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Do I Need Online Marketing?

Online Marketing is Important to Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

do i need online marketing as part of my plan
This is a question that comes up time after time, when I talk with a small business owner, that has a primarily offline business. Do I need to be online? My answer is YES! Yes, you need to be ONLINE and you need to do it well.

Online has several components to it and depending upon the industry your online presence may be limited by regulation, but you still NEED to be online.

There are billions of good reasons to be online. The billions — are potential customers and clients. Each business whether local or global should have an online presence that does a few things for them.

1. educates potential customers and leads
2. captures potential leads
3. engages with customers
4. communicates with leads and customers about the company, events, special offers, new services or products….
5. is a resource for customers and leads.

I hear people tell me, “well my business is all referrals” or “I don’t need online marketing, my business is all local” or “I hate being online” or “my customers aren’t online”.

I love these.  They each may be true to a point, BUT what about the customers that are online, that are searching for what you offer, that are using their cell phone to find a local business of your type?

Do you really have all of the business that you need?

Most small business owners that I talk with are talking with me because they NEED more business. It’s not just a want, its a NEED.

So, do you NEED to be ONLINE?  YES!!


To get there, there are a couple of things I recommend first:

  1. A blog!  Just like this, a blog can be the hub of your marketing.
  2. From a blog you can syndicate your content to several social media sites.

With this ONE step you are building an online presence.

The next key to building an effective online presence is your listings on key directory sites.  This is especially important for local businesses.  You MUST be listed on Google Local Listings….it is here that people that are trying to find you, will.

These sites link back to your website, your phone number and often to directions to your place of business.

With the growth of smart phone usage, this becomes even more critical. AND, you need to be sure that your site is mobile friendly or responsive so that it works on different devices.

Get started with your online marketing with our Landing Page package.

Pay Per Click Marketing – 4 Things For Newbies To Note

ppcmanagementlogoPPC Marketing and Management Are NOT the Same

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is something most brand-new website owners discover tough to master. The way PPC works is basic, you open a complimentary account with an online search engine (eg Google or Yahoo), then you place an ad for your site with a list of words (these are your “keywords”) you wish to have trigger the showing of your advertisement, state just how much you are willing to pay (“quote”) for each visitor who clicks the advertisement and ends up on your site and set a daily maximum budget figure. The PPC online search engine will then start to deliver visitors (“traffic”) to your site.

When someone types one of your keywords into the search engine, your advertisement will be shown. Its position will depend upon the quantity you offered (“bid”) on the keyword.

The very first thing to note is that although the way PPC works is simple, that is not the same as saying it is easy to make use of Pay Per Click marketing. Here are a few simple pointers to help any individual just starting out with Pay Per Click advertising.

Search Engine Size Matters.

When starting to utilize PPC Advertising, there are literally hundreds of search engines for you to select from. A few of these smaller business will accept bids on keywords for a portion of the minimum quote needed by the larger search engines. It would be an incorrect economy to look only at price, you also need to take volume and quality of traffic into account as well as time spent managing your marketing campaigns. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft manage about 90 % of the total volume of search engine traffic between them.

The staying traffic is spread in between the hundreds of smaller search engines. This indicates you might need to establish campaigns with 20 little search engines to match the traffic you would get from one Yahoo project. You may well be getting less expensive clicks in this manner however you would be spending 20 times as long handling the campaigns. Time is money: stick with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft when you initially begin making use of PPC marketing and save experimenting with small business for later on when experience will offer you a benefit.

Never Pay More Than A Visit Is Worth.

There is no point in getting to the number 1 position for a search term if you have to pay more per click than a visitor will potentially make for you. The method to get more visitors is to utilize more keywords, use the keyword research study device the search engine offers, choose keywords carefully for relevance and include them to your projects.

Avoid The Obvious

Look for much cheaper, less keyword expressions and popular keywords and take advantage of them to bring visitors at a much lower cost than the apparent popular keywords. The best keywords for Yahoo, might not carry out well in a Microsoft campaign, so use the keyword device offered by each company to construct up your keywords and keyword phrases for the particular search engine.

Do not Think “Seen One Seen Them All”.

Require time to find out how each search engine works. Although PPC works on the same concepts throughout the Internet, each search engine has a various user interface. The way you established and manage a project successfully is various with every one and it is essential that you hang around learning how every one works. Failure to do this can imply you end up doing things the difficult way or, even worse still, it can cost you money. The search engines have different guidelines, eg on exactly what words might be utilized in advertisements and the way keywords connect to your landing page. This suggests you cannot take your Yahoo ads and keywords and simply publish them into a Google or Microsoft project. Ensure you comprehend exactly the best ways to set your optimum bid and daily budget level for each individual project: if you get that part wrong you might be waving goodbye to huge amounts of wasted cash.

The way PPC works is basic, you open a totally free account with a search engine (eg Google or Yahoo), then you place an advertisement for your website with a list of words (these are your “keywords”) you wish to have set off the showing of your advertisement, state how much you are prepared to pay (“bid”) for each visitor who clicks the advertisement and ends up on your site and set an everyday optimum spending plan figure. The way to get more visitors is to utilize more keywords, make use of the keyword research study tool the search engine provides, choose keywords thoroughly for relevance and add them to your campaigns.

Look for more affordable, less popular keywords and keyword expressions and take advantage of them to bring visitors at a much lower expense than the apparent popular keywords. Use keyword scientific tools to find longer keyword phrases, similes and less often browsed terms. The best keywords for Yahoo, may not perform well in a Microsoft project, so utilize the keyword tool provided by each company to construct up your keywords and keyword expressions for the particular search engine.

Happy Friday! New Marketing Videos For YOU!

New Business Leads(1)I don’t know if you have had a chance to check out the new marketing center that I just launched!! I am still tweaking a few things. So bear with me. And now we are totally revamping Compass Rose Consulting site as well. It is all exciting!

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I know — it is a BOLD statement. But, being an entrepreneur is BOLD and I have some incredible things to show to you.

Save the date and time — Tuesday at noon EST.

It’s bike to work month. Since I primarily work from home I had to get creative. So I have a couple of times, driven the kids to school and then biked home, and then back to school in the afternoon to grab them. Today, I had a meeting and biked to the meeting. Great client that was totally okay with a biking marketing consultant arriving for the meeting!! Thank YOU.

So, be sure to figure out one day this month that you can bike to work or to home or to the grocery store. Biking is a great exercise but it is also where I have some of my best ideas!

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To Your Success!

All the best,

Donna Price
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Does My Business NEED a Web Presence?

The Internet has become a vital component of any business marketing plan.  Even if you are a locally based business and is solely word of mouth: a website and overall web presence is needed.  People (your clients and prospects) use the Internet to vet their service and product providers.  They will go to the Internet to learn more about you and your business.  Demonstrate your expertise with a site that will give you credibility.

There are different types of websites depending upon your goals. One page sites or landing page has the sole purpose of collecting information, typically email and name.  A sales page is focused on selling one service or product. A branding site is a more comprehensive site that reads more like a company brochure or information site.  An e-commerce site or online store, is focused on selling products.

Initially, a branding site is what most businesses start with.  There are many great web designers available to build sites, as well as many hosting companies that have site builder tools built in so that you can create your own site.  You do want a professional appearance, but at the same time;  it can be simple.  Currently, I recommend building a blog site.  A Word Press blog can look like a website but optimizes more easily because it is a blog.  It also ties into your other social media easily.  When building a Word Press blog you want to build it on your own domain with your own paid hosting account.  I recommend and use for hosting.  It is very affordable, support is accessible and it is dependable service.

The other piece of your web presence is your social media presence.  Social media sites include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,; and many, many more.  To get started I highly recommend LinkedIn.  It is a professional network and another place that people look to verify your credentials..  The second recommendation for people in the holistic field is Self Growth.  Their focus is on personal development and wellness.  On this site you can build an expert page and also build a network of contacts.

Creating a web presence can take time and managing social media accounts adds to that time.  It is important to create a web strategy so that you are building a web presence that works for you.  Take it one step at a time.

Donna Price is a Business Success Coach, working with companies on strategic planning, increasing revenue and company results,  Internet marketing strategies, and social media marketing, building blogs and more. ; 973-948-7673.