700 Million In Profit

Facebook Profits Soar!

CNN just reported that Facebook had earned 700 Million in profits and they are planning to offer Super Bowl Ads this year to increase their profits even more!!

Facebook is an incredible platform and it can befacebooknefit your business significantly — for sure!

As a business owner there are certainly things that you SHOULD be doing for your business on Facebook.

And, YES you can earn money as a result of your Facebook presence. BUT — Facebook will NOT send you money.  Even facebookthough each of us are the reason that Facebook is earning 700 Million in profits they do not and will not share their profits with the people that create the profits for them!

What Part of Facebook Profits Were Yours?

That is exactly what IQUnite is changing in their social platform.  The business model itself! The founder and visionary recognized that it is the people and their presence that creates a viable socia media platform and they create revenue.  But, what if, yes, what if that revenue was then shared with the users?  How would it change the business model?

Ivy Johnson decided to create a new platform for sharing your story, connecting with people and he monetized it in several different ways.

YES — you can join for free (and right now you cannot do much).  But when you join at the entry level of $9.95 you receive access to the compensation plan and access to a digital product — computer security software.  SO — there is the monetized platform itself AND there are digital products.  There is actually a suite of products that you can opt into… from webinar services to tech services to tele-med services and they enhance your compensation potential.

Imagine — dispersing the profits to the users.  How could you impact the world?

iqkonnectRight now, today you can explore the potential of IQUnite. 

The possibilities are a change in mentality and approach.

Facebook profits cannot be yours unless you are a share holder. Your time and money spent on Facebook are contributors but are not rewarded.

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