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Is there LOVE in Business or Education?

Could LOVE be the answer?

The end of the school year is here and I have been thinking a great deal about our education system and its impact on our children.  It is not all good.

I have been having so many thoughts about education and educators as we navigate the last days of the school year.

As a parent, we have spent a great deal of time working  with our daughters on their goals through education.  With a Master’s in Education myself, I have a bit of background.  My perspective definitely changed with children. But I think I always worked and managed with heart or good intent.  A wise young woman that worked with me at camp always said to “assume the best first.”

Yes, some wonderful things have happened for my children and those of our friends, but it has not been without challenge and some damage along the way.

I believe that education should be a ‘Do NO Harm’ profession.  But I know that historically and currently there are educators that do great harm to the children in their care.  As a parent, it is horrifying to watch and challenging to figure out how to prevent it, confront it and resolve it.

I’ve been reading a new (to me) author, Rivera Sun.  Her books each focus on non-violence, non-violent resistance and love; even radical love.  She has me thinking and reflecting about myself and how I interact with people and also how the schools are interacting with my children.  What if we all started from a place of radical love?  What would change?

I think about this in business as well.  What if we each were driving our businesses from a place of radical love?  How would that shift your business?  How would it change who you served, how you served them and even who was attracted to your business?  It seems like it could be really good.

How do we each communicate?  Do we start from a place of love or somewhere else?  I know for me, sometimes, I am reacting to something and it is emotionally charged.  But what if we each stop and breathe first, go to our heart and then start?  What changes in how we are doing our business or education? Does it change how we see things?

I did a webinar a month or so ago on heart felt marketing and I talk regularly with people about loving your marketing (a real challenge).  But what I am talking about right now, is going even further — loving ourselves, our business, our customers, our kids.  If we operate from a place of love, we can change the world.

So, how do you use LOVE in your conversations?  Do you start there?  Are you like me, and need to concentrate on this a bit more?

What would change in your life or business if you started from a place of love and stayed there throughout your interactions?

Thanks for reading my ramblings here today…. join the conversation about love — love in education, love in business.  Let me know YOUR thoughts.

Lessons Learned or NOT?

Do you ever have something happen and think, damn, I thought I had learned that lesson??

Well, it just happened.

I wrote a great article.  The computer, coughed and the article (unsaved) was gone!!

I searched for it.  Not recovered.

My mind, well, the article is there, but not nearly as good as the first.

I’ve learned this lesson before.  Actually, several times.  I know that as soon as I create a document, I need to save it.  I also know, I should look at every document that is in the recovered documents folder before I delete them.
Well, there you go.  Gone.

Have you learned this lesson?  I know I have.  But somehow the old habit remains.  I continue to create documents and write without saving.  I teach this lesson to my kids.  Because it has happened to them with homework.

SAVE.  That is the lesson!  LEARN once and practice the learning.

What lessons have you learned?  What makes the lesson stick?  what gets in the way of learning it for good?

Social Entrepreneurship Action Plan

social entrepreneurship action planOur Social Entrepreneurship Action Plan:

As we move into the new year and new world order we are focused on social action and social entrepreneurship. Not a new idea to me or to the world, just more urgent feeling, at least for me.

I have been journaling for several weeks now and this is all emerging as a result of that work and a course on social entrepreneurship that I have been participating in.

Social Responsibility has always been on my values statement along with environment.  But I haven’t had a solid plan for how it happened or what it looked like. In reviewing my vision for Compass Rose Consulting and our direction this year, it had to focus on the world and being a catalyst for change and improvement in some way.

At the same time, I didn’t want to start a new business or create something totally different from what I have been doing.  Business coaching/consulting, work with non-profits, leadership development, marketing, meeting facilitation and team building — I am good at.  I wanted to take what I have and make it work for me and for clients in a new and inspiring way.

You can see that I have totally shifted my brand colors to Gold and Purple.  Very intentional.  They are colors that represented strong women throughout the Suffragist Movement for women’s right to vote.  They represent strength for me and commitment.  As I was putting together our strategies and model I also came up with this image.  It boils it down to simple.

It starts with our programs — they focus on education for our clients — through our online portal — filled with resources on business development and for some that opt for more — coaching and consulting, collaboration and masterminding…. are added.  The program – The Women’s Business Circle is powerful and comprehensive.  Besides training it incorporates the rest of the plan…

Inspiration — my goal is to inspire our clients to create a Social Entrepreneurship Plan for their business.  We review several different models that they can adopt. Each business might do it differently.  Actually, they all will do it differently! And that is great.  Through our collaborative meetings, each member is inspired by the work that other members are doing.  As well as the impact that being a member is having on other entrepreneurs… because

Giving Support is our next strategy.  Compass Rose Consulting’s plan is to provide support via non-profits to women entrepreneur’s.  We are doing this in a couple of different ways — first is through a scholarship fund to the Women’s Business Circle, to support women in need on their entrepreneurial journey.  We have also identified three non-profits that work directly with women entrepreneurs that we will provide funding to, from our profits.  Social Entrepreneurship does not mean that you are not making money.  Developing a thriving business is a key to making it personally and then being able to support other people on their journey.  Our plan is to use part of our profits– money after expenses to support these different ventures.  Because I wanted a global reach — we are supporting micro-loan programs for women that provide loans in this country and internationally.

Outreach- Women’s Business Circle ties it all together really.  We will be doing outreach in several different ways.  First, through articles and press releases, we will be able to reach out beyond the Compass Rose Consulting community.  My next book will also focus on this — social entrepreneurship and its impact on the people doing it as well as the people it reaches.  We also plan to do retreats and service throughout the programs… more ways for people to be involved but more importantly is that they are ways for people to touch other people’s lives.  It is through this heart to heart connection that real change can happen, because it starts happening on a personal level for each person and then moves out from there.  Again, a cascade.

Outreach leads back to education and the cycle begins again.

compass rose consulting new logoYou also see the heart at the center of the compass.  This is a new part of our logo.  The center of the compass is called the compass rose.  Thus the name Compass Rose Consulting.  The compass rose is what is found on maps to help you orient the map. It is also the center of the compass — which helps you find your direction.  At the center of our compass I have added the heart because it is what should be guiding our direction.  We should move in business with heart, with compassion.  We have core values to help guide our decision making and they all matter, but at the center is our core purpose and the core of business — the heart.  The new rings around the compass are symbolic as well.  They represent the cascades of outreach. They are diverse in color, because the world is diverse. We treasure that diversity.  And the outer ring is the newest — green to represent the earth and our need for commitment to operating our businesses in earth loving ways.  I have also used the different colors in the to represent the different levels of service, so they each have multiple meanings and metaphors….

It is exciting to move Compass Rose Consulting forward in this new way.