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Business Planning Essentials

business planning3 Things Your Business Plan Must Have

Businesses of every type need a business plan. Don’t think you can skip by on this important step because you offer a service instead of a physical product. Every business can benefit from a business plan.

First Step, Focus.

      • When you create a business plan you need to focus on the reasons for the business:
    • Who do you want to serve?
    • What do you want to provide?
    • When do you want to start?
    • Where will you set up shop?
    • Why do you want to start such an endeavor?
    • How will you meld all these things together to create a prosperous business?

These are the primary reasons why you’re going into business and they should always be at the forefront of your mind when making decisions.

Something else to focus on is your big dream. How much money do you want to make over the next 5 years? Do you want to sell multiple products or have several locations? Everyone’s big dream will be different but you should write it down as part of the plan.

Second Step, A Plan.

Think of your business plan as a mountain. Your mission statement is at the base of the mountain while your big dream is at the peak. Everything in between is what you need to plan and these steps should also be incorporated into a business plan.

What products do you want to create? How often do you want to produce a product? How can you implement some passive income or affiliate income into your business? Are there any speaking engagements or online summit opportunities that will expand your reach and your followers? What can you add to your sales funnel for those not yet ready to commit?

Third Step, Action Steps.

This is where your planning steps are broken down into smaller, actionable steps. Instead of just saying I want to write a book, break the process down further. How much time can you dedicate each day to writing? Do you want to self-publish or find a publisher? You’ll need to hire an editor and someone to design the cover. These are actionable steps that can easily be crossed off your to do list once completed.

Don’t be thrown off here. You don’t need to plan 5 years’ worth of action steps at one time. The idea is to plan a year at a time, keeping your focus in mind, so that the action steps become a pathway or a blueprint to your big dreams.

If this seems like a daunting task, join me on my free webinar, Why You Need a Million Dollar Plan for a Million Dollar Business. We will discuss the importance of breaking down your tasks for more effective productivity as well as how to take ACTION, which is imperative to reach any goal.

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Business Goals First, Marketing Plan After

business goals before your marketing planIdentifying Your Business Goals First, Then Your Marketing Plan….

Before you get into marketing your business and creating your marketing plan, you need to identify your business goals. Although we take for granted that a business’s goal is to increase revenue, that’s not the end of the story and it impacts your marketing plan. There are many other types of goals companies strive to achieve. It is important that you identify your top goals prior to creating a marketing plan.  How do you market if you do not know what you are trying to achieve?  We use a simplified Strategic Planning Process for both marketing plans and strategic plans. 

Product/Service Creation

Some businesses are driven by the desire to offer excellent products or services that make life easier for all of us. Your business goal may be to create the most innovative products/services on the market. This is a wonderful goal because your products or services are at the heart of your business’s success. On the other hand, you might have these in place and that is not part of your current business growth plan.  Both are fine. You just need to be clear.

customer service as part of your marketing planCustomer Service

Your business’s goal may be to serve your customers and help them solve their problems. It may also be to lend help to the community or to strengthen the community of your customers. This is also an excellent choice because good customer service leads to more sales.
Customer Retention

Your goal may be to not only gain new customers and increase revenue, but to keep the customers you have. Businesses do this by creating a community for their customers and by remaining open to their feedback in order to improve their products or services.

Growth and Expansion

Maybe your business’s goal is to grow and expand, eventually moving into new markets and new enterprises. If this is the case, conducting market research to find new areas would be a major part of your overall strategy.  You need to be clear what markets you are entering. This market research will give you insights on how to market to this new area as well.

marketing planEfficiency

A major goal for your company may be to tighten up your processes. This might include challenging your salespeople to reach an ever higher sales ratio or streamlining your shipping in order to reach your customers more quickly. This was the primary goal for one company that we worked with.  The CEO wanted a “well-oiled machine”.  It is a great goal for growing your company as well. When you have clear operations and plans are outlined and in place, then you are ready to bring on new staff, grow and expand.

Changing the World

Some companies have as part of their vision to enable social change. Your goal might be to make the world a better place through the use of your products and services. This is a goal for many companies that produce environmentally-friendly products marketing planor work to streamline their operations so that they’re more ecological. Here at Compass Rose Consulting we achieve this through the work that we do with women entrepreneurs.  By supporting other programs for female entrepreneurs as a give back we continue to expand our impact locally, regionally and globally.

Increasing revenue and profit isn’t the only goal of most businesses. Look at your business currently and ask yourself what other goals you have. This will help you as you plan your marketing.

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Why Business Blogging

Why Business Blogging Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan??

There are some really good reasons to include business blogging in your marketing plan. It remains an important strategy that should not be ignored or blogging

Marketing plans come in all shapes and sizes. The right marketing plan for your business depends on many different factors. But one thing all businesses have in common is that they can benefit a great deal from blogging.

Blogging is a tactic used in content marketing. When you write a blog, you publish a steady stream of fresh content. This content draws traffic to your site and earns new readers, while also building a relationship with the readers you have.

Business Blogging Is Simple but Effective

Many small businesses don’t want to blog because it’s ‘writing’ and you’re not a ‘writer.’ But blogging is extremely simple. This is why it makes a perfect element in an online marketing plan.

Blog posts can be as short as 300 words or even less, but generally I recommend 400 words. They can include videos and images. Each post can cover one simple topic and the writing doesn’t have to be magazine-grade. Write in a conversational tone like you’re talking to a friend and proofread so that there aren’t any grammar or spelling mistakes. The thing is that you ARE an expert in your field. You have knowledge and expertise that you can share.

The way to blog headache-free is to set aside a little time each week to write and post. Carve out an hour or so to write something and post it. If you have a team member who can write well, delegate the task to them.

How to Get Ideas for Business Blogging

The other trouble many people have when they start blogging is where to get ideas. Here are some simple places to get ideas for your blog posts:

 Answer questions customers often ask
 Teach readers how to do something simple step by step
 Discuss news, current events or hot topics on other blogs
 Answer questions from forums, Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers, social media or blog comments
 Start by looking at popular keywords and write blog posts around them.

Keep an idea file. Spend some time brainstorming topics at first and then add to it whenever you get an idea. Whenever you need an idea, refer to this file and start writing.

Working a Business Blog into Your Marketing Plan

Decide what topics your blog will cover and at what frequency you’ll write and post. If you add a blog to your website, you’ll boost your site’s SEO and give visitors more to do there. You can also use your blog’s analytics and its reader comments to learn more about your target market and its tastes.

Blogging can become the HUB of your marketing plan, bringing traffic back to your website.

Think about it.  If you have questions?? Reach out!!

Is there LOVE in Business or Education?

Could LOVE be the answer?

The end of the school year is here and I have been thinking a great deal about our education system and its impact on our children.  It is not all good.

I have been having so many thoughts about education and educators as we navigate the last days of the school year.

As a parent, we have spent a great deal of time working  with our daughters on their goals through education.  With a Master’s in Education myself, I have a bit of background.  My perspective definitely changed with children. But I think I always worked and managed with heart or good intent.  A wise young woman that worked with me at camp always said to “assume the best first.”

Yes, some wonderful things have happened for my children and those of our friends, but it has not been without challenge and some damage along the way.

I believe that education should be a ‘Do NO Harm’ profession.  But I know that historically and currently there are educators that do great harm to the children in their care.  As a parent, it is horrifying to watch and challenging to figure out how to prevent it, confront it and resolve it.

I’ve been reading a new (to me) author, Rivera Sun.  Her books each focus on non-violence, non-violent resistance and love; even radical love.  She has me thinking and reflecting about myself and how I interact with people and also how the schools are interacting with my children.  What if we all started from a place of radical love?  What would change?

I think about this in business as well.  What if we each were driving our businesses from a place of radical love?  How would that shift your business?  How would it change who you served, how you served them and even who was attracted to your business?  It seems like it could be really good.

How do we each communicate?  Do we start from a place of love or somewhere else?  I know for me, sometimes, I am reacting to something and it is emotionally charged.  But what if we each stop and breathe first, go to our heart and then start?  What changes in how we are doing our business or education? Does it change how we see things?

I did a webinar a month or so ago on heart felt marketing and I talk regularly with people about loving your marketing (a real challenge).  But what I am talking about right now, is going even further — loving ourselves, our business, our customers, our kids.  If we operate from a place of love, we can change the world.

So, how do you use LOVE in your conversations?  Do you start there?  Are you like me, and need to concentrate on this a bit more?

What would change in your life or business if you started from a place of love and stayed there throughout your interactions?

Thanks for reading my ramblings here today…. join the conversation about love — love in education, love in business.  Let me know YOUR thoughts.

Marketing Bootcamp Accelerates Small Business Results

bootsThe Marketing Boot Camp is a pull on your work-boots type of event.

Not for the entrepreneur that’s just not sure if they are ready. We are going to dive into HOW to market, WHEN to market, WHY to market and then create strategies that will work for YOUR business.

If you have been considering HOW to improve your business results — then you need some marketing know how and help.

Marketing is the key.

BUT so many business owners fail at marketing because they just don’t like doing it, they don’t have time to do it, they don’t want to it…. and the list goes on.

BUT, when you figure out the HOW and the WHEN and the WHY and the WHAT — then you can put it into a system that can work for you — every day!!!

Marketing has always been a puzzle but recently there have been a few more pieces added.  You can’t just run an ad…. there needs to be a strong call to action, as part of your marketing strategy.  That call to action needs to lead people to you.  But not just to give you a call — the call to action needs to be more compelling.

Here — an example: Learn how to generate all the leads you can handle in 10 minutes per day — pick up the free 2 page report and checklist to start generating leads NOW.

Would you consider going to the page to pick up that report?

Is it more compelling than — call me for marketing help??

In the Marketing Boot Camp we are going to be putting together strategies just like that!!



Must HAVE!

And in boot camp you CAN wear your jeans and boots.

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Do You HATE Cold Calling?

Do YOU HATE Cold Calling, Like I Do?

ringless voicemail messenger

Talking with prospects or cold calling is often a sales strategy that many sales people use.

But how many HATE to cold call?  And HOW many calls does it take to actually talk with a potential customer?

Well, the numbers are in — 8.4 calls to get ONE live person on the phone, and then you have to sort through all of those people to get to one qualified lead.

Only 2% of the calls actually result in a meeting.

Most 48% are not interested.  So, of the 9 calls you make only one is live and then only 52% might be interested.  Of those 14% say “call me back”, and 5% say send me more information.  So from that 52% now, we have 33% that are going to talk to you and then 2% of those are going to set up a meeting to discuss further.  That is a lot of cold calling to get to one new customer.

BUT, what if you could make all of those calls at once and have a high call back rate?  And no, I am not talking robo calling.

It is better than that!  Because the people that call back are the people that WANT what you HAVE!!!  Truly qualified.

And at a fraction of the cost of cold calling.

But, there are also many other ways that you can use the Voice Messenger service.

  • Restaurants can use it to increase their customer base.  (We pull a local list).
  • A special holiday message can be left from the owner of the company — this works across industries — to say “Thank YOU for your business, and Happy Holidays!”.
  • Reactivate former customers — give every single customer a call and invite them back to your store or service.
  • Keep in touch — call every customer and let them know about an upcoming event — open house, fashion show, new product arrival party, grand opening, celebrity visitor, and many more ways you can use this service.
  • The Voice Messenger service is ideal because it can be personal and everyone, yes everyone listens to their Voice Mail.  Think about it — how many voice mails do you delete without listening. I know that I listen to every single one.
  • Use it for a personal invitation from the owner.

We put it together for you!

  • We can use your list or we can create a relevant list for you.
  • We can write the script or you can.
  • We guide you through the recording process.
  • We set up the Voice Messenger delivery
  • We run the program
  • YOU receive the results —>>> new leads, new customers, returning customers, reactivated customers….and the bottom line — well you can see what is happening with that.  Done right this service can increase your business revenue. Is it guaranteed to?  Of course not, but do we consistently see people getting GREAT results –>> For SURE!

Get started today or just get some additional info:

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Local Search — What’s YOUR Score??

localsearchAre You Showing Up In The LOCAL SEARCH?

Local search for local businesses is critical in being found online.  It means that you need to have your business properly listed in all of the relevant search engines.  When you do, then your business can be found by people looking for what you sell.

Local search is important especially for locally based businesses such as restaurants, chiropractors, dentists, massage therapists, retail stores, lawyers, accountants, electricians, contractors, painting companies, roofers etc.  If you do not come up when your prospects are looking for you: ie…. YOUR BUSINESS TYPE + LOCATION, then you are missing many new clients or customers.


I just added a new local search evaluator.  You can enter your business and zipcode to run a complete report on your business.  Almost every business we have checked needs work!!  That is probably you too.

The report is totally free so don’t be shy.  We all are working to be found and now you can see what is helping and what is hurting your local listings.

10 Facts You Need to KNOW about Local Directories:

  • Searches within local directories account for a whopping 10 billion of the searches that are made every month. (
  • YouTube is the second-largest social networking site in the world. While it’s still behind Facebook – the largest networking site with 1.2 billion active users – YouTube surpassed Twitter in 2014. (
  • At the end of 2014, Google+ Business had 540 million users. 240 million of those were active in any given month. (
  • 90 per cent of users on Yelp say that if a business has a positive review, they are more likely to buy from them. (
  • 79 per cent of users say that they treat positive reviews just as they would getting a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. (
  • Yelp currently has over 47 million local reviews. (
  • Despite that, there are still 87 per cent of small businesses that don’t use review sites such as Google+ Business or Yelp. (
  • When online consumers shop online, 73 per cent of the time they were also searching for a store location. (
  • Half of the users looking for an online purchase do not start their search with a search engine, but rather through a local directory. (AT&T Small Business Technology Poll 2013 –
  • 90 per cent of customers who look for a local business through their smartphone call or visit that business within 24 hours. (

Checking your local search results can change your business.  NOW — it is of course important to have a lead capture system on your site as well as a compelling offer and the right messaging…. Effective online marketing is a combination of tactics.

What’s Your Local Score?

Enter any business name and zip code and see how optimized it is for local search.

Okay, Article Marketing Is Content Marketing

article spinningWith Your Article Marketing, Are You Writing Content That Your Readers NEED?

You might be wondering WHY do I want to do article marketing?  Isn’t that an old strategy.  Well, it is a strategy that has been around for quite some time.  And it is still a strategy worth doing.  Why?

Article Marketing is an easy strategy to implement.

Well, when you syndicate your content and bring people back to your site, your expanding your reach exponentially.  Yesterday, I told you about the new version of SpinWriter 6.0.  It is an incredible article spinner.  An article spinner, takes your content and adds other words, phrases and sentences and then spins the article or creates new content that reads differently but retains the same message.  This allows you to distribute your article across the web with different versions.  Spin Writer provides you with those different versions.

And, it also has an article distribution service that sends your article out to 800 directories.

That provides you with a few things.  One it gets your article out to audiences that you are not directly connected to.  Perhaps your prospect.

I have had magazines come to me and ask for an article based on what they found in an article directory.

It gives you a farther reach.

Now, some people will share a portion of a bigger article and bring people back to their blog for the full   article. That gets new people looking at your site.  If you have optins or products you have new visitors that can become solid leads or customers as a result of your article.

Content is a pre-seller.  It builds you as an expert, it gives your reader valuable information that they are looking for and brings you new leads.

Content marketing should not be ignored.  And spinning — while it might sound to far out of the norm, on the Internet it is the norm.  You want your content that is syndicated to be unique.Free Web TrafficCRC

What is YOUR Business Reputation?

reputation managementHave you ever wondered if your business reputation was being trashed?

Do you know what people are saying about your business?
Your business reputation is important. You need to know what is happening to your reputation. Well you need to.

With the Internet there are many places that people can post a complaint as well as a good review. But do you know where they are and what they say?

It simply isn’t worth the risk to stay in the dark.

Your Reputation Is YOUR Business

It’s important to know exactly what is out there about you; 1 – You can improve anything that seems to be a ‘sore point’ in your business to increase customer satisfaction overall 2 –

You can stop an ‘outbreak’ of bad feedback from one disgruntled customer that could stop your business in your track. You can of course, set up a Google Alert and find some of the problems. But not all.

It has been a challenge to find it all.

NOW you can track EXACTLY what people are saying.
The best part is that it is not going to take you hours and hours of research.
Now, there is a system, a software actually, that I found that monitors your reputation for you.
Its important to keep on top of your social presence and image.

This software — easy to use and set up, not only monitors your reputation but it can also monitor your keywords. (or your competition).
I started using it and found some key pieces of new press that went out for direct competitors. It was helpful and useful to my business.
I can check in on the software each day and deal with anything that comes up right away!

If you are wondering about your business reputation, STOP and find out!!

Click the link below to learn more about why reputation management is so important and how ignoring it can literally destroy your business overnight.

Protect Your Biz

Happy Friday! New Marketing Videos For YOU!

New Business Leads(1)I don’t know if you have had a chance to check out the new marketing center that I just launched!! I am still tweaking a few things. So bear with me. And now we are totally revamping Compass Rose Consulting site as well. It is all exciting!

Anyway — over at Compass Rose Marketing Center — I have a series of 3 GREAT videos for you!! — scroll down just a bit and sign up for the videos. They can totally CHANGE your business and INCREASE your income.

Next week on Tuesday I will be hosting a hangout — “Everything You Learned About Generating Leads is WRONG!!” Watch for my invite email. I didn’t have a chance to get it done– the registration page — that is. So will finish it over the weekend and send it out to you.

I know — it is a BOLD statement. But, being an entrepreneur is BOLD and I have some incredible things to show to you.

Save the date and time — Tuesday at noon EST.

It’s bike to work month. Since I primarily work from home I had to get creative. So I have a couple of times, driven the kids to school and then biked home, and then back to school in the afternoon to grab them. Today, I had a meeting and biked to the meeting. Great client that was totally okay with a biking marketing consultant arriving for the meeting!! Thank YOU.

So, be sure to figure out one day this month that you can bike to work or to home or to the grocery store. Biking is a great exercise but it is also where I have some of my best ideas!

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I look forward to talking with you soon.

To Your Success!

All the best,

Donna Price
Business Success Coach

p.s. I also have a new book in the works!! coming in just a month…
watch for it. It is all about marketing, lead generation, making more money and other strategies for improving your business.