn and practice.


Your workplace is your practice ground. Yes, you should try new skills on at the training.  The training should be long enough to give participants enough time to practice, but once back in the workplace there are daily opportunities to use new skills.  Executive Coaching following the training helps to ensure that new skills are used, new behaviors are adopted.  It is so easy to move back into old behavior patterns.  Behavior is habitual.  Even the most conscious leaders regress back to previous behaviors. Coaching or continued follow up is designed to give leaders a resource for receiving honest feedback and additional support in taking on new skills.  Leaders are often alone.  The executive coach provides a neutral person for the leader to consult with.


Leadership development is a lifelong learning process.  Staff will always throw unexpected curveballs for leaders to work through.  Periodic assessment of skills is a great strategy for determining whether the leadership development plan has been effective in addressing the areas that needed attention.  Assessment begins the cycle again.  With a continuous plan for improving leadership and improving the workplace companies can achieve more than they set out to.

Leadership Development is a Responsibility

Leadership development is not just the responsibility of the company but also that of the leader.  Leaders, themselves, have to recognize the need and the benefit to their leadership development.  Leaders can create their own leadership development plan and review it each year.  By implementing an intentional and focused leadership development plan, leaders improve the results they achieve for the businesses, their staff and teams.  Investing in leadership development just makes sense.