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Okay, Article Marketing Is Content Marketing

article spinningWith Your Article Marketing, Are You Writing Content That Your Readers NEED?

You might be wondering WHY do I want to do article marketing?  Isn’t that an old strategy.  Well, it is a strategy that has been around for quite some time.  And it is still a strategy worth doing.  Why?

Article Marketing is an easy strategy to implement.

Well, when you syndicate your content and bring people back to your site, your expanding your reach exponentially.  Yesterday, I told you about the new version of SpinWriter 6.0.  It is an incredible article spinner.  An article spinner, takes your content and adds other words, phrases and sentences and then spins the article or creates new content that reads differently but retains the same message.  This allows you to distribute your article across the web with different versions.  Spin Writer provides you with those different versions.

And, it also has an article distribution service that sends your article out to 800 directories.

That provides you with a few things.  One it gets your article out to audiences that you are not directly connected to.  Perhaps your prospect.

I have had magazines come to me and ask for an article based on what they found in an article directory.

It gives you a farther reach.

Now, some people will share a portion of a bigger article and bring people back to their blog for the full   article. That gets new people looking at your site.  If you have optins or products you have new visitors that can become solid leads or customers as a result of your article.

Content is a pre-seller.  It builds you as an expert, it gives your reader valuable information that they are looking for and brings you new leads.

Content marketing should not be ignored.  And spinning — while it might sound to far out of the norm, on the Internet it is the norm.  You want your content that is syndicated to be unique.Free Web TrafficCRC

Where to Find Content for Your Blog?

writerGuest Bloggers Are A Great Source of Blog Content

Now that you know you need great content for your blog and why, its time to move on to the meat of this report. I promised Id tell you how to get that content without wearing your fingers to the bone. So, here we go! Hang on its gonna be a fun ride!

Seek Guest Experts

You may have seen these on other blogs you, yourself frequent. Also commonly referred to as guest bloggers, guest experts are people who can provide relevant information to your readers in the form of guest posts. These are people who somehow tie in with your blogs topic. For instance, if you own an Internet marketing blog you might consider approaching people from the following areas about submitting guest posts or becoming a regular guest expert on your blog.

  • Social Media Experts
  • Outsourcing Experts
  • Web Design Experts
  • Technical Experts
  • Working from Home Experts
  • Press Release Experts
  • Affiliate Marketing Experts

The list could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

You invite them to be a guest blogger on your blog, set them up with their own login information or have them submit their posts directly to you so you can post them yourself.

Give them something in return for their efforts because most guest bloggers are not paid for their posts. Many times a link back to the guest experts site and possibly allowing them to promote their own products or affiliates products within their post is all that’s needed. But, with the growth in popularity of guest bloggers, its getting a bit harder to find people who will commit. If they’re good at what they do, they will be blogging on other sites as well as yours. Try to sweeten the pot a little to get them to stick around and continue posting.

Of course, you can pay them to submit information if youd like. As a matter of fact, I myself have one site where I pay for submissions. I monitor the submissions and if we decide it is site worthy, we pay the author for the article once its been published. Ive found this helps when it comes to having a steady flow of content.

One more thing about guest bloggers you may find helpful. If you know people who are just starting out they are more open to jumping on as a guest blogger than established bloggers or business owners. However, if you aren’t ranking extremely high in the search engines, your traffic numbers aren’t all that great or your blog isn’t quite as popular as you’d like it to be yet, don’t worry. It takes some time to get there, but with the help of adding all this great content and a few other essentials, you’ll be there before you know.

Blogging Lab: Learn HOW to Blog

Five Week Blogging Lab

The Blogging Lab is a hands on learning lab to get your blog site up and running.  If you have always wanted a blog but didn’t know how to get it going, this lab will show you step by step.

Or perhaps you are thinking of transitioning your website to a blog — then we will show you how to do that.

This five week blogging lab will take you by the hand and give you a demonstration, step by step of full process of setting up a Word Press Blog, installed on YOUR domain.  And then you will have access to the recordings.  Some labs will include a workbook, review book or e-book.

December 1st 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM: Lab # 1:  Installing WordPress onto Your Domain:  IN this session we will review HOW to install Word Press and get it set up and running.  We will look at themes and the look and feel of the site.  There are a wealth of themes available for your blog and ways to get it looking just like you want.

December 8th and 22nd: 7:00 PM- 8:00 PM: Lab # 2 & # 4:  Plugins give Word Press Blogs more functionality.  During these two labs I will show you the essential plugins and how to install and configure them.  Then in the second lab we will show you premium plugins such as shopping cart, affiliate plugins and membership site plugins.  You will also learn how to connect your blog to your social media.

December 15th: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM: Lab #3:  Content Rules:  For a Blog to be a blog you need content.  In this lab we will review how to add content to your site, what to add and how much to add, how often.  I will also show you a couple of plugins that can assist you in adding content.

January 5th: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM: Lab #5: Monetizing Your Blog:  Now, you might want to make some money from your blog.  During this lab we will look at money making blogs and how folks are able to onetize them.

Included in the labs are several e-books about blogging.

Each lab is recorded via Video Conferencing and RePlay links will be provided.  You will be able to go back and watch the lab again in the event that you missed some important details.

A special report regarding Plugins

An E-Book on Cash Blogging

And more….

This isn’t one of those long rambling sales pages — simple to the point.  If you want a blog this lab will get you up and running in 5 weeks.  Be up and online before the holidays and start the new year off with a new blogging presence.

Buy one lab or save on the FULL Pass, receiving all 5 labs for just $99, a savings of over $46.00.

Register for Blogging Lab:  Getting Your Blog Up Running and Looking Good in Newton, NJ  on Eventbrite

Website vs. Blog: There is a Choice.

Having an internet presence is essential in this business environment.  As a business owner, you must have a web presence.  But when you are developing that web presence you have many decisions to make.  Here are some of the things you need to consider:

  • What is the goal of my website:  Is it to make money?; Is it to create an online brochure?; Do I want it to be interactive?
  • How much control do I want of my site?  Do I want to pay someone to update the site regularly?  Do I have regular content to update?  Do I have the resources to update my site?  Do I want to interact with my customers and prospects on the site?
  • What do I want the site to look like?  What are the branding colors of my company?  Can my logo be included on the site?
  • What other online media do I plan to use with my company?  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, other social media?  How will my site easily interact with these other online media sources.

When you are putting together your web presence you need to consider all of these things, and probably a few more too.

So, let’s look at each more closely:

What is the goal of my website:  Is it to make money?; Is it to create an online brochure?; Do I want it to be interactive?

There are several different types of websites that you can use.  The most common is a branding site, like this site.  It has information about the company, the leaders, the team etc.  It also includes info about the products and services and they may be for sale on the site.  There are also store fronts that are online that offer a wide array of products or services and that is the site’s main function.  The two other sites that I use are sales pages and squeeze pages.  To see one of my sales pages you can look at: This page talks solely about my coaching program and the components that are included with it.  It has one purpose — to sell coaching. is one of my squeeze pages.  It has one purpose and that is list building.  If I am working to build my list then I work to drive my web traffic to this site and then once someone has signed up on my list I can send them links to my branding site or my sales page.  But when I pay for traffic, I want information that I can use again and again to build a relationship.

As you build your web presence you might decide to use muliple sites as well.

How much control do I want of my site?  Do I want to pay someone to update the site regularly?  Do I have regular content to update?  Do I have the resources to update my site?  Do I want to interact with my customers and prospects on the site?

As you can see from my site.  I like to have lots of control.  I do work with outside vendors to customize the site, create the look and feel of the site.  I also use Virtual Assistants to add content, articles and set up services or products that are for sale on the site.  But I do maintain quite a bit of control and I know how my site works.  Part of this is largely due to it now be hosted on a WordPress Blog Platform.  Yes, this site is a blog.  And, many of my other sites are moving in that direction as well.  I encourage people to look closely at WordPress because it gives you so much control, AND, you WANT to be able to add content to your site regularly.  Content and information is what makes a site work really well.  Heck, that’s why you are here!  You are reading my “content”, my “information”.  You are deciding if you like me, if you think I know anything.  When a site is built and you don’t add new content to the site, then it becomes stale.  There is little reason for visitors to return to your site. Word Press allows you to control the content, keep it fresh and more (which I will get into in a minute!).

The other aspects of this question are do you have content?  I would challenge that you do.  You have information that you can share with your prospects that will aid in building your business relationship.  Resources, do you have the time and energy to add the content yourself, or do you have the resources to pay someone to add the content?  These are both critical questions.  You need to answer these for yourself.  And, keep in mind that it might change.

What do I want the site to look like?  What are the branding colors of my company?  Can my logo be included on the site?

Yes, your site should help to brand your company.  On this site, we are still working on the branding pieces.  But overall, the branding of the site does fit with my company brand — our colors are orange and red/maroon.  I use a compass as my logo.  Do you see those colors here?  The logo here?  When putting your site together you will want to look at those pieces.  I also have my compass logo in the header.  With Word Press you are able to buy themes that are customizable and you are able to find themes in the free theme directory that are customizable.  Many people become concerned with using a template or in the world of blogs a theme, that other people might be using. 

I believe that if you customize the theme to be yours, then using a pre-built theme or template is cost effective and still accomplishes your goals. I use a customizable theme that is available in the word press directory.

What other online media do I plan to use with my company?  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, other social media?  How will my site easily interact with these other online media sources.

This is the biggest reason that I use Word Press for my site.  It is interactive.  I can easily connect my site with Facebook, Twitter and I can set up so that you too can “tweet” my posts or “ping” them or send to an array of social book marking sites.  I receive traffic back to my site from my posts on these other sites.  A blog also allows multiple types of “Plugins” that give it different functionality.  And, allows visitors to subscribe, comment and be part of the site.  For me, these are all advantages that my typcial website did not provide.  Yes, I had a blog on my site, but now my whole site IS a blog.  That means when I update a page, it “tweets”, and when I add a post, it “tweets”.  Each of these strategies add to my exposure on the web, and that is what I want!

Web Presence is essential.  It is the HOW that you must decide on as a business owner.  The blog format offers you some versatility that a typical website doesn’t.  And, it offers you a Web 2.0 platform that is interactive and can be co-creative.  Your priority is to be on top of creating a powerful web presence that actually adds to your business.

The Design of Your Web Presence — Make it Good

Web marketing design is costly and the lower the budget, the less likely to get a professional job done. Most businesses do have a budget, but if what you are ready to pay seems to be way below what various web designers quote for the same task, then, you could be asking too much for too little. Pricing has some very peculiar rules, and going for the highest quote is not a solution either. There has to be a middle way to creating a good site without ruining your bank account. Here are a few things you should know about the financial details of web marketing design.

First of all, you’ll probably come across free web marketing design services, and although they sound tempting, they could be tricky in terms of quality. Or in case you want to find a volunteer to build your site, that will be even harder to get, in the conditions of a very tough market where time and money rule. Low rates for web marketing design are up to $10 per page, which can tell two things about a business: either the designer is a freelancer who tries to get contracts and make a name, and in that case you’ll get a job well done, or the results are not exactly high quality and you’d be wasting your money.

A fair but moderate quote for web marketing design services would be somewhere between $25 and $50. In case your site requires advanced graphics, lots of programming and even content writing, then the prices could be even higher than that. Very high charges of $500 per page are not always justified, which is why you should ask the web design company for an explanation of what services are included at such a rate. Programming will most certainly be your answer. Up-front payment could sometimes be required for the services. However, if the sum is low, then the payment is one of good faith, but if you are asked for half the sum in advance, don’t pay it because it could be a scam.

Make any web marketing design agreement formal by signing a contract. Specify details such as dates, deadlines, total estimated cost with all the payment dues and even litigation solutions in case of legal problems. It is important to discuss the way work would be handled in case the initial cost estimate is not correct, and you have to pay for more. Some web marketing design companies have standard contracts, but you should be able to work things out with them if something does not please you. If they are not willing to make the changes, then, you should consider working with someone else.