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Profitability Breakthrough Mastermind :: Compass Rose Consulting

Profitability Breakthrough Mastermind

Are You Tired of spending money on business and marketing strategies that do not help YOUR business?

“Your Business Profitability Empowers YOUR Lifestyle.  Without profits you and your family suffer.”

donnaheadshotnobackgroundYour business should be thriving now!

I work with many, many businesses that have not created the systems they need to develop and scale their business to a level of profitability that meets their needs and their vision.

Business Coaching is proven to improve the results that business owners achieve. With an effective plan and consistent follow up, implementation and achievement are higher.

Are you determined to achieve business success? Then you have finally reached the right place to start your journey to business success and profitability… NOW … Not tomorrow, Not in 12 months’ time !! You have found the right place to access training, business and marketing coaching at a totally affordable rate.

As you know the economy is challenging all business owners, both big and small. Most of my coaching programs people KNOW would help them but they don’t feel they can do it. I wanted to design a program that would help people produce the results they need AND be totally accessible. This is it.

“Building a Successful Business is Hard, it’s challenging, but the greatest rewards in the world come from controlling your own destiny, building your own wealth and succeeding at your own game!”

Too many people who have started a business or those who are thinking of it, sooner or later, come to face one or more of these stark realities:

  • You think that you are making money, but actually you are spending more than what you are earning.
  • You are doing everything to market your business, but in the end failing to draw visitors to your sites. Your “online real estate” is dead and not doing a thing for you. You aren’t getting the consistent flow of new leads into your business that you need to sustain and grow.
  • You are trying to put up everything the best you can to push sales, but in the end you are barely making money change hands.
  • You are putting the best resources together to get your dream business up, running and selling, but in the end it is just not working.
  • You want to make money fast, but things seem to drag on over long periods and there’s hardly anything coming in.
  • You feel that you know everything that’s latest in the market, but in the end you are not able to apply the techniques to give the business the boost it needs and deserves.
  • You are trying to put everything in place to make customers happy, but finally your customer base is dwindling and referrals aren’t coming in.
  • You are READY to know how to make things work in the way they should, but you just haven’t taken the jump to collaborate with other business leaders to figure it out.

NOW, there is a real world solution that gives you access to resources that address all of these problems in a convenient and affordable manner.

I am writing to you today because I know you’d be interested. After all, business still is the best way of making unlimited money. And there are so many examples of people who have started small only to make it overwhelmingly big in business.

SO, Here is the Truth Revealed

See, it’s quite understandable that these problems would crop up someday in any business, particularly when most business-owners start their ventures without any formal business coaching, training or knowledge.

Moreover, there’s another very important issue.

And, that is the rapidly changing business environment that we are in.

The Internet has come up in a very big way. The competition has become fiercer. Customers have become choosy. And sometimes even erratic!  They’re demanding more value for every dollar they’re investing.

Obviously, if you have to succeed in this type of environment, you have to know certain rules of the game.

You have to have answers to questions such as:

  • Why are some businesses making huge profits while others are just scraping by?
  • Why are people queuing up for certain products while similar other products are hardly making any sales?
  • Why do customers keep returning back to one seller while they’re just vanishing with others?
  • How do some businesses manage to keep their costs low and yet offer products at real hot prices?
  • How can some businesses make so much of their money in mere days while others take months or even years achieve anything close?

Now if you pay close attention to what I’m going to explain, I know you’ll find the answers to these questions.

Build It, Have ’Em!

There’s a myth in business that says “If you build it, they will come”. If you know how to build your business the right way, give it the edge that’s absolutely necessary in the context of today’s rapidly changing business environment, and measure results using latest tools and techniques, you’re certainly going to have those much-awaited profits coming your way.

Here it is for you:

The Profitability Breakthrough Mastermind

The GOAL is to breakthrough the barriers to being highly profitable through effective marketing, effective strategies and powerful action.

If you need MORE leads coming into your business
If you need to convert those leads into customers but are failing
or If you need to engage and re-engage your customers/clients then keep reading!

This is an affordable, from-home/office; customized, hands-on, strategically based, experts-led business and marketing mastermind that has been designed keeping your complete requirements in mind.

No matter whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, in business or about to start one, have put in only some money or is a big investor, you will see that there is something in this unique Profitability Breakthrough Mastermind that you are going to specifically benefit from.

Let me break it down:

  1. Affordable – you are going to see that I have created three levels of affordability for this program so that everyone can access it. Is it free, NO. And there is a reason for that.  You can go out and find most of what I am going to give you in this program – for FREE.  But, what happens with FREE — usually – NOT A THING… that is NOTHING.  People FAIL to take action.
  2. From HOME/OFFICE – this program is offered online.  I have created a community that will host the program and each mastermind group is limited in size. Within the overall collaborative community there can be many people but in your mastermind group – it is limited to a small intensive group.
  3. Customized/Hands-On – I am an experiential educator and I believe in taking action.  The action plan is not the same for everyone. Through the group mastermind process your plan will become customized.  I might give you different training resources than I give someone else.  Pinterest might be the right platform for your business while LinkedIn is the right one for another mastermind member.  I have both resources available, but you are not going to need or want the LinkedIn one while others are not going to want Pinterest.
  4. Strategically Based – I believe in strategic planning and we will be developing a strategic plan for each business using the best tools I have found. You will have access to an online strategic planning tool and online monthly monitoring dashboard to keep you on track and moving forward with your business. It will be the foundation of one of our monthly meetings.
  5. Expert Led Business and Marketing Coaching-  I have been helping business leaders since 2003 to get their businesses on the growth path.  I will be providing – training – coaching and consulting to you.  As a business and marketing strategist — I do the studying of what is and is not working.  That is my business.  It shouldn’t have to be yours! I will give you the information that YOU need to make your marketing work for you! I will give you my best all the time!!
  6. Mastermind – Individual coaching is great, BUT being part of a group mastermind is rich with resources, ideas, collaborative opportunities, partnerships, friendships, referrals and more…. The coming together of like-minded business owners is powerful.

I created this program to fit a need that I was seeing in my business, people that wanted coaching/consulting but weren’t in a place to afford it.  I wanted to make it accessible.  I’m not giving it away for free and I’m not undercutting my own values and fees.

Just like you, I am running a business and supporting a family.  But when I looked at the resources that I have to provide to clients, I saw a way to provide INCREDIBLE VALUE for clients.

In Profitability Breakthrough Mastermind, you receive a comprehensive business development system AND both group and individual coaching. Group coaching gives you a chance to learn from peers, share information, ideas, and your results. Group coaching is a great opportunity. Individual coaching gives you the personal attention you need.

Here are the details:

There are 3 options under Business & Marketing Mastermind

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Private

All these are specially customized to meet the varying requirements of business-owners or would-be business-owners, and are targeted to give you real results, practically in every business that is possible under the sun.

Here’s what you’re going to get under each option and the amount of investment that you’d be required to make to get access to the life-changing business coaching:

Gold Members:

  • Profitability Academy FULL ACCESS to the best Business Development Program -. You will start your journey by developing your personal road map.  Determine where you need to start your focus — lead generation, conversions, transactions, pricing or profit margin.  Then access the training resources and templates for your road map.  The Profitability Academy provides you with access to video training, templates, workbooks, downloads.
    • E-Learning Profitability Academy access 24/7
    • 52 Week Business Fundamentals Training
    • 52 Weekly Personal Skills Development Trainings
    • $1M Marketing/Advertising Library filled with guides, templates, done for you campaigns
    • 5 Step Profit Formula Strategy Training
    • Quick Start Revenue Generator
    • Confidential Online Business Assessment
    • Weekly Group Coaching Webinar
  • Assigned Accountability Partner – Work with your accountability partner each week to stay on track and take massive action on your plan.
  • Private Mastermind Community – In the Mastermind Community participant’s will be able to ask questions, receive feedback, and connect with other entrepreneurs and business leaders.
  • Total Value of $1497

Business Class Tickets: $97 month one and then $97 per month

Platinum Members:

As you know in Platinum you receive all of the benefits of the Gold Membership AND a few more perks.

  • A personal Quick Start Call – During your first 60 days you will receive TWO individual coaching calls to get you off to a GREAT start. This is your opportunity to receive individual support in addition to the group program.  During these two calls we will review and refine your Online Business Blueprint to make sure that it is right for your business growth. We can focus on areas specific to your needs and your business. ($500 Value)
  • Mastermind Meeting – Twice each month you will have access to me for coaching in a group call. Group coaching is my favorite way to coach. I see such benefit to each member from the    coaching and from the group support and encouragement.  ($5500 Value)
    • Group coaching and mastermind meetings are your opportunity to share what you are doing and where you need help.  Masterminding is incredibly powerful.  You learn from your peers, you share with your peers and you receive professional coaching feedback.
    • Your Accountability Partner becomes a key piece to your success. Working between Mastermind meetings with your accountability partner keeps your momentum moving.
  • Quarterly individual coaching calls throughout the program. Your individual support continues throughout the year with a quarterly call to refine and focus on your success. ($1250 Value)
  • Access to coaching via VOXER app.  We provide you with an account to VOXER that gives you the ability to send me a message anytime.  I will answer your questions asap.  You will also be able to connect with your accountability partner via VOXER as well.  ($1250 Value)
  • Total value $9997+++

First Class: Tickets: $747 per month. BETA TESTERS — $322 Per Month

VIP Private Coaching:

This is my highest level of service.  Of course the investment is higher but the service is higher. You receive everything included in Gold plus:

  • Personal One on One Coaching – You will receive two–four personal coaching sessions each month. You will receive call in details that give you access to me intensively each month for up to 45 minutes. My hourly rate is currently $250.  This program gives you up to four 45 minute calls each month.  ($12,000/annual value) and so much more.

AND a powerful, collaborative mastermind group with in-person mastermind meeting $3,000.00++++ why so highly valued—because that mastermind group meets in person for a full two days of collaboration, and business growth strategies.  You just have to get here.  I provide the space, lunch and any learning materials that we need for the day.  The space is nice and the food is great.  But what’s really important is the power of the group—the mastermind.  A high-powered mastermind group can skyrocket your business.  We spend the full day, dinner out and another day to follow.

  • The total value of this VIP Private Coaching  program is  — in excess of $20,000+++
  • The REAL question is what it the value to YOUR company.  I would say it is well in excess of the fee.  If it is not, then DO NOT do it.

VIP Elite Class: Tickets: $1497 per month.

 Results Unlimited!

Profitability Breakthrough Mastermind is designed to give you access to personal coaching and a successful business development program that will help you in building incredible results in your business.

You determine the level that is right for you. Each provides great resources, coaching and consulting.

Book your seat in this incredible Profitability Breakthrough Mastermind NOW!

If you have been thinking whether you’ll really be making any gain out of Profitability Breakthrough Mastermind, here’s a list of benefits fleshed out from the entire spread, which you’re going to make straightaway:

  • A-Z of building any business will be right on your fingertips that you can learn affordably, from the comfort of your home or office at your own pace. Strategic business development, not just a bunch of tactical marketing that will not work for you.
  • Insider, shortcut secrets to marketing your products or services on the web and how to get top positions on search engine pages will be in your bag, which you can apply on your own and get the results you’re after, without depending on any other professional.
  • Common mistakes that most business-owners commit and end up spending much more than what they’re actually earning will be revealed to you, which will help you plug the most frequent causes of making losses.
  • Latest tools and techniques that experts will share with you during personal interactive sessions, which will show you the easiest and safest ways of making money from your business without committing a lot in time and resources.
  • Sharing with peers, learning from persons in similar circumstances, interactive sessions, motivation exercises, marketing reports, all of which will give you deep insight into the condition that is actually prevailing in the market and help you make the decision that’s just right for the situation.

Apart from all these benefits plus countless more, you’ll also walk away with Special Gifts targeted to the business-building niche when you subscribe to the Profitability Breakthrough Mastermind

Here are the details: BONUSES!!

  • One 30 minute radio interview on my Yes! Marketing Works Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio.com promoting your business and your services or products.  Following the show you will have a show that you can embed on your website or produce a CD to give away to your prospects. This builds your credibility as an expert in your field.
  • One Professionally Written Press Release and Distribution ($299 value).  I offer this service on my site right now and am gifting it to each Mastermind Member.

To grab your gifts, you have to hurry.  Simply click on the links below and you’re on the Profitability Breakthrough Mastermind and chartering your way to newer destinations of business success and satisfaction.

One of the things you will also learn from me is that as the business owner you have to design your business to fit your desired lifestyle.  If you design a business monster, it will consume you.  It’s the same with this program.

I know that it is a GREAT opportunity for people, but I can’t dedicate all of my time at this price point.  I have a comprehensive business plan that includes this program, my Profitability Breakthrough Mastermind, my leadership program, speaking and writing.  If I open this program to an unlimited number of people I will be overwhelmed.  A good coach can only effectively coach a reasonable number of people.  A coach that is trying to coach 100 or more people each month in my opinion is stretching themselves.  For me, I want to focus on a select group of people that are really motivated and really WANT access to a business success coach and marketing strategist, but haven’t been able to do it so far.

So, here it the deal. I want you to succeed. I want you to breakthrough to profitability.  My guarantee is an agreement between me and you.  This is NOT a money back guarantee where you can buy the program and then decide, I don’t want to do the work so I want my money back.  Nope, it’s not that.  BUT, I believe that you should at least TRIPLE your investment.

So, IF you do the work, attend the webinars, the mastermind meetings and at the end of the year, you have NOT tripled your investment, I will continue to coach you until you do.
How on earth can I offer this?  I know that you will get value. I know that I will provide what I have promised. The only thing I do not know is whether YOU will take action! So, I ask you to commit for 90 days.  Do the work and then make your decision. If you have not seen an increase in your profitability, then your program continues for free until you do.  How many coaches do you see that are giving you this type of opportunity?

Now the next move is up to you. If you have read this message this far, it shows that you’re sincerely interested to supercharge your business, your wealth and your life in the way successful business-owners do. Make that most important life-changing decision today.

Because tomorrow may be all too late!

To your success


Donna Price
Business & Marketing Strategist
Compass Rose Consulting

Author of multiple books including: Yes! Marketing Works! and Launching Your Dreams: Making WILD Ideas Happen; Employee Coaching for Business Success; $10K in 45 Minutes – The Business Breakthrough System and Bizology.Biz – The Science of Building a Thriving Business.

Still Not Sure…. that’s okay… take a few more minutes.  I have a couple of questions for you to consider!

Thriving in the midst of the media blitz of negative talk and panic is a challenge but it can be done.  But before I tell you how – answer a few questions for yourself:

  1. Do you want to do better in 2018 than you did in 2017?

¨ Yes   ¨ No

  1. Are you ready to set your plan for 2018 and work it?

¨ Yes   ¨ No

(Did you spend time planning and planning only to see the plan melt away and not materialize leaving you totally frustrated?)

  1. Did you have goals that you did not meet this past year?

¨ Yes   ¨ No

(Would you like to know how to achieve your goals year after year with ease and focus?)

  1. Do you believe in collaborative relationships and partnerships?

¨ Yes   ¨ No

(Collaborative partnerships are built to benefit partners, growing two businesses at once or joining forces in some way to accelerate success of both partners.)

  1. Have you experienced a powerful process for business building that was easy, effective, and produced the results that you needed?

¨ Yes   ¨ No

Business building strategies are abundant in the world but which ones really work and which ones are the right ones for your business.  When you buy marketing programs you have to figure out what will work for you and your business.  I have introduced you to an opportunity to join an elite group of like minded business owners that will change the way you think about your business and your marketing.

If you answered yes to any of the first 4 questions you should look at the  Profitability Breakthrough Mastermind as an incredible opportunity to change your results. If you are still unsure…then schedule a call with me. My calendar is available to you at: MeetWithDonna.com