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Strategy vs. Tactics in Marketing

Lead GenerationHave you developed a suite of marketing tactics or have you developed a strategic marketing plan?

Many, many business owners have strung together a bunch of marketing tactics.  They think it is strategic but they don’t fit together well and they don’t work strategically.

A marketing strategy should take a prospect through a process that first gets their attention, then educates and guides until they have reached the point that they WANT to buy from YOU because they see YOU as the person that has what they need.

But when you decide to start using a new tactic without thinking through the entire process of the buyer, you will most likely fail. The tactic will be blamed as ineffective and you will not see the results that you want.

It is vital that strategic marketing be well thought through.  You should NOT be calling the newspaper to run an ad without a well thought out strategy for what people will do when they see your ad.

I was talking with a business owner just the other day that said — ‘well, I just want brand recognition’.  That is great for Coke or Pepsi or McDonald’s, but most small business owners cannot afford to do just brand recognition.  They need to do lead generation and lead conversion.  Brand recognition takes a lot of money. Using a tactic for brand recognition without a strategic system for lead capture is sure bankrupt many a small business owner.

But — with the right strategy you can make an ad work for you.  Marketing is not a puzzle — but it does have a lot of pieces to it and they need to be strategically put together.

The newspaper ad — needs to have a call to action!  That call to action takes the prospect somewhere — you need to think this through. The call to action should NOT be “Call ME!”.  That just is not realistic.  What is a good call to action?

A strong call to action has a lead capture system built into it.  It compels the prospect to give to you their name and email (minimally) and in exchange you provide something of value to the prospect.  Most commonly — this is a landing page with an offer of a free report/video series/tip sheet/white paper…etc.  It is too early to jump to the free consult.  And the offer needs to be compelling.  The lead capture form needs to be automated. You do not want to be manually sending out free reports to people. Using a service such as Aweber, Get Response, Mail Chimp or Zoho provides this to you.

Once you have captured the lead, then you have the ability to continue to follow up with people.  Auto-responders can provide a great deal of follow up for you, automatically.  Eventually, you do want to be talking with the prospect.  When depends on you and your business.  But when you do — this needs to be thought out also. What is the goal of the conversation?  How can you guide the lead to that goal?  Using a script to do this increases your conversions.  Just winging it and hoping that each of your staff do the same is likely to decrease your conversion rate.  When you script out the call or the office visit or the webinar then you are thinking the entire process through.  You aren’t forgetting a piece.

Throughout the process you need to be tracking what worked and what didn’t. If there is a step that doesn’t work — then refine it.  Do not give it up.  Revise and refine to get it right.

Take a few minutes to look at your strategies — are they well thought out?  Is there a system in place?  Have you put scripts in place for your staff?

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Gain Internet Marketing Leads With a Human Touch

YOU, The Human, Behind the Business Draws Internet Marketing Leads

Magnetic Marketing is not solely an Internet Marketing strategy. New Business Leads come to back to a human touch and there being people behind the marketing.  Internet Marketing Leads are not just for Internet Marketers but rather a way to gain leads for your business. People don’t like to be “sold” but they do like to BUY.  But they buy from other people.  When you add YOURSELF into your marketing — then people are attracted.

The human touch gives you the chance:

YOU have to be part of your marketing!

YOU have to be part of your marketing!

–To gain your customers’ trust
–To engage with them
–To know your Ideal Customer

Creating a powerful magnetic marketing strategy helps you to communicate effectively with your potential customer.

A Marketing Strategy That is Integrated Draws In New Business Leads

Your powerful Internet Marketing Strategy should be an integrated approach that puts you front and center in all of your marketing.  Whether you are a network marketer, an entrepreneur or a small business owner, YOU are the person behind the message and putting YOU in front makes your business more attractive and magnetic!

There are some very specific strategies for adding that human touch to your business marketing.  some of these are:

  • social engagement
  • personal videos — meaning videos with YOU in them
  • website
  • actual picture of you in profiles
  • and more…..

It is important to create an integrated marketing strategy that pulls all of the pieces online together.  YOU, have to be part of the marketing but it does not mean that YOU have to DO the marketing. Creating an effective plan can be a do-it-yourself plan or an outsourced plan.  Both can work and both can be highly effective. The question is: Does your marketing plan draw in new leads? If it does not, then you need to re-evaluate the plan and make adjustments.

New Business Leads Should Be The Results That YOU Create With YOUR Magnetic Marketing Strategy

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Compelling Content for Business Lead Generation

YOUR Expertise Assists in Business Lead Generation |Generating New Business Leads|How to Easily Attract Qualified Business Leads

You have knowledge that is valuable and can help your prospects.  Whatever your field is you are most likely more knowledgeable than your prospects.

A blog is the place to develop your content. Blogs help to you to generate new business leads by sharing your expertise. Content lets people get to know YOU and YOUR business. Your business blog should be part of your website.  If you don’t yet have a blog they are easy to install on your domain.  We manage all of our online content via our blogs — using WordPress.

People Like to KNOW that there are REAL people!

People Like to KNOW that there are REAL people!

People are attracted to People!!

Your Compelling Content:
–Speaks directly to your customers & prospects
–Is engaging, informative & entertaining
–Brings in leads & customers

Compelling Content is crucial to your marketing success

The best part about a blog is that your content can also be share to your social media sites, re-purposed into a video or slide share, and reach out to more people.

When you share valuable information people want to read it, share it, engage with you! This is the beginning of generating new leads for your business… building a relationship and rapport with people.  It takes the human touch to really be in business.

Put yourself in your content… I’m not saying your personal life, but your personality!

Content pre-sells YOU and your opportunity or service or product.

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Engagement Equals New Leads for YOUR Business

Social Media Engagement Can Build Rapport/Relationship and Lead to New Business Leads!

Every social media platform: Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter all offer the ability to engage with other people. When used correctly, business leaders can generate new business leads with an effective strategy and plan.

Social Media Content needs to be compelling  — that means that it offers value to the reader. YOU are the expert.  Yees, there are probably other experts in your field and YES, they might know more than you, but on your social media YOU are the expert.  Social Media can engage prospects, can gather great information and data that benefits your marketing and business and ultimately brings in new business leads and customers.

New customers = increased revenue.


It’s about building relationships.  Just like in live networking, you need engagement in order to connect with people and move into a relationship that can become a customer relationship.

What business doesn’t want new customers, new leads for business growth?

Social Media is a powerful online strategy that often is not created with specific goals of new business leads in mind. The approach needs to fit with your business, your overall goals and your plan.  Use the meeting scheduler below to schedule a review of your media plan with Donna.

This site has many resources for you on developing your social media plan.

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As a lifelong learner I am always training… learning HOW to market more effectively, HOW to engage with my connections, like you, more and I gladly share with my clients what I am learning.

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Does YOUR Web Presence Generate New Business Leads?

YOUR Web Presence Should BE Generating New Business Leads

So you have a website and blog; it’s branding you, but it isn’t building your business.

Magnetic Marketing is an inbound marketing strategy.  It starts with your web presence.  Is your website drawing people to you?  Your web presence is about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.  Creating a presence that shares your story, your message and brand. That is engaging and serves your customers and prospects.

Is your website competing? Is it bringing New Business Leads to YOU?

New Business Leads should come easily to you.

Building a web presence involves creating a website and blog.  WordPress is a great platform (in fact, I think it is the best platform) for building this.  Your website becomes your hub for sharing your expertise.  Once you have created compelling content for your blog you can share that content across your social media platforms.

This is the place that people can learn about YOU and why they want to work with you.  Be sure that you do not leave YOU off the page. It is your knowledge, your expertise, your personality that people are drawn to.  When you are able to share that effectively, THEN people will be coming to your business.

Your website is where you also want to have special offers that people can opt into and in exchange you are receiving their contact info.  This gives you the ability to continue building a relationship and rapport.

When websites fail to do this then hey are giving up that new customer or potential customer.  The person leaves your site and then when they NEED or WANT your service you are lucky if they remember where you and your website are!  Luck is not a good business strategy!

New Business Leads for YOUR Business

Does YOUR Business Have All Of The New Business Leads It Needs?

Learning HOW to generate new business leads on the Internet can increase your business results significantly. Even if you are an offline business, such as a store or service business, online marketing needs to be part of the mix.

Learning HOW to generate new business leads takes your online marketing strategy to the next level. Online marketing is more than branding and creating a presence. It is about learning HOW to use the tools online to generate massive interest in your business, your services and capturing that information so that you can continue to build a relationship.

Watch all 6 episodes of my Magnetic Marketing series. It really is about becoming a magnet that attracts people to YOU. And yes, YOU are the magnet — not your service or your products but you!!

Become a New Business Leads MAGNET!

Magnetic Marketing File #1 of 6 reveals  online strategies for getting new business leads for your business whether you are an offline business, network marketer or home based business owner.

Are you getting new business leads everyday with your marketing?

Are you:

  • –tired of chasing prospects? Learn how to pull people to you instead of pushing them away.  Give up your list of 100.  Move beyond it to a strategy that pulls people to you.
  • –wishing people came to you — looking for and wanting what your business offers?

If you have answered YES  ==  you need a strategy for drawing new leads to you.

  • –magnetic marketing is cheaper, easier, faster and more time efficient it is inbound marketing.
  • –inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing saves you money and increases your business.

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Maybe you already have enough business and enough new business leads coming to you each and every day, and maybe, just maybe you already have an incredible system to stay in touch with them and follow-up and help them in deciding to become a customer or business partner.

BUT, if you are not one of those businesses overwhelmed with customers and people pounding down your door — then you really do need to join me for this webinar!!

The Wednesday night webinar that MLSP hosts provides incredible value each and every week, BUT tonight is special.  They are unveiling a new piece of software that I do not even know enough about to really tell you about, BUT I do know that it is going to be an important addition to my business suite of online marketing tools that PULL people to my business and help me to follow up effectively.

They say “the money is in the follow-up!!” and where do so many of us fall down??

Follow UP



If you have people visiting your website and leaving — you have NO chance to follow up.  If you are depending upon a replicated company site with no lead capture system — you are missing out on new business leads and new business partners.  YOU need a system that does this whether you are a brick and mortar store front type buisness or a network marketer with the best product in the world.  When you send leads to a site and then DO NOT capture basic information to start building a relationship — you have missed left MONEY on the “virtual” table!

Generating New Business Leads is the first step, building a relationship with each person is the next.

Remember — people buy from people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST!

I look forward to hearing what you think! Join me for the webinar — and then come right back here and leave me a comment with your thoughts!!  If you are unsure how the software could help YOUR business — then let’s connect and I know that I will see HOW it can support your business growth vision!

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Customer Relationship Management — Software Launch for MLSP

Customer Relationship Management Software Revealed at Wednesday Webinar

Attraction Marketing SystemMy Lead System Pro is gearing up to reveal its latest innovation for marketers and network marketers — that will give people tools for branding and customizing their business — in such an incredible way that they will be light years ahead of their competition.

My Lead System Pro is the training resource that thousands of Network Marketing Leaders and Business Leaders have turned to for top expert training.  Instead of generating leads through friends, family, neighbors, cold calls and ineffective marketing…MLSP teaches members HOW to market themselves in a magnetic — branded — attractive way. For months there have been rumors of something new.  Even at their live event co-founders Brian Fanale and Norbert Orlewicz didn’t reveal all. But now, they have announced a webinar reveal on Wednesday, October 22nd.

They say: “The fortune is in the follow­up” ?

Well, they’re right…

And MLSP has a new toy to give it’s loyal members to help YOU build your biz faster, more efficiently, like the 6 & 7 ­figure earners do daily.

The thing is that they aren’t just revealing their new software to their members; they are opening up the webinar to other Network Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Home Based Business Owners—> all who need a good customer relationship management solution.

Oct 22nd at 9 PM EST.

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I can’t really say what this could mean for you…. I know for me —> I have been looking for software that would help me manage customer relationships and I am excited to see just exactly what they have created. These guys are incredible… their programs have helped hundreds (probably thousands) to build a REAL business that is thriving. Join me on Wednesday — I know it will be worth your time What would it mean to your business — to have more leads each day?  And what if you had a system for generating those leads? And then a system for managing all of them. When you only have your friends, families and neighbors — relationship management doesn’t seem that hard.  A small notebook and some notes does it.  BUT, if YOU are really building a business that is growing beyond who you already know — then YOU want, no you NEED to join me on this webinar.


Customer Reviews On Your Site Increase Conversions

Customer Reviews Are GOOD For YOU!!

Do you include product or service reviews right on your website?

Are you coordinating the customer reviews right on your site or are you importing them from another site?

Believe it or not — reviews — good or bad can increase your conversions.  (That means more sales!) Right off the bat you would think that a bad review doesn’t help you.  But it is the fact that you have reviews at all that is helping you.  The advantage of having them right on your site is that the visitor is in your sales funnel.  If they leave your site to check reviews then there is a good chance that they aren’t coming back.  Keeping them on your site increases your chance of converting them into a buyer or customer.

If you are using WordPress to manage your site there are several nice plugins that will add customer reviews to your site.

I generally play with plugins to see if I like the way it works.  I read the reviews on the plugin and ratings and also check when it was last updated.  If it has been longer than a couple of months then I generally move onto another plugin.  It is important to use up to date plugins as WordPress is always updating and old plugins or themes can mess up your site.

Bottom line on customer reviews is that they are good for you.

You can also collect them on your fanpage and import those to your site.

Ask your customers for reviews.  Offer an incentive for the review…. such as a free report — or info sheet — or coupon for 10% off a service, find a way to reward them for the review — good or bad!

And of course if you do have a bad customer review — try to do some follow up with the person. Not so much to get them to take down their bad review of you, but to try to remedy the dissatisfaction and provide excellence in customer service.  Many times a bad review is based on a bad interaction and can easily be remedied with a good one.  Be the kind compassionate, customer care rep that turns the situation around.

Customer Reviews helps you in building your business operations as well as helping your onsite conversion.  Take each customer review as a gift and be thankful for the positive or negative feedback. Each customer review can help you grow and develop your company.