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New Collaborative Mastermind Program for Women Business Leaders:
women's business circleThe Women’s Business Circle

The Women’s Business Circle is a comprehensive — total program for business growth for women business leaders that WANT to connect with other women, collaborate, joint venture, mastermind — share, strategize and produce results!

The Women’s Business Circle brings all of the pieces together — strategic planning with the best Year Yet — Raise the Bar Workshop, monthly mastermind/accountability/collaboration meetings, marketing resource center for learning how to generate all the leads your business needs and new marketing webinar LIVE each month!!

Work with a business strategist and marketing consultant in a powerful group program — that accelerates your results because of the power of women, the power of group and YOU!

Best Year Yet™best year yet Planning Session for Entrepreneurs — Get Your Strategic Plan Working For YOU!!

Best Year Yet is highly effective strategic planning process for businesses, teams and individuals.  As a Best Year Yet™ Partner I have provided services with BYY since 2004.  The process is simple, elegant and has an implementation system that keeps people on track, focused and moving their top goals forward for the year.

For Entrepreneurs: We will spend a full day — out in the country — working on YOUR strategic plan.  The planning part if fun and inspiring. But the real excitement comes when you start implementing the plan.

Strategic planning for your business is part of your leadership role to lead the growth of your company.  With Best Year Yet, we help you develop a focused plan.  Our online software helps to keep you and your team on track.  Our monthly group meetings support your growth with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Raise The Bar Workshop for Non-Profit Leaders:

Join other non profit leaders in creating a plan — just for you! Raise the Bar on YOUR success and impact the results of your organization.

As a leader — you know that you are pulled in a million directions — putting out fires — mediating conflicts — managing crisis and trying to get YOUR job done at the same time!! The Raise The Bar Workshop is designed to give you a day of GOLD TIME, that is focused on YOU and your success.

When leaders have a plan — then the organization benefits!

Fast Track Program for Intact Teams

For Teams: We provide the Fast Track Program for Teams. This collaborative strategic planning session brings your team together and gets them focused and on track for the upcoming year. The program includes full facilitation, online tracking of goals and monthly follow-up for the team.  The most powerful part of a team coming together each month for a follow-up meeting is that they get on board and follow through on their commitments to the team. To find out more about our Best Year Yet planning for teams and the Fast Track program — schedule your consult


Your 12 Month Marketing Plan
Simplified Marketing Planning — The Second Step in Your Planning…

Creating a marketing plan as part of your guiding documents continues your journey to business growth.  Marketing can be overwhelming. There are so many choices.  Creating a strategic marketing plan puts the pieces together in a way that they work. Our planning gives you a 12 month calendar for your marketing.  Imagine… a guide for the full year that keeps you on track and focused on what is important for your business growth.

Our Simplified Strategic Marketing Plan Workshop provides you with the framework for creating a solid marketing plan for the full 12 months!!

Consistent marketing with a strategic focus gives you an action plan to follow each day, week and month.

When you have a plan that you can follow, your marketing efforts will be more effective and produce the results that you need AND want!

Bizology.Biz is THE Business Growth Resource

Bizology.Biz — is our Entreprepreneur’s Resource Center filled with marketing and business strategy training.  Your one-stop shop for your marketing training.  Bizology.Biz has training courses on social media, marketing strategies with step by step video training, resource guides.

Included in the resource center –>> LinkedIn training, Facebook Ads, Instagram and Instagram Ads, Video Marketing, Champion Mindset, Bizology.Biz — foundation program, YouTube training and more….

And I am adding resources as we develop them. Members gain access to each new course through a live webinar and in the member’s area.  New courses are sometimes offered as a stand alone course but not always.  Bizology.Biz is gifted to members of the Women’s Business Circle.

Compass Rose Consulting EnVisions a Bigger Impact

At Compass Rose Consulting, we are committed to supporting client success!  We provide you with the tools and training and planning that you need to grow your business and impact the world. Each business success is a success for the community, the region and the world. We use 10% of our profits to support other entrepreneurs.  We impact businesses through — our strategic partnerships and donations to entrepreneurs directly.