Employee Coaching

Employee Coaching for Business Success

Employee Coaching is a comprehensive training session for managers incorporating coaching skills into their management approach. Learning essential coaching skills in working with staff creates a positive work environment. By learning coaching skills the workplace improves productivity, decreases absenteeism, tardiness and improves loyalty and commitment. Coaching Skills give managers effective tools for working with staff in a positive, future focused way. Staffs thrive in a coaching environment. At the same time we discuss how the human resource policy integrates with the coaching program and how to work with “challenging employees”.employee coaching nook

Performance appraisals can be the biggest dreaded day in the life of the supervisor and the employee.  Creating a coaching environment shifts the experience for both and produces increased results for the organization.

Employee Coaching for Business Success puts the tools in your hand for creating a coaching environment.

During this training, or keynote, Donna gives you the strategies for shifting your work environment.

Many business owners, went into business because they love their craft.  BUT, they didn’t know they would also be marketing and managing people.  There are a few naturals out there.  But the majority of people are scared to be supervisors or they do so in a dictatorial, micro managing way. Employee Coaching is a model for success for the manager/supervisor and employee.  It creates a win-win-win environment.

Employee Coaching is a second edition book that is a fast and easy read.

It can be provided to each participant at a reasonable cost.

“As a small business owner, I used to dread writing annual employee performance appraisals as it always seemed like a negative experience for all involved. I was expected to point out deficiencies in performance and find some way to spin that information in a way that didn’t leave the employee feeling like a deflated balloon.  After attending a seminar where Donna from Compass Rose Consulting spoke on this very subject, I invited her to speak at our annual managers retreat.  Since then we have used her method exclusively and I’m glad to report that the process has come full circle from a truly negative experience to a positive experience for all involved! “
Susan Stark, V.P.
Montague Tool & Supply Co., Inc