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Instagram Video Ads

instagram video adsHow to create your first Instagram video advertisement?

Instagram Video Ads:

Over the past few years, there has been considerable growth in the Instagram user base, making it a perfect place for marketers to showcase their brands.  Over 600 million people are hanging around Instagram, and people from 18-35 years old are higher in numbers.

Instagram ads basically work like other social media channels with an advertising feature. It’s easy to understand the flow and set up an advertising campaign, but before you begin, here are some key points to remember.

  • You must have an active Facebook page and Facebook ad account.
  • You must set a Call to action
  • You must set a budget before starting
  • Most importantly, you need visual content, such as a square image, landscape image and a 60 second long video.

Join the Instagram ad bandwagon by following the steps below to create your first Instagram video ad.

Step 1: Link your Instagram account to your Facebook page

Before starting, you need to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page. This will allow you to create ads through the Facebook power editor.  To get started, go to your Facebook page and click on Settings in the top-right corner. In the left column, click Instagram Ads, and then click the Add an Account button on the right.

If you already have an Instagram account then, select the existing account, enter the user id and password and click confirm.

If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can create one from within Facebook. Select Create a New Account, enter a username for the Instagram account and type in your email address. When you’re finished, click Confirm.

Once you’ve finished all the steps, your Instagram account will be connected to your Facebook page.

Step 2: Know which types of ads you can run on Instagram

For Instagram ads, there are three objectives of ads: clicks to your website, mobile app installs and video views.  These three objectives will hold three key ad units within them: image, video and carousel ads.

Image ads are standard photos with a button driving users to click upon them. Video ads are the same as image ads, but consist of video in place of the image. Carousel ads are a series of images that users can browse.

Step 3: Target the right audience

Just like Facebook ad targeting, you can also target your Instagram ads. Not all targeting options are available in Instagram. The only targeting options required are location, age and gender. The rest of the targeting options can be used if you want more control over who can see your ads.

Step 4: Use attention-grabbing visuals

People are highly attracted toward visual content, and Instagram is full of rich visual content, whether it be video or images.  If you want to drive high results, make use of compelling videos and images that draw user attention. Try and avoid using stock images, because people viewing the ad can easily recognize them.

Step 5: Include a call to action

A call to action in a post increases the click rate. In Instagram, there are no stipulations about the amount of text that can be used with images. This provides marketers with the opportunity to create ads with heavy text and complex stories. Also, you can directly use a call-to-action in your video and photos.

Step 6: Leverage popular hashtags

Instagram is highly driven by the use of the hashtag. Make use of 2-3 relevant hashtags, which will allow your ad to be found easily. The strategic use of a hashtag allows businesses to improve their brand visibility quicker compared to other social media channels. #smallbusinessmarketing, #businesscoach, #marketingstrategies

Getting Customer Reviews

How To Get Audio/Video/Photo Customer Reviews For Your Small Business

Customer reviews can be so helpful to a company.  Video and photo gives you an added advantage of add authenticity to the review as well as search engine ranking power.

customer reviewsAn often overlooked method of collecting online customer reviews is through videos and photos. With so much emphasis on written reviews, no one bothers thinking about video and image reviews yet they have a more powerful influencing effect than text due to their visual and audio benefits. A majority of people take in information better and actually enjoy doing so when it is present in picture or video format. Cell phones give you an easy way to collect both video and photo’s for your reviews.

As with anything there is a right way and a wrong way to collect video and image reviews. Let’s start with how NOT to do it. Do not try recording videos or shooting photos of your customers on an ordinary business day at your shop. There will be no excitement necessary to portray all the right mix of emotional energy to make the review enjoyable and convincing.

The right way to do it is to capitalize on an event that is taking place at your business or being sponsored by your business. Events include:
* Parties
* Concerts
* Product Launches
* Store Openings
* Holiday Celebrations such as Halloween, Christmas, Independence Day
* Community Events
* Fundraisings
* Sporting Events
* Family Fun Days
* TV Coverage of your business such for a show.

These are all opportune moments to take video footage and photos when your clients are exhibiting positive emotions – they are excited, attentive, entertained, astonished, cheerful, engaged and relaxed. If asked a question about your business, they will be able to naturally and enthusiastically give a positive customer testimonial. You can easily set up an area for shooting the short 30-60 second reviews.  Have someone else record the videos so that customers don’t feel uncomfortable.  But when you are at a special event, you have your fans there! These are the people you WANT to give you reviews.

With their permission, you can post these videos and photos on
* Your website
* Your facebook page
* Your YouTube channel
* Your review site and business directory profiles

Videos do not have to be lengthy – in fact the shorter they are the better. A 60 second video clip is just the right length. While you may think you need expensive equipment to make this happen, a simple point and shoot digital camera or a good quality mobile phone camera will do the trick. You want your videos to look amateurish because that makes them look more credible. Super professional videos just look fake and hard to believe so it’s best to keep it simple and believable.

Start adding video reviews to your website.

With some cool plugins you can have a carousel of video testimonials.

crconlinemonitor3You can also ask people to add reviews on social media sites.

OR of course, we are glad to help you.

If you want assistance getting your customer review program started…..

Set up a consult with me:

Webinar Jeo Replay

webinar jeo replay

Webinar Jeo Replay Is HERE!!

Have you had a chance to look at Webinar Jeo yet?

I think it looks incredible. Check out the Webinar Jeo Replay.  This webinar happened a few days ago.  But I wanted to give you a chance to check it out.

The price is great.  Think about it, compared to the other players — GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar it is a HUGE savings.

It is built by a reputable team — Walt Bayliss.

I have used products developed by Walt for many years.

So, here is the webinar replay!

Webinar JEO is designed to be a fully functioning webinar and live streaming software for your training presentations, meetings, collaborations with  an unlimited number of people.

Built in partnership with Amazon’s Web services infrastructure, Webinar JEO has the backing to increase computing power to an unlimited level. This provides assurance to it’s users that the events will always be ‘kitted up’ with the best hardware as it’s backing.

More Information

Webinars are one of the best ways to build your business. They give you a broader reach, beyond your local community, but they also make it possible for business owners to access your training in a convenient way.  Saving on travel time and expense.

You can record your webinar and have the replay available to people for days, weeks, or even years to come.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to webinars and how you can use them in your business.

This software is at an incredible launch price.  Save hundreds of dollars today.


Client Attraction: Webinars to Attract NEW Customers

client attractionWebinars can be GREAT Client Attraction Tool:

Whether you are a real estate agent, dress shop owner, pet store, plumber, consultant, massage therapist or lawyer, webinars can help you to build your business and be a great client attraction tool.  With webinars you can build your reputation, your expertise status and your reach.

Your webinar can give your current clients access to you from the comfort of their home or office.

Maybe you are wondering — What would I say on a webinar??  Great question!!  I am glad to brainstorm with you specific ideas for your business but here are a few off the top of my head:

  • fashion tips and trends
  • home prep for sale — staging, how to sell fast and easily, pricing right….
  • maintaining your homes systems — plumbing, electric, HVAC….
  • top strategies for staying relaxed
  • meditations
  • when you need a lawyer
  • how to hire the best… professional

The possibilities are endless.

BUT — >>> once you decide to use webinars as part of your marketing strategy, then you have to figure out the details — how to do it and how to afford it.

That is where Webinar Jeo comes in.  It is state of the art new webinar platform that is running off of Amazon.

Walt Bayliss the developer has a track record of innovative software development.  I have purchased his webinar platform that ran on Google Hangouts — RunClick.  Great software too, BUT hangouts were buggy and it made it challenging.

I am so excited to see this new software launch and get in the special launch pricing.

Compared to GoToWebinar — the price is an annual payment that is less than what most are paying monthly with GoToWebinar — and the benefits exceed, far exceed what you get there.

Unlimited partipants

Evergreen webinars — if you don’t know what these are you need to. Evergreen can save you hours and hours and still bring in more clients.

client attraction This software looks to be the biggest webinar platform launch in a long time and many, many Internet Marketers are moving their business over to it.

It just launched yesterday and already it looks to be the biggest launch in JV Zoo history.


I know that I have tried several other platforms and am excited to be back with Walt Bayliss on Webinar Jeo!


Best Webinar Software

webinar softwareProduct Name: Webinar JEO Webinar Software

Every business CAN use webinar software to increase their sales and reach.  Webinar Jeo is the newest webinar software and it is going to compete with the big players and save business owners thousands….

Product Description: Webinar JEO is designed to be a full functioned webinar and live streaming software, allowing you to do ‘one to many’ style presentations to an unlimited number of people.

Unlike other competitors in the Webinar space, Webinar JEO has no limitations on the number of people that can attend an event. Built in partnership with Amazon’s Web services infrastructure, Webinar JEO has the backing to increase computing power to an unlimited level. This provides assurance to it’s users that the events will always be ‘kitted up’ with the best hardware as it’s backing.

More Information (Purchase link)

Webinar JEO: Webinar Software.
Overview: Webinars are the best form of engagement for audiences. Used for product presentations, training seminars and business delivery (just to name a few) the ability to connect with audiences across the globe is unparalleled.

Webinar JEO includes a suite of tools to allow you the best methods of presenting, with one click ability to switch between Interactive (on screen) whiteboards, Full screen share for browser demonstrations or Powerpoint/Keynote slides and camera mode. This last one allows real time connection with any web cam connected to your computer and all modes feature high quality audio and almost zero lag or delay.

The instant (live) chat – means that attendees to your presentations can immediately give you feedback and engage with the presenter. This provides that ‘real time’ feedback which is what makes live streaming webinars so much more valuable than anything running using Google Hangouts.

Webinar JEO also includes a ‘pre recorded mode’ which allows you to load up presentations and still benefit from the integrated ‘database management’ tools, that capture names and email addresses, while delivering ANY video as a presentation ‘as if’ it were being run like a live webinar.

Presenting with Webinar JEO, we found it to be an easy system. Very intuitive and powerful.

Overall: 5 stars.

5 star webinar software

Strong points

This is the clincher!!

No limits.
Fast and Powerful presentation modules
Priced Extremely well

Easy to use

Weak point

the switching modes takes about 4 seconds. Attendees will see the screen go black with a spinning ‘mode switch’ icon to let them know


Webinar JEO vs Webinar Jam. As feature rich, but with the added bonus of being true live stream presentations.

Webinar JEO Comparison to Go To Webinar: Much friendlier to use, more tools to take advantage of additional marketing areas and much more cost effective. I don’t know about you, but Go To Webinar always is a challenge… my computer crashes, the cost of using it is high.  Limits on attendees….

Conclusion: Overall, Webinar JEO is a strong competitor in the Webinar Software space.

  • Cost Effective

  • And Powerful.

  • Highly Recommended.

Special Offer Details:

Right now, as Webinar JEO is lauching, there are a limited number of ‘grandfathered pricing’ accounts being made available.

This makes Webinar JEO even more attractive. To Find out more, click the link below.
Webinar JEO:

EnVision 2016

When You Fail To Envision the future…. can you really take the right actions to get you there?

summitVision + Action = Results

I have been a long time believer in vision.  Not so much in the law of attraction working on its own, but I do believe that without a clear vision, it makes it hard to create the right strategic plan to get you to that vision.

I found that when I biked across the country. It was the strong vision of biking across the country that gave me the direction for creating a bike route and a plan.  If I just set out to bike for 6 months I could have stayed home and ridden with the bike club in circles — round and round.

That clear vision allowed me to create a strategic plan that we focused on implementing.  The results — a route across the country, places to stay each night, 10 service project locations across the country and lots of places to visit and see.

I use this as a metaphor for business.  In business, your vision is what drives you.  Sharing that vision, expanding the vision all contribute to your ability to create strategies for success.

When the vision is unclear or non existent it is hard to really grow your business.  You can perhaps keep it going on a day to day — riding in circles fashion.  But to really grow you have to be aiming at something — clear and compelling.

That vision drives your actions.

Each year, I take some time to look at my vision, to review it and refine it and create that new strategic plan for the upcoming year!

It isn’t about New Year’s resolutions.  It is about — a clear and compelling vision for the future.

I offer a complimentary webinar each year for my contacts as well — called EnVision 2016.  It is usually fun…

Bring your colored markers, paper, pen and enthusiasm and take an hour to create your vision for 2o16.

Register HERE

Being Found ONLINE

localsearchAre YOU Being FOUND ONLINE — easily?

Did you know that your online profile affects how people find you and IF people find you?  Many businesses have created a Google listing, but have you created all of the listings that you should have?

Your online real estate consists not only of your website but also your listings on search engines, social sites and directory sites. They all work together to create a powerful traffic generation strategy.

I’ve been doing several blog posts about local search and local listings this week and we got lots of questions.

When you are working to drive traffic to your programs and services you need to have a comprehensive strategy.  It is not enough to just do YouTube or just use Facebook…. but rather a complete online strategy includes both and more.

PPC Advertising– The Primary Step In A SEO Marketing Campaign

ppc managementPPC IS A GREAT Strategy for New Business Leads

Typically, sites view seo and PPC marketing as exclusive marketing techniques. If you plan to pursue a major seo effort, a PPC project is a crucial early step.

PPC For Testing

Let’s say you have a website providing a product or service in the travel market. You’ve created a healthy spending plan and chose to opt for broke. Yep, you’re optimizing and trading links in an effort to go after keyword phrases with significant traffic and competition. For example, you’ve chosen to have a go at “Europe travel”, which has roughly 400,000 searches every month and significant competitors for high rankings. You invest 2 years trading links, adding material and so on. Miracle of miracles, you pop on to the first page of search engine result. You start buying your personal jet only to understand an extremely troubling thing. You are getting thousands of gos to, but couple of sales. After running calculations, you find the site is transforming at 1 in 10,000.

Houston, we have an issue.

A PPC project need to be made use of to test your site against keyword phrases before you spend the time and money on an seo campaign. The very best platforms to make use of for your campaign are Google Adwords and Overture. Yes, click fraud is a problem, however less so on these platforms.

After opening accounts and laying a charge card down at the PPC alter, you need to give some idea at to how you will check your keywords. Here’s a hint. The campaign must be developed to test the keyword expressions, not optimize sales. This might sound like a weird statement, but remember the purpose of the project. You are figuring out whether you have actually selected appropriate keyword expressions for the seo project. How does it all go wrong? (or hire a PPC Manager, to oversee your project and make sure it is set up correctly.)

With broad match, your advertisements are going to appear for your keyword phrase AND variations of the expression. Given that the advertisement is appearing on a variety of keyword expressions, the results can offer you an incorrect impression of the value of the primary keyword phrase.

Returning to our example, we begin a Google Adwords advocate “Europe travel” and use the default broad match choice. After a month, we are happy to discover the advertisements converting at 1 in 70. Having actually validated the keyword expression, we triggered on the long seo campaign. Are we actually sure about the validity of the keyword expression. Because Google has been known to seriously expand keyword phrases under the broad match alternative, how do we know that the real keyword phrase isn’t “European travel”? We don’t unless we take a few additional steps.

The initial step is to restrict the PPC ads by bypassing the broad match choice. Instead, you wish to limit the look of the advertisement just to look for the exact keyword phrase. In Adwords, this is known as the “exact expression” match. To designate it, you merely place brackets” [] around the keyword expression. Second, you need to track traffic originating from the advertisements. This can be done making use of tracking devices on your server or through the tracking alternatives provided by each PPC platform. Despite your choice, the resulting data will provide a much truer image of the value of the particular keyword expressions.

Absolutely nothing is more annoying then getting leading rankings, however miserable conversions. The only way to beat this issue is to test, test, test. Making use of PPC projects at the beginning of an Internet marketing efforts can save you a great deal of headaches later.

A PPC campaign should be made use of to test your site against keyword expressions prior to you spend the time and cash on an seo campaign. You are determining whether you have chosen proper keyword phrases for the seo campaign. With broad match, your advertisements are going to appear for your keyword phrase AND variations of the phrase. Given that the ad is appearing on a range of keyword phrases, the outcomes can give you a false impression of the value of the primary keyword phrase.

Considering that Google has been known to seriously expand keyword expressions under the broad match option, how do we understand that the real keyword phrase isn’t really “European travel”?

Your Marketing Message

Do you have a clear marketing message?  Are you sure?

Marketing messages need to be crafted carefully and not be full irrelevant jargon.  Often we see marketing messages that say things like:

  • high quality
  • trustworthy
  • ontime
  • well trained staff

But aren’t these things that we expect.  If you order a meal don’t you expect it to taste good?  Or if you are installing a new kitchen, don’t you expect it to be done professionally?

So, are you including this type of jargon in your messaging?

If you are, then it is time to regroup and rethink your marketing message.  Craft one that is focused not on you or your company or its features but rather on the client or customer.  What is the problem that you solve?  What is the customer pain that you address?

Do you help reduce pain through your chiropractics?

Or do you do a 5 day headache free kitchen makeover?

What is the pain?  This is where you need to start. Brainstorm a BIG list of pain points for your customer or client.

Here is the pain for my clients:

  • not enough business
  • not enough money coming in
  • not enough new business leads
  • marketing that costs a lot but doesn’t return a lot.
  • overwhelm with all the marketing that needs to be done

When I craft a message then it starts with the pain and identifies who the customer is:

I work with small business owners who feel frustrated with all the money they spend on marketing without getting great results.

So, what is the beginning of your marketing message?  Who is the customer and what is their pain? Leave your comments below.


Creating Your Web Based Lead System

A Web Based Marketing System MUST Include Email and Lead Capture!!
email marketing system

A website only works as a lead generation tactic if it is designed that way. You can promote and market and spend thousands but if your website is not set up correctly, all of that effort is a waste of both time and money.

Websites, most often are online brochures and resumes.  They give overview information about the person, business or service and then say “call me”.  BUT, most people are not in the call me mode or at the BUY NOW point. They are online researching, investigating, gathering information mode.  This is where YOU need to have a strategy.  How do you capture this information?

How do you continue marketing to them, building rapport and establishing YOURSELF as the GO TO person in your field?

Accomplishing all of this is totally possible and actually can be done quite easily and for little cost.

Join me to learn the strategies that you need to know!

How to Make Your Website Work For YOU!

Thursday October 1st: 9:30 AM EST