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There are great ways to work with me.

I love helping people get their businesses moving in the right direction.

It looks different for each and every business!!

I work with you on strategy — both marketing and business strategy. I use the best planning program available and it will transform you and your business. I have a learning center resource that gives you the training that you might need to master marketing.

I can work with you to get your business visible online effectively.

Learn the best online marketing strategies for your business. Marketing is everything that you do in yuor business, direct and indirect. The main goal for my clients is typically —> more clients, more leads, more customers. Learn HOW to generate all of these and HOW to follow-up effectively.

I will work with you on mastery of any of the different strategies that you see here on my site. I use them and work with people on getting moving. I also have a tremendous resource for learning all of the ins and outs yourself.

I am a coach and a consultant. ¬†Sometimes –>> I will work with you to draw from your wisdom (coaching) and sometimes I will teach you the skills that you need to be a master and sometimes I will tell you what to do (consultant). ¬†It is a combination that is effective in getting great results for my clients.

I have been a DIYer. That means I have learned HOW to build a website, HOW to market, HOW to blog, HOW to create videos for YouTube…..

I am a facilitator — I love working with teams of people — helping workplaces become better places to work.

My background is in management — and then tree climbing and outdoor experiential education, cross country cycling and tour development.

I have a unique combination of skills, training and experience that will only help me as we develop an innovative strategy for your business.

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