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EnVision 2016

When You Fail To Envision the future…. can you really take the right actions to get you there?

summitVision + Action = Results

I have been a long time believer in vision.  Not so much in the law of attraction working on its own, but I do believe that without a clear vision, it makes it hard to create the right strategic plan to get you to that vision.

I found that when I biked across the country. It was the strong vision of biking across the country that gave me the direction for creating a bike route and a plan.  If I just set out to bike for 6 months I could have stayed home and ridden with the bike club in circles — round and round.

That clear vision allowed me to create a strategic plan that we focused on implementing.  The results — a route across the country, places to stay each night, 10 service project locations across the country and lots of places to visit and see.

I use this as a metaphor for business.  In business, your vision is what drives you.  Sharing that vision, expanding the vision all contribute to your ability to create strategies for success.

When the vision is unclear or non existent it is hard to really grow your business.  You can perhaps keep it going on a day to day — riding in circles fashion.  But to really grow you have to be aiming at something — clear and compelling.

That vision drives your actions.

Each year, I take some time to look at my vision, to review it and refine it and create that new strategic plan for the upcoming year!

It isn’t about New Year’s resolutions.  It is about — a clear and compelling vision for the future.

I offer a complimentary webinar each year for my contacts as well — called EnVision 2016.  It is usually fun…

Bring your colored markers, paper, pen and enthusiasm and take an hour to create your vision for 2o16.

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Leadership Radio: Yikes! Performance Appraisals

Are you dreading performance appraisals?

Listen to today’s show to learn important strategies for building a coaching environment in your organization.  Coaching staff can improve overall business results, staff performance and team performance.  When managers learn to coach their staff, business results change.

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Leadership Navigator Radio: Bullies at Work

Leadership Navigator Radio

Today we discussed bullies at work, whether they are staff members, managers or leaders themselves, the bullying behavior needs to be addressed.

Some of the steps recommended:

  1. Listen to staff that inform you of bullying
  2. Listen on the workfloor
  3. Observe
  4. Take Action
  5. Create a corrective action plan with the staff member
  6. Follow Up Regularly and Consistently.

Bullying cannot be tolerated in the workplace.  If you are the leader, you need to create strategies to address bullying behavior.


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Listen to the full show.

Leadership Navigator Radio: Public Relations in Business

Public Relations A Must For Business

All businesses need public relations to build awareness and credibility of their company, their leadership, their product and/or their service.  Public relations when executed correctly can positively impact the bottom line of one’s business.  Public relations is not marketing, it is not advertising, it is not selling – although each of these disciplines are intertwined under the same communications umbrella.  I will discuss how public relations is a targeted approach to reach one’s audience through third party endorsements, which, ultimately lead to increased credibility and sales.

Amy Wachtel Delman has been involved in public relations, marketing, and branding for over two decades. Her expertise lies in using media exposure to raise awareness and increase revenues in companies where she has worked in-house or as a consultant. She has been mentioned in Inc. magazine and the National Journal of Public Relations. To find out how Amy can help your company grow, contact her by phone: 201-563-4614 or e-mail: follow her on Twitter  @amydelmanpr.

About Amy Delman Public Relations, LLC

Amy Delman Public Relations, LLC is a boutique public relations consultancy.  Founded on the principles of servicing companies as their off-site Director of Public Relations, rather than a traditional agency, Amy Delman Public Relations  strives to become an integral partner with each firm’s leadership.  We are not an agency; our niche is providing top shelf public relations, media relations and marketing guidance.  We advise, position and package top leadership so they will attract the attention of the media, their specific audiences and enable the public to gain awareness of each company’s service and or product.  We have found this heightened awareness leads to increased name recognition and ultimately impacts the bottom line.

Listen to the Show!

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Amy also interviewed me for her column with the Alternative Press.  Be sure to check it out:

Public relations is such an important aspect of your business development efforts.  What are your PR questions?