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Do I Need Online Marketing?

Online Marketing is Important to Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

do i need online marketing as part of my plan
This is a question that comes up time after time, when I talk with a small business owner, that has a primarily offline business. Do I need to be online? My answer is YES! Yes, you need to be ONLINE and you need to do it well.

Online has several components to it and depending upon the industry your online presence may be limited by regulation, but you still NEED to be online.

There are billions of good reasons to be online. The billions — are potential customers and clients. Each business whether local or global should have an online presence that does a few things for them.

1. educates potential customers and leads
2. captures potential leads
3. engages with customers
4. communicates with leads and customers about the company, events, special offers, new services or products….
5. is a resource for customers and leads.

I hear people tell me, “well my business is all referrals” or “I don’t need online marketing, my business is all local” or “I hate being online” or “my customers aren’t online”.

I love these.  They each may be true to a point, BUT what about the customers that are online, that are searching for what you offer, that are using their cell phone to find a local business of your type?

Do you really have all of the business that you need?

Most small business owners that I talk with are talking with me because they NEED more business. It’s not just a want, its a NEED.

So, do you NEED to be ONLINE?  YES!!


To get there, there are a couple of things I recommend first:

  1. A blog!  Just like this, a blog can be the hub of your marketing.
  2. From a blog you can syndicate your content to several social media sites.

With this ONE step you are building an online presence.

The next key to building an effective online presence is your listings on key directory sites.  This is especially important for local businesses.  You MUST be listed on Google Local Listings….it is here that people that are trying to find you, will.

These sites link back to your website, your phone number and often to directions to your place of business.

With the growth of smart phone usage, this becomes even more critical. AND, you need to be sure that your site is mobile friendly or responsive so that it works on different devices.

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Live the Dream V Review

April Marie Tucker with Donna Price

Me with April Marie Tucker at Live the Dream V talking lead generation, business growth, building the dream!

Lessons Learned from Live the Dream V

Just returned from Austin, Texas.  My first time in Texas other than a plane stop and transfer years ago in Houston.  But that hardly counts as being in Texas!! The weekend was incredible.  the Founders of MLSP, Brian Fanale and Norbert Orelwicz created an incredible event.  Presenters throughout the weekend were inspiring, but more importantly shared usable information about generating leads, growing businesses and increasing results and revenue.

Over the next few days and possibly weeks, I will be sharing tips and info that I learned at the event, along with stories and pictures!!

YOU can benefit from it all!!  I will share with you information about building YOUR brand, getting it on your blog effectively, using Instagram, building followers on your Facebook Fanpage (building one if you don’t already have one), YouTube marketing, list building, webinars and more!!

I will be putting together a series of videos for YOU.  (Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel or the Blog) So that the information is there and ready!  Already here at CRC Online Marketing there is a lot of valuable info!  There are our 5 Day Crash Courses on a variety of topics — a crash course is a short email course.  Search around right here!! Pick up what you need!!

Instagram is a vehicle to Live the Dreaminstagram

Today, I set up my Instagram account.  Okay, it is totally basic right now.  At Live the Dream V April Marie Tucker shared great information about generating leads using Instagram.  I have to say, I am behind here.  CRC has a great YouTube presence, Google+ presence, Facebook presence and Twitter presence but Instagram — we are just getting started.  BUT, I did another webinar today!! and you can take that one too (for free!)


Follow me, because I am going to EXPLODE my Instagram over the next few days and weeks and I will let you know HOW my lead generation goes.

The real point of the entire weekend was that leads are key in building the dream and living it!  Without business growth you do not have a business.  Generating new leads, having effective systems for follow up and resources that benefit those leads turns into new business.

To YOUR Success!!

business success coach, Donna Price




Funding Your Dream — Is it a Problem?

Young successful woman looking at worldmap with profile photos oDream Building — Funding

Funding is always one of the biggest road blocks that people tell me about for living their dreams or launching their dream. The thing that I found is that once you start down the road of dream building new things appear, doors you didn’t even know existed open, resources, people — everything you need. We are working on building a BIG dream right now..

Overwhelming really… It’s one of those — can we really do it dreams? Do we have the real courage? And just like many — funding is one of the obstacles. And then a new thing appeared….and it looks pretty impressive, huge funding potential — but it is one of those things that people think is too good to be true. Could that statement or belief in itself get in your way?? Well we decided to step outside of that belief and shift it to — yes, it could be true and it could be incredible. Its a paradigm shift in belief but also a new business model…not typical, not network marketing, not direct sales — just networking monetized. What funding road blocks do you have? Are you willing or open to possibilities outside of your norm to solve those? Do you want something bigger than you have now? I’ve uploaded a 9 minute audio for you here:

I’ve also built a website that gives more details — CLICK HERE

Watch the video. Are you open to being paid to connect with people on a social platform?

Has Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter sent you a paycheck?  Watch the VIDEO and then call me!!

I am so excited about how this new social platform will impact our lives and our budget, but I am also excited about how it will impact everyone that is open to seeing the possibilities, believing and living the dream.

Use Social Media to Establish Expert Status

social mediaAre You An Expert in YOUR Field?

In today’s web-based market, social media is the most popular communication tool. However, just because social media sites are located online it doesn’t mean they can’t be a tool to help drive local customers to your offline business.

In fact, you can use social media to showcase your expertise about your industry, which helps build trust and credibility with your followers. You can establish your expert status using social media as part of your strategy.

By becoming a trusted resource for existing and potential customers, they are more likely to bond with your company and keep you in mind when they need your type of product or service. Sharing your expertise online gives your current customers and your prospects a way of staying in touch.  You are staying on their “radar” so to speak.

Sites such has Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are all fairly common social media platforms that customers across the spectrum tend to use. However, its best for you to do some research first to see which social media platforms your target audience is more likely to use.

Once you determine that, use these platforms to build your audience then, give your followers and fans helpful tips and information on a consistent basis. This is a good way to avoid being all about promotions, which can turn people in your network off.

Also stay active on your social media sites so you do not lose your audiences attention. Focus on posting content that they want to see. Re-post and share content that you think will be relevant and helpful to your customers. Sharing content that is not yours but is valuable to your target market is appreciated by people that “follow” you.

Be sure to encourage social media followers to answer questions and start conversations on your social media page this will help your company name show up on feeds around the network. By engaging with your contacts you are able to continue to demonstrate that you know your stuff and that people value your opinion.

For example, if you own a fitness center, consider posting weight loss tips on your social media accounts. Also in your posts, prompt your audience to ask you any questions about things they are struggling with.  Answering questions is a great way to engage with your customers and prospects, again, building your expert status along the way. You can include resources that you like but it shouldn’t all be about sales.

The first step in any social media campaign is to set up your pages, with your businesses name and exact location this way, its easy for consumers to find you. Even if you aren’t sure if you’re ready to launch a social media campaign, go ahead and claim your company name on every social networking site you may use in the future.  I have many people that think that Twitter and Pinterest aren’t right for their business.  BUT, what I am saying here is go and set up the account, claim your name and hold it in the event that you decide that they are and protect them from others taking them.

You can individually sign up for your company name on different individual sites, or use services such as Check Usernames or NameCheck to see if the company username you are interested in is available. If the company username you are looking for is still around, make sure you grab it right away.

Social media provides your company with an opportunity to show the public that you know your stuff this is powerful for getting more foot traffic into your establishment.

Which social media sites are you using now and which ones are you unsure of?

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Social Media Overview


Social Media for Small Businesses(Main Street Businesses)  will give you an overview of the different social media outlets…for your Internet Marketing Plan!

Register for our next event:
Tuesday, January 21st at 10:00 AM EST

During this hangout we will cover the social media essentials that you need to have in place for your Internet Marketing Plan.  We are at the beginning… we will keep diving deeper into social media for your marketing plan.

This overview will give you a deeper view of Google+.

Google+ is often challenging for new users.  Learn some of the basics and WHY it is a must have strategy for your business.

The benefits of Google+ outway the challenges.