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Website vs. Blog: There is a Choice.

Having an internet presence is essential in this business environment.  As a business owner, you must have a web presence.  But when you are developing that web presence you have many decisions to make.  Here are some of the things you need to consider:

  • What is the goal of my website:  Is it to make money?; Is it to create an online brochure?; Do I want it to be interactive?
  • How much control do I want of my site?  Do I want to pay someone to update the site regularly?  Do I have regular content to update?  Do I have the resources to update my site?  Do I want to interact with my customers and prospects on the site?
  • What do I want the site to look like?  What are the branding colors of my company?  Can my logo be included on the site?
  • What other online media do I plan to use with my company?  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, other social media?  How will my site easily interact with these other online media sources.

When you are putting together your web presence you need to consider all of these things, and probably a few more too.

So, let’s look at each more closely:

What is the goal of my website:  Is it to make money?; Is it to create an online brochure?; Do I want it to be interactive?

There are several different types of websites that you can use.  The most common is a branding site, like this site.  It has information about the company, the leaders, the team etc.  It also includes info about the products and services and they may be for sale on the site.  There are also store fronts that are online that offer a wide array of products or services and that is the site’s main function.  The two other sites that I use are sales pages and squeeze pages.  To see one of my sales pages you can look at: This page talks solely about my coaching program and the components that are included with it.  It has one purpose — to sell coaching. is one of my squeeze pages.  It has one purpose and that is list building.  If I am working to build my list then I work to drive my web traffic to this site and then once someone has signed up on my list I can send them links to my branding site or my sales page.  But when I pay for traffic, I want information that I can use again and again to build a relationship.

As you build your web presence you might decide to use muliple sites as well.

How much control do I want of my site?  Do I want to pay someone to update the site regularly?  Do I have regular content to update?  Do I have the resources to update my site?  Do I want to interact with my customers and prospects on the site?

As you can see from my site.  I like to have lots of control.  I do work with outside vendors to customize the site, create the look and feel of the site.  I also use Virtual Assistants to add content, articles and set up services or products that are for sale on the site.  But I do maintain quite a bit of control and I know how my site works.  Part of this is largely due to it now be hosted on a WordPress Blog Platform.  Yes, this site is a blog.  And, many of my other sites are moving in that direction as well.  I encourage people to look closely at WordPress because it gives you so much control, AND, you WANT to be able to add content to your site regularly.  Content and information is what makes a site work really well.  Heck, that’s why you are here!  You are reading my “content”, my “information”.  You are deciding if you like me, if you think I know anything.  When a site is built and you don’t add new content to the site, then it becomes stale.  There is little reason for visitors to return to your site. Word Press allows you to control the content, keep it fresh and more (which I will get into in a minute!).

The other aspects of this question are do you have content?  I would challenge that you do.  You have information that you can share with your prospects that will aid in building your business relationship.  Resources, do you have the time and energy to add the content yourself, or do you have the resources to pay someone to add the content?  These are both critical questions.  You need to answer these for yourself.  And, keep in mind that it might change.

What do I want the site to look like?  What are the branding colors of my company?  Can my logo be included on the site?

Yes, your site should help to brand your company.  On this site, we are still working on the branding pieces.  But overall, the branding of the site does fit with my company brand — our colors are orange and red/maroon.  I use a compass as my logo.  Do you see those colors here?  The logo here?  When putting your site together you will want to look at those pieces.  I also have my compass logo in the header.  With Word Press you are able to buy themes that are customizable and you are able to find themes in the free theme directory that are customizable.  Many people become concerned with using a template or in the world of blogs a theme, that other people might be using. 

I believe that if you customize the theme to be yours, then using a pre-built theme or template is cost effective and still accomplishes your goals. I use a customizable theme that is available in the word press directory.

What other online media do I plan to use with my company?  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, other social media?  How will my site easily interact with these other online media sources.

This is the biggest reason that I use Word Press for my site.  It is interactive.  I can easily connect my site with Facebook, Twitter and I can set up so that you too can “tweet” my posts or “ping” them or send to an array of social book marking sites.  I receive traffic back to my site from my posts on these other sites.  A blog also allows multiple types of “Plugins” that give it different functionality.  And, allows visitors to subscribe, comment and be part of the site.  For me, these are all advantages that my typcial website did not provide.  Yes, I had a blog on my site, but now my whole site IS a blog.  That means when I update a page, it “tweets”, and when I add a post, it “tweets”.  Each of these strategies add to my exposure on the web, and that is what I want!

Web Presence is essential.  It is the HOW that you must decide on as a business owner.  The blog format offers you some versatility that a typical website doesn’t.  And, it offers you a Web 2.0 platform that is interactive and can be co-creative.  Your priority is to be on top of creating a powerful web presence that actually adds to your business.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

The internet is a great place to earn millions. Affiliate marketing is so famous among many simply because of this reason. Unfortunately there are affiliates who carry out different marketing campaigns without a proper affiliate marketing strategy. The problem arises mostly with novice affiliates who are not aware of the market. The moment they see that there is a great opportunity of being rich in a short span of time, most affiliates dive into their marketing campaigns without thinking twice.

If you are a serious kind of entrepreneur who is aware of the market trends and want to start a reputed business, it is always better to have an affiliate marketing strategy before executing it.

Your affiliate marketing strategy should definitely focus on the entire sales chain, starting from beginning to end. A potential customer who simply visits a website won’t be enough. For a conversion to happen, he or she has to click on the advertisement that leads to your website and there onwards to the merchants sales point.

When a potential customer is guided to your website, your affiliate marketing strategy should cover steps that are needed to be taken in order to convert the clients into ‘leads’. When the web homepage is attractive and has an opt-in list where the visitors name as well as their email addresses are captured, there should be an affiliate marketing strategy to get those leads into the list. In addition to this, another affiliate marketing strategy should be executed in order to carry out an email series in order to turn this lead into a customer.

You must always keep in mind that the new leads are not going to help in your profits. To increase your profits, there ought to be an affiliate marketing strategy that will cover all the post-sale follow ups. The more offers you make in this stage, the more repeat customers you will have in the long run.

Having a good affiliate marketing strategy is the first step in attracting customers. An attractive, user-friendly website with a number of offers can definitely attract potential clients. In order to increase sales, developing a healthy relationship with customers is essential. Always give a reason for the customer to return to your website in the future.

Affiliate marketing has become a thriving business in today’s world. As a player in the market, having an affiliate marketing strategy that will set you apart from the rest will be advantageous.

Affiliate Marketing Leads

Affiliate marketing is a common online marketing technique. It helps you target your audience and reach them through various effective means of marketing. Here, the affiliate is compensated by the main advertiser, based on the number of visitors brought to the site or the number of customer who buy the advertised product, as a result of the marketing carried out by the affiliate, to promote the product. It is a method used by owners of websites to drive traffic to their website from another website. This is done to help generate leads. Simply asking a person to go to a particular website to check out the products that they have on offer, may no longer work. However, there are quite a few techniques to successfully generate affiliate marketing leads.

As pointed out before, affiliate marketing leads can be generated in a number of ways. One way of doing so is by search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO. The higher your website ranks on the page of a search engine, the more the traffic to your website. This is usually done to generate higher sales of the products on the website. It is important here to identify the keywords that a prospective buyer may use, for you to take advantage of these words, and use them in such a way, that they would end up on your site.

Another effective way to generate affiliate marketing leads is with the help of email marketing. Here, emails are sent to acquire new customers and very often these emails contain advertisements and links to the website which contains the products being promoted. This marketing technique is usually carried out after obtaining a mailing list of potential customers who may be interested in your product. This inexpensive technique to generate affiliate marketing leads is used by a large number of companies, mainly because it saves costs and is rather easy.

Displaying advertisements on frequently visited web pages, using attractive wording and pictures of the product you wish to sell, in order to grab the attention of the potential buyer, and writing articles to promote the product is yet another way to generate affiliate marketing leads. These advertisements and articles should be placed on sites that are related to the products you sell, as it is unlikely that a person would be attracted to an advertisement promoting furniture on a site that deals with gardening.

Remember therefore that the key to effective generation of affiliate marketing leads is firstly, to understand the needs of your potential buyer, which may of course require a bit of research and secondly, to put this knowledge to good use to help you communicate better with the potential buyer and convince them to purchase your products.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

The best affiliate marketing program will depend on how successfully it is carried out and how well it makes profits in the long run. The more website traffic there is, the more sales there will be. With the affiliate marketing business growing in numbers, there are enough and more affiliate marketing tips that successful entrepreneurs are ready to give the newcomers entering the market. The best affiliate marketing tips come from advice that’s old, yet good enough and packed with survival skills.

Internet is a great place to earn big money. The potential of making it big in the affiliate marketing business lies in the hard work and commitment a person is willing to make.

One of the most effective affiliate marketing tips a person can get is to have a good website. Content publishing is very important in this stream. The most targeted traffic is search engine traffic. A website that is user-friendly and has unique content, good information, etc and is sure to grab the attention of potential clients will definitely rank you well in different search engines.

Affiliate marketing tips to grab the attention of potential clients would be to have product reviews, have a forum where prospects can have an online discussion with you about the product, its benefits, etc. In addition to it, testimonials of customers that were happy and satisfied with the products could be posted for future reference purposes.

Another one of the most effective affiliate marketing tips can be stated as list building. Every single visitor that makes a visit to your website is valuable. This is why it’s important that you follow up on prospective clients. Having an opt-in box will give the chance for website visitors to subscribe to a weekly or monthly newsletter that you may carry out. This will let you keep in touch with the clients as well as provide them with useful information.
Trying to promote products to each and every person is time consuming and could be a waste of money. Having a targeted audience and having targeted traffic driving can be stated as another one of the famously noted affiliate marketing tips. Search engines and recognized forums could be perfect places to advertise. Pay per Click advertising is a great way of increasing revenue, as in most cases the visitor has to simply click on the link for the affiliate to be paid.

Getting the help of all the above affiliate marketing tips can be beneficial if you are striving to make it to the top.

Best Affiliate Programs

Affiliates programs are considered to be the front runners of many business partners around the globe. Whether it is internal relationships or external relationships these affiliate programs do have their bits and pieces to make the user come on top of the business. But what are the best affiliate programs?

It is always better to identify the best service to make the most benefits for your kind of business rather than to outsource an affiliate marketing program just for the sake of doing it. The best possible way of giving away the project is to make a project analysis prior to outsourcing it. A proper project destination should be identified in order to avoid loss from the investment.

Qualities of best affiliate programs would be a better after sales service and maintenance and a fair trade. But most importantly it should give the expected sales and should gain the profitable marketing strategies for the company.

There are websites which will help you find the best affiliate programs online. These websites will have their own rankings according to the performances and the user ratings. Usually the commission is also included with the rating; hence the customer can compare the prices as well. Not only that, it will also provide you with a chance to search your desired program by name or by ratings.
Best affiliate programs are less likely to have many upgrading and maintenance. This is due to the better analysis of the requirements prior to implementation. The development stage will also play a crucial role in determining the success of the program. Usually an experienced affiliate program manufacturer will suggest some of their ideas to be included in the original idea of the company. This is expected only by a well established software developer.

A must for all the successful software products will be the inter relationship between the developer and the product manufacturing company. This is essential especially regarding the proper understanding of the developer about the required outcome of the product. There should be a mutual understanding between the user and the developer about the status of the end user and the ingredients of the product.

Many of these affiliate programmers are available online to develop your product and increase the profits. Therefore it is your responsibility to choose the most suitable team and put together the best effort for the project in order to bring out best affiliate programs.

Affiliate Marketing Network

The internet, also known as the World Wide Web is widely used by millions of people all around the world for different means. It has become a place where one can search and gather information, communicate, promote, etc especially when it comes to business. Unlike in the past where many business practices lied in the hands of entrepreneurs meeting face to face or in various other ways, today the pattern has drastically changed ever since the emergence of the internet.

Affiliate marketing came up as a result of doing business over the internet. This widely known system of marketing has paved the way for many business owners to promote their product to every nook and corner in the world within seconds. You may wonder what an affiliate marketing network is. All the affiliates who are involved in marketing and promoting their products and services over the internet should have a meeting point. The affiliate marketing network is actually the base for that.

The sole objective of an affiliate marketing network is to provide services that are reliable and efficient to the affiliates. Simply stated, an affiliate marketing network is like an agency; a common platform formed in between the affiliates and their merchants. This platform offers both parties the opportunity of maximizing their profits.

As you know, the affiliate offers their marketing services to merchants by promoting the merchants branded products, etc over the internet by providing links and showing the path to the merchants shop. When the traffic to the merchants’ site or place increases, the affiliate is compensated.

An affiliate marketing network has a wide range of contacts on associations, etc letting the affiliate have alternative choices to choose from. In addition to this, the affiliate marketing network assists the merchant by keeping track of their website traffic.
The aim of anyone in the business field is to increase their profits. A good affiliate marketing network will facilitate in helping the affiliate make more profits out of their business. Some affiliates carry out different campaigns for different companies. Keeping track of the earning and profits could become difficult at times. The affiliate marketing network will do the ground work of giving the necessary support and guidance in managing your finances, etc.

You have the option of continuing the business alone. But unless you are a part of a recognized affiliate marketing network, you cannot be sure of receiving your payments on time.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is actually a form of online marketing. It is a marketing practice that is based on the use of internet. Simply stated, the step by step methods of the whole affiliate marketing process happens starting from the point a customer visits the affiliates website. When the customer visits the affiliate’s website, he or she is directed to the brand or the seller of the desired product. For this action or the marketing efforts carried out by the affiliate, they are rewarded.

Affiliate marketing requires a person to promote and sell other people’s products. For this, they get a commission. You are actually a third party and a person who does pre-selling for the product on sale. If you are an affiliate, thanks to you, many people become aware of the product and are easily directed by you to the seller. Since the product is not with you and you do not own it, you won’t need to worry about the inventory or about customer service, etc.

Individuals who use affiliate marketing as a means to earning good money use a lot of advertising methods such as SEO’s (Search Engine Optimization), e-mail marketing, display advertising, etc. Some affiliates tend to use methods that are less conventional. These usually include the publicizing of reviews and services of a selected partner.

The shortcoming of many affiliates is that they forget they own or are dealing with a real business. If you are the affiliate and is involved in affiliate marketing, this means you are advertising and selling a product on behalf of other companies. If you are to be successful in your affiliate marketing business, the focal point lies in the website you have. This is where all the marketing efforts are materialized. In addition to having a website that looks professional and credible, it should also be user-friendly and have the ability of attracting many potential clients and motivating them to purchase the products you are promoting.

It is necessary that you promote products that have a high demand. Trying to promote a product that’s quite stale and is in its maturity stage will not give you the desired results.

Affiliate marketing is a business that has grown rapidly in the past few years. Joining and continuing there on is quite easy for anyone interested in the field. Affiliate marketing is popular as it can be done at the comfort of your own home. Therefore, earning a good income has no limits when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Network Marketing Leads

You may have already heard a lot on network marketing leads. Sometimes it may be frustrating to hear so many people talk about the same thing in different ways over and over again. In the era we live in network marketing leads seem to be one of those eternal topics.

While many people are open to sharing their personal experiences on the internet on network marketing leads, some other exaggerate the process. And then there’s another sector who reveals only half of the secret or fraction from it leaving the avid reader puzzled and despaired. So how do you recognize who’s pouring out their heart and who’s hiding behind a façade when it comes to revealing network marketing leads secrets in the industry?

The answer is not too simple. Generating network marketing leads could be easier for one person while it may become the toughest thing in the world for another. It all depends on what you are trying to market. Therefore, you may not be able to approach network marketing leads in the same ordinary way that everyone else does if you are in to something niche. Creativity is indeed an asset when it comes to determining what to do with network marketing leads, even if you have already generated it through commonly known means.

If your business is small, then it is best that you start off with free services such as Twitter to generate network marketing leads. But what if you are in to something that is not on the internet as yet? Then you will need to come up with a creative yet marketing oriented campaign to catch all possible network marketing leads.

One may ask how it is possible to work on network marketing if the business and the marketing strategies are offline. You could still bring the network marketing leads part online and carry on from there on. Who knows what may happen? After all, the internet is full of people looking for new avenues and opportunities.

Generating network marketing leads is not of course enough. It is not the end of the story. Rather it is the beginning! Once you generate the network marketing leads you should know how to build rapport. Many people use freebies – things you give out for free- in order to achieve this. But be careful because by now people know the strings attached to freebies. So you may well find network marketing leads that would take the freebie from you and disappear from your life forever!

Affiliate Marketing Statistics

The affiliate marketing business has grown in numbers with a majority of people opting to work from their home. If you are a part of it, chances are that you are earning a hefty sum of money. If you are not, could it be because you don’t know where your advantages lie? The world may have a lot of affiliates, but in order to have a competitive edge over the other and to be more successful, it is necessary that you pay attention to your affiliate marketing statistics. What exactly are affiliate marketing statistics?

Simply stated, affiliate marketing statistics is the data that’s collected from the activities carried out in your various marketing efforts. Having an eye on this type of data will give you an idea about where your profits lie and where you are stagnating.

Affiliate marketing statistics usually include website traffic, the conversion rates, the click-through-rate (in article marketing), etc. If you are able to grasp the information derived from the affiliate marketing statistics, you will know which areas are in need of a change. Such actions can determine the number of future sales and increase the chance of acquiring more money.

Keeping a track of your affiliate marketing statistics could be done manually. But this takes time and requires a bit of learning. This may be the reason why many people use tracking software’s to get their work done as the results are generated automatically. Recognized tracking software’s that can generate affiliate marketing statistics will definitely give you a clear-cut idea about what is actually going on in your website and if your goals are being met in a more effective and efficient way.

Once the affiliate marketing statistics are gathered, you can use this information for the future plans of your business. Pay per Click (PPC) marketing campaigns that use tracking software’s can be very useful in identifying which keywords work best. This enables the affiliate to focus more on the productive keywords and either change or stop campaigns that are not productive. In other words, you will be able to determine which keywords grab the attention of potential clients and which words are not working and are in need of modifications.

Affiliate marketing statistics that are presented by various other affiliate programs and networks will provide the affiliate marketer to choose the types of products and services that they want to promote. For instance, Clickbank uses this methodology in helping out individuals involved in the affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing Software

Affiliate marketing software is a necessity for any web developer who tries his/her luck at affiliate programs. The thing is that many people don’t really know how an affiliate marketing software works or how it can improve the performance of the Internet campaigns. Let us present a clear example of how this kind of tool helps businesses that sell products and services through affiliates. The affiliate marketing software is a necessity when you have to keep a close track of what your affiliates are doing. It all starts with the signing up of the affiliate on the page provided by the affiliate marketing software.

Based on the strategies implemented with the affiliate marketing software, an affiliate can only get access to product images, text links, banner codes and other materials by logging in the member area of your site. In other words, an affiliate marketing software can help a mother company improve the product or service promotion through affiliates by enabling good communications and providing the right premises for a fruitful collaboration. Tracking is also a major feature of an affiliate marketing software, because it gives a code to every site visitor and supervises its performance in terms of sales.

The affiliate marketing software will notify you every time a sale occurs through one of your affiliates. The tool also allows the same type of notification for affiliates too, usually via email. What it is very important to learn when you purchase an affiliate marketing software is the number of tiers that the tool can track. You have to be aware of the fact that an affiliate can also recruit other businesses to work in the same affiliate system for your company. Therefore, a good affiliate marketing software allows the mother company to track direct affiliates, and the affiliates in their turn can track their super affiliates too.

Other functions of the affiliate marketing software include the management of commissions, real time reports, geo-targeting and filters, email marketing tools and several others. The financial aspect could be the one that interests most investors ready to buy an affiliate marketing software. The tool has to be technically able to serve for pay per click, pay per lead and pay per sale systems, because you can use each of these models with your affiliates. Without a good control management, your finances would be very difficult to operate in terms of commissions and you’d lose a lot of time doing everything manually.