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Rolodex :: Compass Rose Consulting


My Personal Rolodex:

Every company has their favorites! Services they use and love.  We’re no different.  This page is designed to give you access to some of our favorites:

Email Marketing:

I personally have been using arpReach since 2004 or 2005.  I have tried just about every other service out there and I always come back to arpReach.  It is a self hosted email solution.  We have ours set up with a delivery service through MailGun.  It helps to get the emails through.  The ease of use of arpReach is amazing and it is constantly improving. It provides the flexibility and ease of use that is needed.


Instagram Software:

**Transparency — some of the services listed here have affiliate links.  That means — if you click the link and purchase the service, I receive a commission.  Not all services are affiliates, but some may be.  These are each services that I use in my business and recommend. They are not solely an affiliate promotion.