Press Release Distribution

Press Releases are by far one of tpress release distributionhe best ways to increase visibility, brand and gain credibility.

When you distribute a press release about your business, you are shouting out to the world your news and that gives people cause to come and find you!!

Press Releases have the ability — like a secret strategy — to give you thousands of dollars of FREE publicity, and the real beauty of it is that is more credible than an advertisement that costs you thousands of dollars.

Press Releases should be written and formatted with your end goal in mind and developed with the use of proper keywords and search terms for what you are ultimately promoting.  At the same time a press release needs to be NEWS and not an advertisement.  This is where it gets a bit tricky! Your PR strategy needs to be well thought out and strategic.

Press Releases are generally a one page story about your business, your product/service or an event/happening related to your business that is about to, or has recently occurred.  Once you have the story together in a press release it is time to distribute it!  Press release distribution is HUGE.  The benefits are outstanding.

A well crafted press release will produce results.

There are several key elements:  A good headline — this is what pulls people in to the story.  Without a good headline, your press release will join thousands of others that are never read or shared.  A sub-headline provides a bit more of the story.

Then you fill in your story. This is where writing is important.  You want the story published, so while you are definitely trying to get free publicity, you have to make sure you are not writing a sales letter or pitch letter.  It has to be news.

Include an image or video whenever possible.  Multiple images can often be included.

A brief about us section — this tells the background story of you  or your company.

And always include contact information — this is two-fold. You want readers to know where to go to find more information and you want the editor to know WHO to contact for more information. They may be the same and they may be different. So be sure that you are including both.

We provide a full service Press Release Writing and Distribution service.

For $299 we will write and distribute your press release to over 400 online outlets including Google News, Yahoo News and a complete listing of print, radio and online news outlets, blogs and RSS feeds.

Use press releases in your business at minimum monthly to give you an edge on your competition.