Offline Marketing Strategies for Your Business

The Marketing Puzzle.
Putting all of the pieces together

Offline Marketing Strategies…for business growth

There are several offline marketing strategies that you do not want to give up on.  They are effective in acquiring new leads, prospects and eventually customers.  It is vital that you remember that it is always about building relationships.  Selling services or products is something that happens down the road.

1. Business cards — Having good business cards is essential to all other forms of marketing your online business offline. Every time you go to a networking event you should hand out your business card. The best way to do this is ask them for their first, then when they give you theirs, give them yours.

If they do not have one, have some blank cards to hand them so they can put their information on it. Make sure your business card has the following information: Your name, Your business, Your URL, and your title. Use both sides if you need to so that you can offer discounts, consulting and more.

2. Press releases — Press releases maximize your exposure, are essentially free unless you hire someone to write it or pay for an expensive distribution service, and will give you a lot of free local coverage. Local press loves a local success story, so make yours interesting and make sure to include the appropriate contact information.

Make sure you find out who a good local contact is with your local media as they are a lot more picky about what they bother reading, so sending it to the right person is imperative. For instance don’t bother sending your press release to the person who writes about education, unless your niche is education related, and don’t spin too much if it’s not related, it’s not related.

There are a few press release sites that I have used with good success: this site has a free version.  I have had better success when I upgraded to at least the $25 press release. this site has a flat annual fee of $299.  Once you pay the fee you can submit unlimited press releases.

Bizology.Biz goes into depth on press release writing, calendars and distribution.

3. Volunteering — Volunteering is an excellent way to promote your online business offline. Putting your business in a positive light is an excellent way to promote good will, get your name out there, and do something that feels good in the process. If there is any cause you’ve always wanted to help with get started now. There are many boards who do not have enough members, many a parent teacher association who needs more volunteers.

One point to note: Do not join a group  that is too politically controversial unless you want to end up working with only people in that group. Also, join something you really care about so that you feel good doing it.

There are many great organizations that you can join:

  • Rotary International
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Global Volunteers
  • Heifer International

4. Joining groups — There are various networking groups off line that you can join, from women’s business groups, to groups like Business Networking International (BNI) that are there to help you promote your business. But, there are also non business networking groups that are good places to network too, take a look around and join something that looks interesting.

Joining many groups offline can be much like joining groups online; They don’t want you to openly and loudly promote your business. Participate in the group, volunteer for events, and when appropriate let people know what you do, but don’t SPAM them.

Look first at your target market.  Do they have a group that you can join?  The “Association of XYZ Professionals” ie. excavators, massage therapists, lawyers, accountants — they each have professional organizations.  If your target has a group it can be an incredible networking resource for you.

Be sure to read our previous post about how to use your business card at these groups.

5. Speakers bureau — Establish yourself as an expert by getting on a speakers list. Prepare yourself with a few different talks about your business, or topic, perhaps a talk teaching others how to do what you do online, and then offer your services. You can speak in classrooms (marketing class is a great one), chambers of commerce, women’s business groups, and more.

You can also set up and offer workshops, training, coaching and consulting on your own, all you need is a venue and great marketing. You can charge for your own venue, but for others you can speak free, then have some products to sell after the event. Once you become better and more sought after,  you can start commanding a generous fee plus travel expenses.

I work at a co-working space that provides me with a wonderful office space for hosting workshops and even webinars.  It makes it more cost effective.

What other offline marketing strategies are you using in your business?

What makes them effective for you?

Be sure to leave your comments!!

Creating Solid Strategies of Residual Income

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Creating Residual Streams of Revenue:

RWhat is residual income?  It is income that comes into your business each month after you have made the sale or entered into a customer partnership.  You have done the work in the beginning and then because the product is a consumable product, the customer continues to buy the product or service, month after month, without continuous sales cycles.  We see this type of model in many services that we use in our homes — cable or satellite television services, phone services and in some of the consumable products we buy — food, cleaning etc.

But have you created such a revenue stream in your business?  It gives your company predicatble and reliable income, month after month, while you are also developing new clients and customers.  Your renewing customers are laying a foundation of income in your business.

Many businesses think they have created that consistent revenue stream but in reality it can evaporate as quickly as it appeared, leaving the business floundering.

Strategies that Work for YOU!

Working with other companies can be one way to create additional streams of revenue into your business.  This is one of the strategies that I have implemented in my business.  I shop regularly for my family and business.  Now, I do some of that shopping through my own businesses.  It has become a strong revenue stream to bring other services and options into what I offer to clients and in building new clients.

I love watching people create new income and thrive in doing so… I love helping them do that through coaching and mentoring them…. and I love seeing the results in a changed lifestyle.

What are your dreams?  How are you making them happen for you and your family?

Take 5 minutes right now and write down your vision and dream.  Then read it every day.

If you aren’t realizing your dreams, then call me.  I have lots of resources, ideas and strategies for helping you to LIVE your dreams instead of daydreaming!

You can create a business that is thriving and viable even in the worst economy.  Ensure that your business has redunancy in revenue.  Don’t count on one stream of income.  Create multiple streams of income.  Integrate other resources that enhance your business and your life — and result in additional income.

As a business owner, you know that you are on a great path and that there is no turning back.  It’s like an addiction.  Once you have tasted business ownership it is hard to imagine going back to a J.O.B.! So make sure you are creating strategies that ensure your success.

Growing the Seeds of Your Business: Nurturing the Blossoms

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Nurturing Your BusinessGrowing a business takes time and commitment and for most it means new clients/customers.  New clients or customers, means obtaining new contacts or new leads. There are many ways to develop new business leads.  As you obtain a lead or prospect they need to be nurtured.  Leads or prospects can come from your own networking, referrals from current clients/customers, advertising, workshops and presentations; Business Expo’s or trade shows, to name just a few sources.
One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is to get leads and then drop them. Business cards are collected and then nothing is done with them. They go into a drawer or even worse — the garbage. Valuable time is spent networking or doing a presentation or standing at your booth at a business expo and then if there is no follow-up it was almost a total waste.  I have done this myself, but not anymore.  It is not worth my time or money if I am not going to follow up. I have also witnessed and experienced the lack of follow up over and over again with other business owners. I have attended many networking meetings and Business Expo’s/trade shows and given my business card to each business there. I typically only receive one or two follow up notes or calls, tops! I remember making follow up calls to people after an event and receiving great feedback from them that I had called.  One person said she was going to refer to me just because I had followed up with her and that I was the only person that had called from the event. Certainly there is still benefit to you in building relationships and getting exposure for your business but if you want to accelerate the response you want to do good follow-up.
There are many ways you can nurture the relationships that are just being formed.  Like a seed planted, you need to water the seed, fertilize the seed. Send a personal note following your first meeting. A handwritten note with no sales pitch, just “nice to meet you” is memorable and will gain you recognition. Share an article, a tip sheet as a second follow-up.  No matter what your business you can develop a tip sheet.  The top ten tips for…. This can become invaluable to you as a tool for sharing with your prospects.  It helps to build the relationship and build you as an expert in your field.  For people to trust your service they need to see that you know your business.  Articles, special reports, tip sheets can all help you to do this. Continue to follow up with additional articles and information sheets.  Even a relevant article that you see in a magazine or newspaper is thoughtful and demonstrates your interest and knowledge of the prospect.
Follow up is a relationship building step it is not a sales call.  You aren’t there yet with this new prospect.  First you need to find out more about them and offer them value through your resources, articles, and reports.
Anther excellent tool for staying in touch with a potential client is through a newsletter.  My preference is an E-Zine or email newsletter.  The cost is minimal the work to get the newsletter out is also relatively easy.  The choice of course is yours and could depend upon your  clientele.  If your clients are a group that is not on the internet, using email, then an email newsletter is certainly not going to work.  Print newsletters are more typically fee based and not free due to the high costs.  A newsletter gives you a regular way of staying “in front” of your prospect.  The newsletter continues to build your expertise, both essential keys in building your relationship.
Keeping in touch is like watering the garden.  The relationship starts to grow.  But how do you get to the bloom?  Or how do you convert the prospect into a client? First, you want to have many seeds in your garden, but the right kinds of seeds.  Having a prospect list of people that don’t need or use your service is like planting the wrong seeds.  They aren’t going to grow because they needed a different type of soil.  Having many of the right seeds means that you can have different plants blooming at different times.  Just like any garden some plants are ready to harvest in the late summer, some in the late fall.
Getting to the bloom is by continuing to offer them good service and good information that is relevant to their needs and their business.  You are able to do this because as you have gotten to know them you have focused on learning about their business, their needs and challenges.  This gives you the ability to provide them with resources that fulfill that need or challenge. As you build the relationship you can then offer a special discount, a new client discount, some enticing offer to bring the prospect in your door. You know that once you are serving a client that your service is good and they will continue to be clients.
The other gardening you need to do is to nurture your current client relationships.  One very effective strategy is using a discount card similar to the cards that many other businesses use.  Discount cards give the customer a discount or free service after they buy a certain number of times or items.  I have a couple for coffee houses, buy 10 cups of coffee and receive one free and one for a book store.  They work for big companies like Starbucks and Borders Books and they also work for small companies.  The reason we see these programs all over the place is that they work.
A second important nurturing approach for current clients is to offer a referral program.  This type of program asks clients for referrals and rewards them when they give a referral.  You can design the program however you like.  One colleague that I know creates referral maps so that she knows where each of her clients came from, who referred them, who they referred, etc.  One client could result in many clients.  That’s why customer service is so important.  The referral program concept is a thank you for clients sharing your service with friends and colleagues.  One strategy is a thank you card and gift certificate for dinner.  The “thank you” depends upon the amount of profit.  For some businesses a referral could result in large amounts of income, thousands of dollars. In this case, the “thank you” is bigger.  For other businesses the profit is smaller and the “thank you” is smaller:  perhaps a gift certificate for a café or coffee house.  It can also be a discount on your services.  Refer a friend and receive $10 off your next visit.  Refer 10 friends and receive a free service.  Be creative, but remember to say thank you.
These are two strategies for growing your business:  nurturing your relationships both the existing relationships and the new ones.  Build your business with your excellence in service through referrals and incentives.  Establish a database or tracking system, to know where your clients are coming from and what is working and what is not.  Spend time and energy in places where it is working.  Focus on it and build upon it.  Try new strategies, evaluate them and keep the ones that work and that are fun.  Even if you dislike marketing and business building make it a game.

Bending Time: Can it be done? Effective Time Management Strategies

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Learn Strategies for using time WELL

Learn Strategies for using time WELL

Time Bending Google+ Hangout Today!!

Time is YOUR most valuable resource.  It can evaporate before your very eyes.  Time is something to be treasured.  You’ve probably heard stories of people that has a close call with death, or were given a diagnosis that woke them up to the value of time.  More important than money or riches… without time they mean nothing!  So how do you make the most of it?  How do you bend it to create more of it?  Can you?  We know we can create wealth in many ways but what about time wealth?

Join me today as we explore ways to bend time!

Learn valuable time management strategies for effectively managing YOUR time.

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Passive Income — What is YOUR Strategy

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Do You Have an Effective Passive Income Strategy?

Do You Have an Effective Passive Income Strategy?

Creating Passive Income Strategies within YOUR Business just makes sense…. but how?

Membership sites or membership programs are one way that you can build a steady stream of income!  This article focuses mainly on the idea of membership sites… not sure how YOU can create a membership program in your business — set up a strategy call.  I am a master at creatively coming up with effective membership strategies.

Membership sites are one of the hottest trends on the Internet today.

Entrepreneurs in a wide range of specialties are learning how to leverage their time, information and clients into an ongoing income stream that keeps adding to their bank accounts month after month– passive income. If you’ve haven’t started your own memberships site yet, here are five good reasons to get started today. Passive income isn’t just a good idea it is a business sustainability strategy!

1. Passive income beats working for a living every time. You can spend your time creating content for clients on an individual basis and then searching for new clients on a daily basis. If you are providing quality content at a reasonable rate, you will earn money this way. However, wouldn’t you rather do the work once and collect the paycheck on a regular basis? Of course you would- that only makes sense. Creating a membership site is the perfect way to generate passive income. With an auto-responder, you set up your content one time and then distribute it on an ongoing basis to your members without lifting a finger. Each month you upload that month’s content and through your membership site, every member has access to it.

2. You can add products to your membership site for additional income. You can add digital and physical products for sale to your members and create more sales without having to sell through a list or drum up new prospects. You already have all of your members’ information within the site, so making new sales is a piece of cake. Members will be inclined to purchase products at your recommendation, because you have already established a bond of trust and because they can do so at the click of a mouse.  Look here at Bizology.Biz — I created a STORE that offers products that are one time fee products .. they are a lead in for membership or an addition to membership….. Either way they INCREASE income~!!

3. Split the work and share the wealth. You can offer your members an income opportunity by creating an affiliate program for the site. Members can earn a percentage of the profits by recruiting new members to join. Because they are selling with the additional power of being satisfied customers, current members are a perfect choice to do your affiliate sales for you and spread the word about your membership site. You can join our affiliate program HERE

4. If you do it right, you really can work less and earn money while you sleep. We all hear it and secretly wish we could find it- that magical way to earn more and work less- ever since we were teased with the idea of a Four Hour Work Week. A membership site may be as close as you can get to truly passive income – and that can buy you the one thing you want more than money – time. Time to spend with your family, time to have some fun, time to work on dream projects. If you find the right niche and create a quality membership site, you can make a lot of money. If the price of membership is $40 and you have 100 members, that is $4000 dollars a month. If you have 1,000 members – it’s 40,000 a month. With $40,000 coming in every month, you really can afford to lie on a beach somewhere and work from your laptop.

5. Membership sites have a long life span. If you create a growing membership site, you’ve got a long-term stream of income – as long as you continue to provide quality content to your members. At Bizology.Biz we have updated the original content and added new content… it is an ever growing resource for business leaders.

Look at your business and how you can create a membership program within your company.  What are the possibilities?  Don’t just read the article but take action that makes sense for you.

How can YOU create a membership program in your business? What is the right price point?

Residual Income

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001_02Have You Created Residual Income Strategies in Your Business?

Residual Income is a strategy that keeps money flowing into your business or your personal life, consistently, month after month.  A true residual income strategy involves making one sale, or one referral and then receiving income from that without the need to make additional sales or referrals to the same customer over and over.  The product or service is typically one that the person uses each month and pays for each month. Let’s look at a few strategies for consideration:

Residual Income Strategies:

  1. Membership Sites:  many businesses have created membership sites that offer information to their clients each month.  The site bills the client each month and new content is provided for that monthly membership fee.  Many businesses can implement a membership strategy for their target market.  Bizology.Biz is our membership site.  It provides new “lessons” or content each month in the form of reports and audios.  Once set up a membership site can operate automatically and deliver the content to its members without the owner having to do anything.
  2. Books- Writing target market e-books can provide income that continues to come in month after month if you have selected a good niche market for e-books, you have good content and you work on key promotional strategies.
  3. Buying Clubs:  We participate in an online buying club that fits with our values of living green, buying in eco friendly ways and eco friendly products. When we refer others to the company then we receive a commission from that referral.  As we teach others how to refer people, then they earn money and we earn money… The income repeats and grows each month.  For us, this has become a family partnership.  We are building it as a retirement strategy.  It has been easy to do and great people are involved…
  4. Affiliate Marketing:  Affiliate marketing is used by many on the internet.  You create a product and then offer others a commission for referrals.  If you are promoting a membership site then you create monthly income other products result in one time commissions.  Bizology.Biz offers an affiliate program that pays a 20% commission.
  5. Multi-Level Marketing:  Many people dislike multi-level marketing, but it can be a powerful strategy.  I use direct marketing companies that provide services that benefit my business.  I use Talk Fusion as part of our email, video marketing.  It offers a suite of video marketing tools that are state of the art and save me money each month on other services.  I also use Send Out Cards for both personal card and gift sending and business card and gifting.  The benefit of these businesses is that as people join my team, my costs are even less.  I have a service that benefits my business and adds income

It is important to evaluate strategies that are right for you.  But adding a multiple streams of income strategy to your business has many benefits.

Some of the benefits of course include — new money flowing into your company.  Consistent income flowing into your business.  Services and products that you like that benefit you and your family or business while increasing your income.

The power of working with different strategies for your business can be incredible.  As you see people liking what you are offering, you build more and more and soon the income generated can provide the resources that you need to pay off loans, credit cards, mortgages and save for retirement.  When many do not have retirement plans, incorporating a strategy that will build consistent income is just plain smart!

10 Ways to Increase Entrepreneur Bottom Line

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Are You Frustrated?So you are a struggling entrepreneur and you are doing everything to increase your business’ bottom line but it seems that your efforts are not enough? Are you frustrated because no matter what you do, there seems to be no development in your business? Are you totally disappointed with yourself because all the marketing strategies that you used are not good enough? Are you on the brink of giving up? Don’t lose hope; there are still a lot of ways on how to increase your bottom line. Some of them are as follows:

  • Serve your costumers well. Your costumers are the number one key for your business to be successful. Train your employees so that they can provide an excellent service. A service that is really terrific is the first thing that a costumer looks for in an establishment. Serve your costumers well and they will keep coming back to you.
  • Think of a unique marketing strategy. Promoting your business doesn’t really mean that you are going to spend a lot of money. You can promote your business through a much cheaper way. Just be unique, creative, and artistic in promoting your business because this will surely attract consumers.
  • Avoid spending too much money. Don’t spend too much money on the things that are not needed in your business. Luxury cars can surely wait if your business is already stable.
  • Get feedback from your consumers. Through this, you will know the things that your consumers need. If you know what they need then you can give it to them. Through this also, you will know the things that they do not like about your establishment and you will be able to correct it.
  • Try to reduce the use of techie gadgets on your business. Although gadgets like computers can really help you in your business, try to reduce using them. Buying a lot of gadgets means you will be spending a lot of money. Businesses long time ago became successful even without the help of high tech gadgets.
  • Give your consumers some incentives. Discounts are very attractive to consumers so try to do it once in a while. I have heard much resistance to this strategy from business owners…. BUT, the reality is: consumers LOVE to get a bargain!!!
  • Create irrefutable offers to your consumers.
  • Don’t be afraid to use traditional ways of promotion once in a while. Newspapers specifically the classified ads are still very powerful until now. Aside from that, they are also inexpensive. Radio is effective as well…. and may get you more exposure.
  • Save at least half of your income. It will be wiser if you will save a portion of your income, so that in times of crisis or in times of need you will have something to draw from in your pocket.
  • Try to avoid spending for TV commercials unless you have a fund for it. They are very expensive and there are still a lot of cheaper ways to reach your consumers.

Use the Internet for effective marketing as well — social media, videos, etc all can help to grow your reach.  Be sure that you have a solid Internet Marketing Strategy that includes data capture, follow up and relationship building.

Bizology.Biz teaches effective marketing for businesses and helps business owners to GROW their business.  Start your 7 day trial for just $1.



Digital Self Publishing Can Be Incredible Option

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Why Digital Self-publishing is Better Than Traditional Publishing

There are a lot of myths out there about publishing, but I’m here to tell you that self publishing, especially digital self-publishing is better than traditional publishing. Mainly due to the upheaval in the publishing world with digital formats, and the ease at which a person who wants to self-publish can get involved today, usually for free.

Proliferation of Tablets On The Rise — Over 1/3 of all adults will own tablets by 2016, according to Forrester Research. That’s a 400 percent increase in adoption per year! Anyone who is not excited by these numbers needs a lobotomy. You can cash in on this trend with digital self publishing.

Increased Digital Subscriptions — People who have never even subscribed to a print magazine have subscribed to magazines via their eReaders or tablets. People really love reading on their tablets more than reading print, or on their PCs. People are also more likely to continue a digital subscription than a paper one. Some speculate that the privacy afforded a person reading a tablet over a book or magazine accounts for these facts.

eBook Sales Keep Going Up — Amazon and Barnes & Noble announced in 2011 that digital books were outselling print books 2 to 1 for Amazon and 3 to 1 for Nook. This trend will continue as more people grasp and then obtain the technology. The instant gratification of eBooks will drive the trend even more. People will order an eBook without giving it as much thought as they do buying in a bookstore.

Digital Publishing Takes Many Players Out of the Game:

No Middle Man To Worry About — By self-publishing straight to Digital you do away with the middle men, the printers, not to mention the long process involved with choosing a printer, is all gone. It’s easy to put your book in digital format whether for Kindle, Apple, or Nook. In fact you can even bypass all that and put it into PDF format and sell directly from your own website. No need for printer, paper manufacturer, book store, book delivery etc….its even more environmentally friendly.

 With New Paper Back Publishing You Can Have the Best of ALL Worlds

80/20 Rule At Work — Digital self-publishing is proving the 80/20 rule. If you don’t know what that is, basically it’s a theory that states that 20 percent of the work gives you 80 percent of the results. If you can get 80 percent of the sales you would have made if you also put your book in print, with only 20 percent of the work, or cost, you’re well ahead of the game. For just a little bit of money (say $35.00) you can easily get your book in print.  BUT, there is real money in digital publishing when YOU work at it.  It does take WORK!  And the work is YOURS.

 Selling Books in Multiple Markets Can Help Sales

True Book Sales Numbers Aren’t That High — On average, most books published sell less than 1000 books, total. That’s probably a distressing figure, but knowing that and understanding why (marketing) can help you do better than a traditional publisher. Also knowing this number can help you determine how much money you want to spend getting published.

One BIG Myth of Traditional Publishing is that the Publisher Does ALL of the Marketing!

You Must Promote Anyway — Whether you use traditional publishing or not, you are largely responsible for promoting your book yourself. Only about 2 percent of authors make the best sellers list whether they use traditional publishing or self-publishing. Why not keep the profit yourself? The key to sales is marketing!

You can be successful self publishing your information products, and even your novel if you realize the truth of the industry and what constitutes success, and how to get there. (Marketing!)

Pick Up Your Copy of our Special Report and 5 Day E-Course!selfpublishingbook-report-med

Once you confirm your request, I will send to you a copy of the report!  And the first installment of the 5 day e-course….
Imagine, your book in print!  Learn key strategies about publishing that you need to know before you get started.


Lessons From a Wood Rat

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ratOver the past few weeks at my house we have been battling a wood rat. Wood rats are a bit bigger than city rats and are found in more rural areas. We have an old house — circa. 1860. The kitchen cabinets were installed next to the studs. No walls, just mounted flush up on the studs. You would think they are old cabinets but they’re not. They’re newer!  Cheap cabinets and poorly installed according to my partner!  He says nothing in the house was done right.  If you could cut a corner, it was cut.  There’s the first lesson!  Never buy a house from a contractor.

But that’s not really the lesson I am writing about today!

Here’s the story.  We have wood rats that get under the kitchen, work their way up in the walls and then you can hear them moving around.  They sound HUGE!

When we first discovered that we were battling them, we found things had been knocked off the refrigerator.  You know how you might store something on the top of the fridge.  Well I had a couple of boxes of cereal up there.  It was strange.  When I came down, they were on the floor.  We discovered behind both the refrigerator and the stove HUGE holes chewed into the baseboard.  These are the holes that we used to see on the cartoons: Tom and Jerry. Remember those holes.  Well, we covered them with sheet metal all the way across the back of both appliances.  They were NOT coming through!

But then I started seeing saw dust on the counter.  I discovered a new hole at the back of the counter coming up behind the counter, between the wall and the counter.  That got filled in with steel wool.  Then I heard something in the corner cabinet.  Could they be right in the cabinet.   A bag of pasta had wholes chewed in it and there was pasta all over.  Yes, they are in the cabinet.  More sheet metal filled in the gap along the top of the cabinet.  And I still heard them.  We couldn’t see any where that they could get in.  AND then, I moved a bag that had “fallen” over and there it was a NEW hole chewed right through the cabinet.  More sheet metal — soon our cabinets will be fully made of sheet metal.

We thought we had them.  You might be thinking — isn’t there a trap.  Yes, there is a trap…. and so far nothing in the trap.  Last night a new hole appeared at the top of the base molding.  I don’t think that’s totally closed yet.

All of this got me thinking about the perseverance of the wood rat.  We have been trying to shut them down for quite a while.  We keep throwing up new road blocks and they keep finding a new strategy for getting access to our kitchen.  In business, I would call this persistence and commitment.  They are not deterred by our actions. They are totally committed to their goal — access to our kitchen!  They work diligently.  They continue no matter what we try. They avoid the real life threatening traps.

What are the lessons:

  • Persistence -continues to get them toward their goal and pays off.
  • Commitment — is total and complete.
  • Hard Work – – keeps their goal moving forward no matter how many blocks are thrown up.
  • Strategic — they are willing to change their strategy to meet the new demands of their environment.

I don’t know about you, but in a way, I think they’re inspiring.

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Tonight — at 9 PM I will attending a training with MLSP — it is designed for people that want to master using the Internet for building their business, attracting leads, new prospects, new connections…. they are rolling out an incredible piece of software on tonight’s training.  So, if you are a network marketer or in an MLM or an entrepreneur or small business owner — this software CAN help YOUR business.  If you have exhausted your warm market and are ready to expand into a bigger market — this is for YOU.

Maybe you already have enough business and enough new business leads coming to you each and every day, and maybe, just maybe you already have an incredible system to stay in touch with them and follow-up and help them in deciding to become a customer or business partner.

BUT, if you are not one of those businesses overwhelmed with customers and people pounding down your door — then you really do need to join me for this webinar!!

The Wednesday night webinar that MLSP hosts provides incredible value each and every week, BUT tonight is special.  They are unveiling a new piece of software that I do not even know enough about to really tell you about, BUT I do know that it is going to be an important addition to my business suite of online marketing tools that PULL people to my business and help me to follow up effectively.

They say “the money is in the follow-up!!” and where do so many of us fall down??

Follow UP



If you have people visiting your website and leaving — you have NO chance to follow up.  If you are depending upon a replicated company site with no lead capture system — you are missing out on new business leads and new business partners.  YOU need a system that does this whether you are a brick and mortar store front type buisness or a network marketer with the best product in the world.  When you send leads to a site and then DO NOT capture basic information to start building a relationship — you have missed left MONEY on the “virtual” table!

Generating New Business Leads is the first step, building a relationship with each person is the next.

Remember — people buy from people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST!

I look forward to hearing what you think! Join me for the webinar — and then come right back here and leave me a comment with your thoughts!!  If you are unsure how the software could help YOUR business — then let’s connect and I know that I will see HOW it can support your business growth vision!

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