InstructorDonna Price
TypeOnline Course
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Section 1Section 1: Instagram Ads Basics
Lecture 1Intro -- Instagram Ads
Lecture 2Video 1: What is Instagram and why use it for your business?
Lecture 3Video 2: What are Instagram Ads all about?
Lecture 4Video 3: What ad solutions is actually Instagram offering?
Section 2Section 2: Setting things up
Lecture 5Video 4: What you should do right before creating Instagram Ads?
Lecture 6Video 5: Setting up Facebook and Instagram for advertising
Lecture 7Video 6: Image tips for Instagram Ads
Lecture 8Video 7: Video tips for Instagram Ads
Section 3Section 3: Creating Ad Campaigns – Step by Step
Lecture 9Video 8: Boosting your posts
Lecture 10Video 9: Increasing brand awareness
Lecture 11Video 10: Increasing your reach
Lecture 12Video 11: Sending people to a destination on or off Facebook
Lecture 13Video 12: Getting installs of your app
Lecture 14Video 13: Getting video views
Lecture 15Video 14: Increasing conversions on your website
Lecture 16Video 15: Promoting a product catalog
Section 4Section 4: Advanced Instagram Ads Strategies
Lecture 17Video 16: Testing everything
Lecture 18Video 17: Driving Instagram engagement using video content
Lecture 19Video 18: Using authentic social influencers to tell the story of your brand
Lecture 20Video 19: Using hashtags
Section 5Section 5: Additional Tips to consider
Lecture 21Video 20: Premium tools and services to consider
Lecture 22
Lecture 23Video 21: Shocking case studies
Lecture 24Video 22: Frequently asked questions