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Leading To Your Values

values alignmentValues Alignment

As a leader, the values of the organization need to be a focus.  When you lead to your values, then you are walking your talk, practicing what you preach, and living those values.

Doing a periodic values check is important. Are we in alignment with the values of the organization?  Do the values we have outlined still fit the organization? And, what do we need to do to be in alignment with the values of the organization?

Here at Compass Rose Consulting, we just recently been looking at our own values. But values alignment is something that has been important to me for a long time. It was included in my first business development program: Business Builders Intensive and is still a part of Bizology.Biz.  It is important to look at.

When you are out of alignment with your values — your staff notice and your customers notice.   Something doesn’t feel right. They know it and it impacts them.

Our alignment evaluation looks at:

What is the value? Name it:

How is it practiced across the organization?

For instance, I worked with an organization that worked with youth and taught that you needed to get a college education so that you would be fairly paid. And we hired people with college degrees to work with the youth. BUT, we did not pay a fair wage for the work done.  The values were out of alignment with the practice.

Take a look at your values and how they are working in your business. Is there something that you need to shift or change?  Is there a way to practice them better?

Leave me your thoughts below and let me know how your business is doing.

Negative Customer Reviews: Avoid These Deadly Mistakes

Deadly mistakes you want to avoid when handling negative customer reviews

No one, no small business owner wants to see negative customer reviews. They can be so totally disheartening, annoying and quite shocking.  If you can take a step back they can also provide you with some honest feedback about areas of your business that you may be blind to. This isn’t always the case but important to take a look and be honest with yourself.

Online reviews are here to stay so it’s best to know how to handle them correctly and how not to handle them.

Here are some common mistakes business owners make in handling negative customer reviews

1. Don’t Get Emotional

One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make is to take negative reviews extremely personally. While negative reviews can be hurtful, it’s important not to get swept away into an emotional state of depression, anger, self-pity or hopelessness. If you have a few negative reviews amidst a lot of other positive ones, realize that these are just the opinions of a minority. Also understand that people need to air their grievances and possibly found the easiest way to do it was online. By having a sober and objective view about negative publicity, you will be able to better tackle the problem in a calm, organized and respectable manner than if you are on an emotional roller-coaster.

2. Don’t Fail To Research The Complaint

KNOWLEDGE IS KEY: One of the key weapons in dealing with negative reviews is having an arsenal of factual information about the business transaction that resulted in the negative publicity. However it’s easy to get impulsive and immediately respond to a negative review without checking your facts. This can only lead to false assumptions and further public embarrassment as you will come across as a business that doesn’t know what it is talking about.

Getting your facts right is also critical in knowing whether the negative review was accurate or inaccurate.

  • Were your employees really rude to that customer?
  • Did that package go to the wrong shipping address?

If your facts reveal your business messed up, you will need to apologize and rectify the situation and if the client was the problems, you can still approach them with a mind to helping them see your side of the story.

3. DON’T Be Defensive

Another big mistake is being overly defensive and seeking to pass blame to everyone but your business. One of the marks of being defensive is getting involved in a back and forth online shouting match with your customers. This is definitely not the way to go because first of all, you have an online audience witnessing your tirade and secondly everyone expects your business to be professional and take the high ground.

As you engage, maintain a respectful, truthful and objective approach as this will most likely win over your negative reviewer and other online users

4. Don’t Ignore The Review

Take your head out of the sand!!

Just as bad as being defensive, is being flippant and ignoring negative reviews. Every negative review is worth taking a look at and worth rectifying to the best of your ability as a business owner. By burying your head in the sand and ignoring what people are saying, you are only setting up yourself for a major storm ahead. It’s always best to nip bad publicity in the bud and save yourself a lot of trouble and money down the road.

As I said, customer reviews are here to stay.  It is important to be on top of them.  The good and the bad!

crconlinemonitor3Check out our online monitoring service — we monitor your reviews, we help you generate new reviews and we help you handle the good, bad and the ugly!!

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