CRC Online Monitor

Do You Know HOW You Are Standing Up ONLINE?


How you appear online matters. When you are missing pieces, or your reviews are bad, or your website isn’t mobile friendly, or you don’t have good social presence and engagement, IT MATTERS!!

There are several key components to stay on top of:

Your Local Directory Listings

Did you know that online listings are created for your business and they sit there without correct information even when you don’t claim that listing it still appears for your potential new customers to see. So, what happens when that information is incorrect?


When we pull a snap shot report, it is looking at YOUR Company across the Internet.  It is comparing the information that is found in different directories to what is correct and identifying what is right and what is wrong. Having inaccurate information about your company or unclaimed listings about your company sitting out on the web hurts you. It hurts your web presence and it hurts the trust that you are trying to build with your potential customers. Listing accuracy is vital.  AND — even more important is that you claim each listing and control what is out there.

When you fail to claim a listing and the directory creates one for you, then the INTERNET is deciding what is relevant instead of you .

Be Social

Social is more and more important. You know that people buy from people that they know — like — and trust!  You can build all of that on social sites.  They should not be ignored.

Your social presence tells people about YOU.  Your social engagement online affects your web rankings, your search rankings and your online presence.

It cannot be ignored.  It is an important piece of your marketing puzzle.

Location! Location! Location!

You know that when you started your business – everyone told you LOCATION!!  It’s critical.

And on the web it is essential that you have a location based website.  Can your prospects find you and can they do it on mobile?

Many, many websites are not truly mobile responsive.  That means that you can click a call button, your site resizes for different size devices and it provides the essential information for your customer — your location and hours.

You NEED, no you MUST HAVE a optimized, mobile responsive location based site.

We offer service to help you stand up online and look GREAT!

onlineCRC ONLINE MONITOR Deals With Each Of These!

Your Business Center

As soon as you have your SnapShot Report you have a business center dashboard. This is where you can monitor your online presence, reputation and social media.  We have a Dashboard for you to coordinate all of these different aspects of your online presence.

You can improve your online presence right from inside Your Business Center, or you can opt for our Concierge Services in our Silver or Gold service package.

Presence Builder

Improve your online search presence with responsive Location Pages. From the Business Center Dashboard you can create a mobile friendly totally responsive website, without knowing any coding.  With the use of mobile devices you must have a mobile friendly site.  You can include clear calls to action to maximize your conversions.

Profile Sync

With Profile Sync your business information can be distributed can corrected with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.   Update information once and have it dispersed to all profiles.

Listing Distributions

CRC Online Monitor goes beyond the major directories but also pushes your updated information out to 300+ listing sites including search engines, review sites and directories.  By utilizing the four major data providers the information gets corrected and updated over time.  It can take sites several weeks or months to update the information.  As your data is updated, your online presence score and snapshot report will improve.

Reputation Management Dashboard and Alerts

Online reviews are becoming more and more important for all businesses.  It’s how people are making their buying decisions.  With our reputation management dashboard and alerts you can stay on top of it.

  • know what YOUR customers are saying about your business on review sites.
  • ensure that your online listings are consistent across the Internet
  • monitor employee activity on social media
  • compare your online presence to your competitors
  • receive regular reports to improve your online presence
  • monitor negative mentions

Social Management Dashboard

You will have the ability to:

  • publish content on social media
  • respond to clients on social platforms, coordinated from one dashboard
  • monitor multiple Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Foursquare accounts
  • Compose and post to social media accounts from within the dashboard
  • Concierge service Gold Level — Digital Agents will post to your social media four times per month.

Review Management

A concierge level service: Digital agents monitor and receive alerts regarding reviews. They work with you to address any reviews that come in.  Responding to negative reviews can resolve issues that have come up. Monitoring across the Internet gives you the opportunity to respond to positive and negative reviews.  Right from the dashboard you can request reviews and coordinate their distribution.  This helps your clients/customers to do reviews easily.

Visibility Premium

With our concierge service you receive Visibility Premium — Digital Agents work with you to claim your online listings on Google, Yelp, Bing.

Choose the Right Level of Service For You

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Your Reputation is important to your business.

Your Findability — via local marketing helps people to walk through your door.

The Combination of local search and reputation is increasing in importance each and every day.  NOW —>>> Google is placing reviews right on Google Maps.