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Authenticity in Marketing

Do you have authenticity built into your marketing plan?

marketing authenticity

Marketing with authenticity brings your voice into your marketing strategies.

You are the leader of your business.  Your marketing should reflect YOU.  But it also needs to be real and authentic.  That in itself keeps you away from the slimy sales feeling that so many of us dislike.

Think about how to bring your unique voice into the marketing mix and shine a light on your business in a new way, that makes you stand out from the crowd and the noise. There is so much marketing out there, it is like everyone is screaming all the time and it overwhelms.

When you bring realness and value into your marketing, then you can stand out.  It is about making the sale, but first it is about the relationship. When you go straight for the close, you will turn people off.  When you provide value through your relationship, then people will be attracted to you.  That is much more powerful, than the other.  It is what each business strives for — a flood of new potential customers coming to them instead of trying to chase them down.
I am a relationship person.  I love working with people. I love seeing the light bulbs go off — the aha moments.. the shifts in their business outcomes and I LOVE celebrating successes! But now for the hate — I don’t like salesy.  Of course, I love customers — but chasing them down — just not my style.

That’s why value, value, value is so important.

When you can provide value, expertise and solutions for your prospects — without giving away the bank, then you are creating a system that is attractive to your potential customers. Then you are attracting new, excited customers!!

Think about what your authentic marketing would look like. Does it change what you are doing right now?  Would your results improve?  Leave a comment on what YOU think authenticity in your marketing would look like for your business!!

Internet Marketing Tuesday: Branding, Social Media Marketing

Slide1Our final for the year!!  Internet Marketing Tuesday!

Join me for a fun hangout….

Lots of great info!

Lots to cover.

Thinking about your brand across social media is important and it all leads to new business leads for you if done correctly!

During this 30 minute hangout we will talk about some of the things that you should consider with your branding and how to accomplish them easily!

Join the hangout here: REGISTER

It’s a hangout so feel free to bring friends, bring your lunch, your ideas and questions.

We will have some fun!

Internet Marketing Tuesdays are held at 12:30 EST.  Just click the link above to reserve your seat!

What Do You Think?

I have been working over the past several weeks to bring all of my small business coaching together under the “roof” or brand of Bizology.Biz.  I believe so strongly in the program and its effectiveness for small business owners that I have moved most of my material from Compass Rose Consulting website to the Bizology site so that it becomes a one stop resource!!  You will find all of my posts here, back issues of my newsletter, articles, video tips and all.

What I am working to figure out is this:  Do I change the name of my newsletter to include Bizology — I’m thinking “BizologyBuzz:  Business Resources for Entrepreneurs”.  Do I keep the same name?  Bearing Points:  Build Your Business Success Now, or do I come up with something totally different?  What do you think?

And then, it raises the question for the Radio show too!! Do I go with BizologyBuzz as a name for the radio show OR do I stick with Entrepreneurs Talk Radio?

I would love your thoughts and ideas.  What speaks to you?  What is more fun, engaging, enticing?  Leave a comment or vote in the poll to the right.


What are your goals for being online?

As you know, the Internet has become an essential component of just about every business’ business plan and strategic marketing plan.  It just has to be a central key at this point.   People are using the Internet for researching new products, services.  They check references for service providers on the Internet and they have even stopped using the phone book and yellow pages.  All of a sudden you need a strategy, you need to rank high in the search engines and you need to be PRESENT on the web.

But first things first!  What are your goals for being online?  There are several possibilities.

Possible Goals for Business Online:

  • To build contact list:  the Internet can be used very effectively to increase your contact list.  There are some key components to doing just that.  You need to have something that gets people to give you their contact information.  They don’t just hand it out to anyone.  You must have a way to collect that information.  And then you need a way to keep in touch with people once you have received all of this type of info.  There is technology behind the scenes that makes this all work seamlessly.
  • To make sales:  Sales are definitely happening on the Internet.  Even for your retail store, you can choose to sell your products on the Internet.  Services sell on the Internet also.  In order to accomplish a good sales track record you need a website, possibly pictures, and good sales copy.
  • To add new clients:  Clients are typically added through good follow up once you have received their contact info.  This can be accomplished automatically through an auto-responder program, or you may integrate different strategies for follow up.  But no matter where you get new leads from — they rarely become clients without some type of interaction.
  • To build reputation/rapport:  Follow up is one of the ways that you build your reputation and your rapport.  You can also do this through article writing, publishing a book or publishing articles, videos and email.  Each strategy needs to be done with high integrity and professionally.
  • Branding: everything you are doing builds your brand.  Follow up and follow through.  Articles, press releases, websites, email marketing should all build towards your brand.  Define what your brand is more than just your logo and colors.  It is you, your procedures, your operations your treatment of customers, prospects, vendors–they are all part of your brand.

As an entrepreneur, your Internet strategy can be for each of these goals or just for one of them.  But a comprehensive strategy will address them all.  You can start with one and build upon each one, building out your more comprehensive strategy.