5 x 5 Business Challenge

business challenge

Are You Ready To Take Massive Action Over The Next 5 Weeks?

5 Actions for 5 Days for 5 Weeks to Create a 5° Shift

The 5 x 5² Business Challenge is my spring action challenge to make a BIG shift in my business and yours!!

I’m  planning to have some fun!! And make BIG changes.

They say that if you institute a change and practice that change for 30 days, it becomes a habit.  The 5 x 5 Business Challenge takes it a bit further and adds an extra 7 days so that the new practice is cemented in solidly!

business challenge

I created this challenge for myself.  I want to make shifts in my business. As I started envisioning what I would do, I decided to share it and invite people to join me! Then, as that idea percolated, I added resources, webinars, a private Facebook group and my excitement about it grew.

Over the five weeks you will set a BIG goal and then create a plan for new daily actions in fives, that relate to that BIG goal.

The challenge is to identify Five Business Actions — each day for five days over the five weeks. This could draw from our Heart Felt Marketing Webinar — or from other actions that you KNOW you need to be taking but you aren’t. Over the course of the 5 x 5 Challenge, I will be hosting a private video conference call each week for collaboration, challenge check-ins and yes, a marketing strategy.

I know that I have set up 5 personal daily actions and 5 business actions. And… sometimes I take one of those actions and I 5X it.  That means — I do it five times.  Other actions I plan to do once per week for five weeks, so five times and others I plan to do one time per day for five days — again — its five times.  I’ve added exercise everyday for 5 minutes and yes, I 5Xed it.  That means 25 minute minimum each day. It’s doable.  Just think about it, “I can do that for 25 minutes” or I can do that five times…..

business challengeIt starts with commitment!  Once you join the Challenge — you will have the opportunity to sign your commitment to the challenge.  That is your first step in making a shift in your business and life. Can you commit to implementing — taking action every day of the week?  The commitment is a public statement, and I have found that when you do that — tell other people what you are going to do

Step 2 is developing your action plan.  We will be covering this at the Kick Off Webinar!!

All of the webinars and materials for the program will be available in the member’s area starting April 3rd!  So, if you miss the kick off webinar — no worries, you can listen to the replay.

Inside the member’s area — you will also find your commitment to print out, sign and hang in your office or on the refrigerator or where ever you feel is the right place.  And you will also find checklists, resource lists and planning documents.

Each weekly webinar will be added and any related downloads will appear then.

Private Facebook Group:

The private Facebook group is designed to give everyone a space to post their weekly goals and results, questions, ideas, support and even post your links so that others can go out and like posts, share posts and collaborate with you on your marketing. You will find a community of people that are committed to success.

This challenge is about you!

Making a shift of 5 degrees in your business. What that means is yours to decide. Perhaps its an increase in book sales, or speaking engagements, or new clients, or new people on your list or a new product/service, or….Every business is different and the results will be different.

If you want to have some fun and make change in your business or your life over the next few weeks, then join me!  I am excited to get started and excited to have you join me!!