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Operations: Who Does What

Bizology.Biz tip of the day: Even if you are a micro business you should have an operational plan. Operations give you a strong foundation. BizSuccessCoach, Donna Price shares strategies for building your OP plan.

The Foundation of Health, Wellness…

Health, wellness & balance are the foundation of strong, effective business. You can intentionally build a healthy organization and maintain better health and wellness. Coach Donna Price shares strategies:

Using Press Releases in Your Biz

Bizology.Biz teaches and guides business owners through a comprehensive business building process. Press Releases are a strategy for your marketing plan. Learn from Business Coach, Donna Price, how to incorporate PR in your plan.


Bizology.Biz Tip of the Day: Create your business to fit your lifestyle. Business Success Coach, Donna Price, provides tips on business development, and business growth.

Clear Vision

Bizology.Biz Tip of the Day: Vision: Having a clear and compelling vision is an essential tool in building your business. Develop your clear business vision.

Customer Appreciation

Customer Appreciation is a key to any business operations. Entrepreneurs need to be sure that they are establishing a system of appreciating EACH of their customers. For more:

Are Newsletters Still Effective?

In a world full of email, are newsletters still effective? Donna Price, Business Success Coach, shares her biz tip on e-zines or email newsletters.

Creating an Operational Plan

In Bizology.Biz operational plans are an essential key to your business. Even micro businesses benefit from having an operational plan and operating procedures. For more info: